Diamond Protech BODY 36 Coating Follow Up Hydrophobic and Scratch Resistant?

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Hey guys anthony with the rag company and in today’s exciting video we are going to be doing a coding update and check on nick’s toyota sequoia coated in diamond body 36. let’s get started oh all right guys so it’s been about two weeks since nick had his toyota sequoia coated in diamond body 36 by diamond pro tech now levi did the job himself so you know

It’s probably pretty dang good however nick has gone on an off-road adventure beyond what most off-road adventurers will go on and this sequoia is absolutely filthy it picked up a ton of mud grit soil even some nice drawings done by his daughter here on the side of the vehicle so what we want to do today is go over the coating check to see if the water behavior is

Still there still active and doing what it needs to do but also doing a maintenance wash here on the sewakoya as well so for the maintenance washer actually we’re using some steering glass products just to get it nice and cleaned up but for the most part things i’m looking for are how does the paint look underneath all this dirt how was the water behavior checking

For hairline scratches because he got some nice idaho pin stripes going up in those mountains and we want to make sure that those are superficial right and not actually into the clear into the into the paint and we’re going to be doing some checks there so with that said i think the first step is we’re going to grab the pressure washer go over the car from top to

Bottom rinsing off all this filth and seeing how well it cleans up let’s jump into it all right guys so with our pressure washer in hand here we’re gonna start rinsing from top to bottom i’m not gonna lie i’m kind of nervous i’m really hoping this cleans up with mostly water alone i’m sure some areas are going to be agitated but you know what we just gotta start

Spraying to find out let’s do it now that’s a good sign because the windshield is also coated in the diamond glass coating and that’s some pretty fantastic water behavior just to start yeah let’s see what the paint does it’s pretty good that’s pretty dang good i’m not gonna lie yeah i i i i gotta keep going this is uh yeah i mean it’s picking up a ton of that

Right off the surface the beating is amazing the contact angle of this coating if you guys can get a close-up here on these beads those are incredible look at that contact angle it’s insane especially for how dirty this thing is i am uh yeah color me impressed right let’s keep going foreign are you guys seeing this so here’s a door right haven’t even touched it

With a mitt i haven’t touched it with anything here’s a door that’s just been rinsed it’s got some beading left here on the surface here’s the door before i doubt that i’m gonna have to do i’m talking barely any scrubbing i’m gonna let the mitt do the work just literally glide it over the surface and i think that yeah it’s gonna be pretty incredible so let’s

Get the rest of this side rinsed off here but i’m liking what i’m seeing i mean really i’m seeing maybe a couple dirt marks left right here on all the drip areas which i’m guessing was probably from when it went off-roading and maybe hit a couple puddles where it caused some drip marks but other than that though i’m not seeing any concentrated buildup of dirt or

Debris or anything like that so pretty amazing foreign so here’s the thing right we’ve coated a lot of cars here at the rag company we’ve used a lot of different coatings seriously we’ve used a ton countless probably at this point and i will say that this kind of self-cleaning ability is oleophobic behavior with just the water alone i mean like i feel completely

Confident going up to this car and just rubbing my hands on it and knowing that that is a clean surface without even taking admit to it i mean probably shouldn’t be doing this when tomorrow pays his pain here but you know whatever i mean there’s literally nothing there’s nothing there’s no dirt there’s no nothing i mean look at this compared to what’s left here

On the surface i’m not going to rub that because that’s grit that’s dirt that’s mud there’s all that stuff on there i’m not going to touch that but i will touch it with a pressure washer so let’s blast this thing foreign so we’ve finished this side of the sequoia i don’t even know i’m guessing well you could take a quick detailer in a towel and probably clean

The rest of this up but nick also pointed out that these wheels are coated in the diamond wheels and so i want to see how these are going to clean up because these saw the most abuse on that trail over the weekend and i’m not a huge fan of these trd pro wheels because i have my mom on my wife’s forerunner and they are such a pain in the ass to clean that i i just

Don’t even deal with it i spray them and and call it good so i’m curious to see without agitation how well these things clean up because i don’t know about you guys but i don’t want to be on my knees taking a brush to these foreign that’s pretty nice if i say so myself check out that wheel check out that wheel well what do you guys think nick what do you think

Make some press when i started rinsing nick’s like eyes like open up like i know right it’s incredible let’s keep it going or rinse this one off over here foreign to the rear hatch here which should technically in theory be the dirtiest area of the vehicle and the area of the vehicle that holds on to the most amount of that really hard to remove dirt that’s just

How these cars work it kind of trails up and does like a vortex effect to the back of the car so i’m curious to see how this coated wheel right here is going to clean up but also the hatch let’s get to spraying wow let’s bring it back to here foreign look at that typically like i said even with a new coating you would see a film or a level of contamination

That would happen that would cause maybe a change in the water behavior periodically until the coating has been cleaned but i mean that’s a dirty coating that still has that level of water behavior that’s very impressive all right so now we’ve made our way to the main event here and i call it the main event because i want to see what abrasion resistance of this

Coating actually is and the reason why i’m saying that is because idaho pinstripes right we call them that because you’re going through a bunch of brush going through a bunch of debris on a trail and you’re going to get a lot of those plants and brush to to wipe up against the car right once that happens it technically i mean usually mars up the clear coat it’s

Going to leave marks in there it’s going to leave lines you see it all the time driving around here and you can see that there is visual lines on the entire side of the sequoia there’s no denying that you can see all of that my hope is that those are all superficial and those literally come off and it has not affected the coating or the clear coat at all whatsoever

Now nick’s daughter drawing into the coating and the clear coat on a dirty car might be a different story but if that holds up as well i’ll be equally as impressed so uh yeah the moment we’ve been waiting for let’s rinse this thing all right no way i’m telling you there’s got there’s thanks here i’m like this isn’t like a joke or me trying to be like a salesman

Or anything like that there has to be scratches in that it’s not possible for there to be scratches in there i’m sure there’s some fine ones because those have been drawn on but i mean that just literally rinsed off and i can’t see anything i can’t see anything in the clear and i’m looking i mean other than the previous scratches that are already there which i

Know are there because we helped polish this thing i don’t okay let’s start i’m gonna start from top to bottom here foreign thing here i’m gonna go grab a bucket a little bit of soap and water i’m just gonna wipe this area and then rinse it because that’s crazy oh geez all right i got a cyclone mitt here a little bit of stern of gloss bubbler in here smells

Really good i’m going to oh my god it’s slick okay now i’m going to rinse this show me the true show me the true finish nick do you have a towel you don’t have a towel okay we’re gonna grab a towel this is there’s foreign i have some coated cars that i really can’t even brush up against with light dust on it without marring the surface so that’s why i’m like i

Really need here an answer with a towel i’ll be able to kind of see everything but the water behavior is still incredible in all the areas that his daughter drew on the car on a dirty surface this is still amazing nick’s got the towel here got herself a gauntlet gauntlet that needs to probably be washed and rags to riches yeah and well guys i was completely

Expecting there to be lines in the coating i mean we were making this video saying hey this is probably going to be the exception that the coating wouldn’t be able to take but the fact that it got pinstripes on it and i’m not seeing the pinstripes on the clear and everything feels smooth and all the finger drawings on here didn’t show up or didn’t change the wire

Behavior or maybe it goes flat in that area because it you know cut through the coating pretty impressive so if you guys want to know how hard this stuff is there you go you know pinstripes they could take them all day long not a big deal literally just rinses right off after coating it so uh let’s keep going we’re going to rinse the rest of the car and then get

To the actual wash foreign foreign all right guys so we just finished up with the wash here on the toyota sequoia that was coated with diamond body 36. now obviously i was really impressed during the rinsing process and i was even more impressed the way that the mitt felt on the car once we started washing so does the coating hold up to outdoor abuse apps

Of freaking lutely i was very surprised to see that there was no mar marks or leftover pinstripes from taking this thing off-road the gloss is still fantastic and really it cleaned up so freakishly well with just water alone that i think that that’s already a huge selling point i mean literally nick and jimmy both agree that after we rinse everything off we could

Have in fact just taken a quick detailer or a waterless wash and then sprayed it on the car and dried off with a towel and it would have been just as clean but it felt really good to get a soapy mitt on there just to feel the slickness of the coating so overall guys i’m beyond impressed seriously this stuff is the real deal you guys saw the water behavior you saw

That contact angle of those those beautiful beads and it puts on quite a good show but it also cleans up well for the show as well so guys that is a coding check and water behavior check here on diamond body 36 from diamond pro tech we hope you found this video useful and hopefully you have the same experience for yourself at home with your own coding so as always

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Diamond Protech BODY 36 Coating Follow Up! Hydrophobic and Scratch Resistant? By The Rag Company