Digital World Premiere: The all-new Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E PERFORMANCE

Get ready for the all new #MercedesAMG C 63 S E PERFORMANCE taking Formula 1 motorsport technology from the racetrack to the road.

Thank you foreign foreign thank you well hello everybody wherever you’re watching around the world welcome on this exciting day the all-new amg c63s today is the day that mercedes amg bring e-performance to the road i’m particularly looking forward to this performance hybrid featuring f1 inspired technology and as we can see it’s available in sedan

The wagon 2. yes i’m david croft and alongside me racing driver naomi schiff so at least there’s one of us that can handle 0 to 100 in 3.4 seconds foreign c63s it’s an absolute game changer when it comes to the performance sector there’s nothing else out there quite like it you’re absolutely right did i just see the amg logo on the bonnet yes you did and

It’s the first time that it’s been positioned there thing of beauty this is a work of art on four wheels is this not a modern day masterpiece a car that attracts heart as well as mines put it this way naomi it’s a masterpiece that the mona lisa herself would smile at with this car you can’t help but smell can you i’m smiling she’s smiling but let’s not ignore

The technology because when you put your foot down it is an outstanding combination of combustion engine and electric power just like we have in formula one tell me more about the grunt why is this car such a completely new approach to performance well for the first time it features an inline turbocharged four-cylinder engine instead of a v8 and it’s combined

With an electric motor on the rear axle sounds great but why well you see it’s not just elegant it’s efficient and it’s effective and that crafty is evolution that gives you extra peak power which is transmitted for the first time to all four wheels fire the fully variable all-wheel drive system whoa would you look at you constantly it seems like you know a

Thing or two i’m catching on i’m catching on and guess what i also know that the c63s features 100 rear axle steering and that naomi is another first okay well hang on hang on hang on because i think this next bit’s gonna be for you thank you now here is an interior fit for a champion the not just a champion racer like yourself this is fit for everybody i

Want performance seats but i want comfort naomi too i’m gonna feel really chilled in this cockpit okay well while you’re chilling i’m admiring just how the dna of amg is quite literally sewn into the heart of the car look at the steering wheel crafty it looks like you’ve got all the important functions right at your fingertips and now that’s what i as a driver

Really want and i’m with you on that one foreign output of 680 horsepower now crafty do you remember that i mentioned e was for elegance efficiency effectiveness and evolution i do remember and i know that e is for performance too it’s f1 technology it is and this has a battery developed in-house by amg which is strategically placed on the rear axle which means

Better handling and more importantly allows you to drive silently too so uh no more waking up the neighbors when you leave early in the morning but if you want to feel that rule it’s all about this sports plus mode right at your fingertips and just like that you’ve got stiffer suspension steering that’s more precise and more response on your throttle it needs

To go to the track yes it’s a come on jordy boy show us what you’ve got or more importantly come on george show us what the amg c63s has got is it me or does he look just a bit too relaxed at the moment stop smiling george that’s it get your crash helmet on the light is green away we go now this two liter four-cylinder engine is the most powerful on the market

Close to 240 horsepower per liter that’s right so he’ll be feeling the power and torque instantaneously the f1 derives electrically assisted turbocharger almost completely eliminates turbo lag delivering an incredible driving experience and just feel the speed as through the hairpin we go on the power straight away this is brilliant from george russell i’m riding

With him every second here i’m loving it all it’s a lot of grip and it looks so much fun i want to get in we’ve not even mentioned drift mode yet i want more drift mode give me drips come on george show us what you’re made of down the street breaking into the right-hander this is awesome from george russell i bet he’s grinning from ear to ear underneath that

Crash helmet looks like he’s right at home and that’s probably because this car has so many connections to the w13 mercedes amg f1 car that we see him drive so brilliantly weekend and week out and he’s gonna be driving this week in week out you just know it from lights out to the line i want to be behind that car this is making me want to get right behind that

Beautiful wheel from sunrise to sunset lights out and there’s lights on this is the car i want whatever kind want to be admired to be adored and driven omg nah amg

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