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Differences Between DNA Driving Modes In 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

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What does that beautiful welcome to another day in the vlog guys i hope you guys are stoked to be here today i know i am for today’s video i’m gonna be showing you guys the different modes and kind of little features that i’ve figured out about the alfa romeo giulia i’m just kind of focusing in right now i’m doing a steady acceleration right now i’m in normal

Mode as you guys can tell it’s shifting really nicely really smoothly see that there’s the little line the little dotted line going across the screen is actually going to be your average for this trip this entire bar is gonna be the last 20 minutes of your driving habits so you can see engage based on your last 20 minutes of how well you’re actually driving is

I’m braking right now it shoots up to 75 plus miles per gallon there are different economical settings so right now this is normal switching into eco mode you see that there’s a picture of the earth right on there there is this little gauge right there which is basically saying that right now we’re kind of just coasting and we’re getting that much efficient and

Right now our about 3/4 acceleration and i’m off the gas pedal and i’m just kind of coasting again so it’s gonna kind of switch over after doing a little bit of a slight acceleration you can see that i’m getting about 15 miles per gallon acceleration and my ex eco bar is almost 100% full the gears section on the far right-hand side is actually your different

Gear positions and so if you want you can actually go into manual mode when you’re in eco mode which is very interesting because most modes don’t let you do that if you go switch into manual mode immediately goes over to sport mode but as you guys can tell the little d with the a up here means that it automatically turned off as i let go of the brake it starts

Right back up and we can start accelerating also you can see the bar as it goes across the little dot right there is my average for this entire trip odometer so the trip a is what i have it on showing that i’m getting roughly about 21 miles per gallon the little green line on top of the long green line is your average for this trip and so as you guys continue to

Accelerate or decelerate you’ll see that bar kind of move and kind of coast right over here into your car settings and your efficient drive and when you’re an efficient drive it shows your different things so all of the blue it means i was driving in normal mode all the green shows that i was in eco mode and you can kind of see the different things right now

I’m at ten minutes twenty minutes because i just filled up and reset everything that’s how everything is my overall eco store is 79 out of 100 overall acceleration is 79 out of 100 my deceleration is 68 which basically means that i can coast a lot more than i do and then i come up to my stoplights really fast and so if you want to get a better score right there

What you can actually do is use your braking less often because that’s obviously wasted energy now switching over to the last driving mode we have right here our sport driving mode as you guys can tell it just shows the little g-force indicator right there in the center and as you guys start to go around turn you see the dot kind of moved to different areas of

The vehicle and it shows where your position is when it starts flashing white it means caution you’re at the boundary of the vehicle and when it starts flashing red it means your braking traction so make sure that whatever you’re doing you know you’re not getting to the flashing red as you’re curving through mountains or whatever your use may be you don’t want

To see the flashing red because that means you’re losing traction and could potentially end up in an accident also notice how it keeps the gearing position up higher so i’m in 2000 versus if i switched into eco mode it’ll actually drop down the rpms anyways guys i hope you guys liked today’s video please make sure to like comment and subscribe to subscribe if

You want to see more content like this and also my other car review videos and all that sorts of stuff comic down below black fl ag if you guys stayed out to this point in the video i want to see how many people are actually just watching it all the way until the end i’ll see you guys tomorrow next time i hope you guys liked today’s video and without further

If you guys nothing to say i guess it’s time bandit to many custom i’m on i can’t sleep at night so i just keep writing i don’t need no help i don’t need opinion so don’t wait for time then i just been living online my city don’t show me no lumpiness fine but local radio stations i got my plays and all of these rappers can find i’m going i’m going again i’ve

Been going in i’m fed up with so many things i gotta just let it all out i’m talking about the they’ve been talking about telling me i should do this

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Differences Between "DNA" Driving Modes In 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia By Maxwell Shepherd