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Detailing an Acura ILX

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I had the opportunity to do a job for Stephen and a co-worker of his! I liked the ILX! We agreed on a 1 step Polish so results aren’t crazy but it restored clarity in his paint!

What’s going on guys gave her from basic car guys here and today we’re filming on the gopro but also we’ll be washing this ilx i think it is a 2014 2013 it’s a 2004 15 2015 acura ilx looks very solid really like the ilx it’s really like a luxurious four-door civic si it’s got a 2.4 liter k24 and this this one is a manual so that’s a lot of fun so yeah today will

Actually be detailing it and this is actually kind of like my mobile detail that i’ve started up kind of pretty much so if you guys need any services please hit me up so yeah we’re gonna go ahead and get started it is pretty cold it’s about 40-something outside with the with the breeze sun is coming out supposed to get in the high 60s this car is gonna get a

One-step polish they got the the owners concerned about scratches like swirl marks and all that stuff so we’re gonna go ahead and take care of that also it did like ice and stuff in houston so the rows have been really dirty and salty and disgusting so yeah we’re gonna go ahead and wash it i’m gonna set up the gopro kind of on on a time lapse in bits just to get

A good idea of what i’m doing so yeah we’re gonna go ahead and set up and then we’ll get started we actually rinsed the vehicle off just to like try to get rid of some of the grime in the dirt so now we’re gonna go ahead and the two bucket method wash the car with microfiber chenille loving all that so we’ll go ahead and get started on

That to get a few shots of that forward through it so you kind of know like what the process is this so i’m just gonna go over to get and make sure i didn’t miss any spots i’m pretty sure i’m a hundred percent sure i went through every panel but you never know so then after that what i’m gonna do because we’re actually going to use no car no sorry no

Water rinse onr octamer no rinse so basically it’s a non water used car wash you just pretty much just mix it with water you spray it on and then you wipe it off a lot of people don’t trust that i’m a really sceptic about it that’s why i actually bought it but a lot of people do use it for claiming to be after they want a car which is exactly what i’m going to do

Because it is easier just to apply with a spray pump actually if you don’t have a spray pump already go ahead and pick yourself one up because they are the best thing that you can use to apply for wheel coatings i’ll actually buy another one for my wheels for to you know pump up wheels instead of spraying them just kick it on and then be done but yeah we’re gonna

Go ahead and pump this go ahead and clay the entire car and pretty much gets a surface prepped to go ahead and decontaminate it and then wash it one more time before we pretty much polished it out with the one step polished but i’m gonna do something a little bit different with the one-step polish so yeah stick around the engine bay so

That’s detailed and everything so now i’m actually gonna hit it with some iron x i’m gonna go ahead and spray it on and then we’re going to let it set for i think it says three to five minutes and then i’m actually going to go ahead and just power wash it off so that should take out any other contaminants after the clay bar and everything so after that it should

Be fully decontaminated then we can dry it and then we can actually start the polishing process i’m super excited to share that with you guys so yeah so we’re gonna go ahead and hit it with the car pro iron x i love this stuff it turns purple when it hits iron contaminates and stuff like that the next step would have been like tar x but i don’t actually have any

On hand at the moment so i’m gonna hit it with the iron next and we’re gonna wash it out give it one quick final wash and then we should be good to go ahead and try the car and polish for the drying process we’re actually gonna go ahead and use a pretty large towel i don’t remember the spice hold up make sure there’s nothing on it it looks like there’s like a

Couple leaves or something so we’re gonna pull those out make sure it’s clean both sides all sides actually and then i’m what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna shake this up now this is just a spray detailer you’re just gonna go ahead and spray it on the towel to give it some lubrication so it’s not like dry like you know drying the car out and then trying to like this

Prevents scratches pretty much because this towel just giving it some lubrication that’s the point of like preventing scratches it’s just pretty much lubrication so we’re gonna go ahead and spray it just a couple you know light spritz it should get on there and then you just get some trying and you know make sure that you do the whole car from side to side one way

So i’d to side up and down whatever i don’t know how well you guys can see the car i’m sorry i can’t really tell but yeah so we’re gonna go ahead and use v38 polish on a wires on a mcguire’s microfiber cutting disc that should give us just the right amount of cut that we want to do without like getting too like involved with like stepping and all

That so we’re gonna go ahead and get started i’m gonna lay down a piece of tape and follow the instagram and you’ll be able to see the 50/50 difference and here’s the finished ilx it was washed sanded i mean not scented washed clay barred single step polly did clean the interior as well the inside is pretty clean as well smells like leather

Again it is really dusty here because of these trees but yeah looks a lot clearer than it did before the clarity is just so much you can you can tell it like so much better you probably even see me right here yeah now we didn’t do any like actual correction like paint correction sit here for a few like 30 40 hours and paint correct the whole car so we did just do

A one-step polish just to remove some of the surface scratches and some of the bigger things i think one of his bigger concerns was like something that like some blemish that was here it actually looked flat and that’s now clean and soft and also on his front was a pretty big concern as well he has a bike rack so it like kind of like give it in but but it’s so so

Much smoother so much cleaner it looks so shiny and so good this is actually a modified ilx it’s just got a box springs and 18-inch wheels so it looks pretty good though but that’s it for now guys if you guys have any comments please go ahead and drop them down below and yeah we’ll see you on the next one actually the next one would is gonna be that lexus we’re

Also going to do this lexus but i’m going to go ahead and do that off camera go ahead and follow instagram if you haven’t already and stay tuned guys

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Detailing an Acura ILX! By Basic Car Guys