Did Chevy Just Destroy The Electric Truck Market? 2024 Silverado EV Deep Dive

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Hey look i’m underneath the new 2024 chevy silverado ev check this out independent suspension should you buy one of these things should you place an order today let’s take an in-depth look and see if you should this right here is chevrolet’s first electric pickup truck wait i’m being told that this is not chevy’s first electric pickup truck gm actually had an electric

Pickup truck way back in 1913 and you might remember back in 1997 chevrolet had the s10 ev a lot of people were saying that gm is out of behind the curve when it comes to electric pickup trucks but they’re not they actually were one of the first now that s10ev had a measly 72 miles of range and can only fit like two people comfortably this has a massive 400 miles

Of range it can tow 10 000 pounds you can fit your whole family in it you can put a bunch of crap in the front right here and a bunch of stuff in the multi-function bed electric pickups are the next big thing in evs because people want utility people want a lot of function this truck has a whole bunch of function in the back there the multi-function tailgate the

Multi-function mid gate but we’ll talk about that in a second now electric pickup trucks are not for everyone not everybody has access to convenient charging and electric pickup trucks are really not all that efficient when it comes to evs but it is exciting that we’ve got more options for lower emissions trucks got the rivian r1t you’ve got the ford f-150 lightning

You got the gmc hummer ev and now we’ve got this silverado ev and of course the tesla cyber truck that was announced way back in 2019 it was delayed once again this year so i’m kind of curious what do you think do you think this will come out before the cyber truck no your eyes are not deceiving you the silverado ev kind of looks like a modern interpretation of

The chevy avalanche do you think maybe they should have called this the evolanche no no okay i’m sorry i mentioned it this is not based on the silverado platform this is a whole new platform it’s related to the gmc hummer ev kind of a narrower version of that but it’s about the same size as a crew cab short bed silverado entry-level fleet-oriented work truck will

Start at just around forty thousand dollars before destination and this is the rst first edition which comes in at over one hundred thousand dollars and yes this is quite expensive but there will be other trucks that will slot in at different price ranges eventually okay so a quick rundown of the specs 400 miles of estimated range that’s more than any electric pickup

Truck today dual electric motors standard all-wheel drive and it’s got a drive mode called wide open watts or wow mode yeah that’s that’s a little cheesy but what it does is not cheesy at all 684 horsepower 780 pound-feet of torque and a 0-60 in about four and a half seconds that’s ridiculous that’s faster than a ford lightning i don’t know if a 8 000 or so pound

Truck really needs to be that fast but here we are so the work truck gets 510 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque it doesn’t get that wow mode which is kind of lame what you mean we can’t drag race at the job site come on now now you’ll notice that the silverado ev is a crew cab only this is not a unibody construction this is not a body-on-frame construction

It’s something completely different so don’t call this a unibody even though it kind of looks like it got independent suspension which i mentioned at the beginning of the video and there’s four-wheel steering which improves maneuverability at low speeds and at high speeds so what do you think of the design of the front end of this silverado ev i think it looks

Awesome now i actually like the look of the f-150 lightning but this kind of makes that look a little bit frumpy in comparison this is a kind of a better looking truck in my opinion you’ll notice no grill right here but you have a grill down here headlights are here this cool light bar in the middle is awesome it kind of reminds me of a 1990s mercury sable and the

Front end overhang of this truck is a little bit shorter than the gas powered silverado which should probably make it a little bit easier to see out of okay on to the side profile you’ll notice these ginormous 24 inch wheels they look pretty nice now this truck is pretty tall if you have a little trouble getting into it that air suspension which actually makes it

Ride a little bit better on bumpy roads will also allow you to lower the truck and raise the truck to make it a little bit easier to get into now i don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing if the truck is too high to get into maybe the truck is just a little bit too high to begin with but i guess it’s neat running board looks fantastic and the charging port is

Actually back here capable of charging at 800 volts and 350 kilowatts it allows you to add 100 miles of range in about 10 minutes which is pretty insane all right the rear of this truck looks awesome these tail lights look great they got a step right here which fits all sorts of feet sizes which is pretty nice the actual bed height is not too crazy so it should be

Pretty easy to load stuff in the back even if you didn’t want to take the tailgate down talk about towing for a second can’t see anything here because this is a not production ready truck but this rst will be able to tow ten thousand pounds a work truck and do eight thousand pounds and word on the street is that there’s gonna be a version that can tow twenty thousand

Pounds which is pretty nuts thirteen hundred pounds of payload could go in this rst in the work truck not quite up to f-150 lightning specs but what you do get here is a really really cool tailgate a really cool multi-function midgate so let’s talk about that so this multi-function tailgate has many different modes let’s check it out so this mode allows you to load

Stuff in here in this direction mode number two look at all these options now this is really neat because if you have long items you don’t want to fall out this will keep them from falling out that’s a really really cool feature helps you reach in that’s a really great idea so if you need to be able to push stuff all the way back it gives you a lot more space

Now is there a step here as well there is a step wow there’s going to be a speaker option right here which is really cool so you can have tailgate parties at your local nascar track and listen to some music really loudly that’s really cool so many different options there so let’s check out this multifunction mid gate there’s a 60 40 split so you can actually still

Seat somebody on either side so there’s the 60 side right there that’s a lot of space you can load really long sheets of plywood and this right here this crossbar in the glass apparently can come out just the standard bed is just under six feet of space when you add this mid gate i think it gives you about nine feet when you add the mid gate plus this extension

Here it gives you almost 11 feet of space which is ridiculous you could have parties back here i think i think that’s what i’m gonna do with this speaker option i think i’m gonna have a party in the back of this truck okay so as you can see right there the glass comes out now is there a place you can store the glass yep right here right here you can store the

Glass right down there that’s very cool that crossbar actually folds down look at how much space you have right here it’s kind of like a whole new way of thinking about transporting stuff you have like a kayak or something you want to put back here i think you could fit a couple couple kayaks maybe a canoe back here it’s ridiculous and check this out you can

Actually leave that glass out if you want to have kind of like an open-air experience for your backseat passengers pretty neat and if that weren’t enough check out back here look at all these outlets back here you’ve got six in the back you can have your whole band play back here plug in your guitar amps plug in your bass amps and you can actually charge another

Ev by plugging in the appropriate chord over here so if you have another ev that’s down on charge you can use your silverado to juice it back up you can fit a ton of stuff in here i’m not sure if this is going to be the exact size exact configuration like like i said this is a pre-production truck but look at this more power up here as well lots of space for

All of your crap so it looks really awesome in here like i said pre-production truck but the space in here is impressive i’m six foot three and i’ve got loads of headroom loads of leg room this screen right here the 17 inch display is awesome the graphics look wonderful 11 inch display right here in front of the drivers you’ll get a smaller display on the work

Track because we got the flat floor we have a ton of space in here this is a ginormous center console i really appreciate the physical knobs for the hvac controls because if you know me you know how much i hate cars that don’t have physical controls for that so i’m really glad we’ve got that check this out we’ve got tow control right here brake controller which is

Really nice that comes even on the work truck and loads of space in the back here pretty much one of the largest interior vehicles i’ve ever sat in so much space really comfortable you’ve got heated seats front and rear gigantic panoramic moon roof which is pretty cool the work truck will not get that but really big really airy really comfortable so what do you

Think of the silverado ev i’m not sure how many they’re going to sell of this top spec 100 000 rst but the work truck at 40 000 seems like a no-brainer for contractors and trades people that have good access to charging infrastructure and all those accessories that chevrolet is promising those look super cool too the work truck should arrive first in the spring

Of 2023 at about 40k right around the f-150 lightning price the ford has better payload specs but this silverado will have way more range you could also consider the rivien r1t it makes a lot more power it’s quicker but it is a bit smaller and the silverado has more range and charges more quickly electric pickup trucks promise lower lifetime emissions than their

Gas-powered equivalents but they’re heavy the hummer ev is over 9000 pounds and this one right here is likely going to come in at over 8 000 pounds consumers want long ranges which means more weight in batteries hopefully we’ll see lighter battery technology emerge over the coming years which would help evs become safer and more efficient so are you going to place

An order for the silverado evie you’re going to go with a rivien or lightning or are you going to wait maybe several years for the cyber truck to finally come out or maybe you’re going to go on craigslist and look for an s10 ev what do you think about that one let me know in the comments below don’t forget to check out eric’s video at revmatch tv where he’ll go

Into some in-depth details about this versus the f-150 lightning if you’d like to help support the show please consider buying a t-shirt at helloroad.tv shop thanks so much for watching i hope you’re well and i’ll see you soon you

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