Discover the redesigned Lexus ES | Walkaround Video Tour

The 2022 Lexus ES lets you command your own journey like never before. Its refined looks, dynamic and responsive ride, and beautifully advanced technology help you get more out of every moment behind the wheel.

Possibility it’s what happens between you and your destination with intrigue behind every curve and excitement around every corner for those who crave that possibility we’ve created the redesigned lexus es daringly designed stylishly sophisticated with sharp lines sculpted surfaces and dramatic silhouette a dynamic presence that demands to be driven and delivers

A unique driving experience where possibility is always thrilling and always serene instilling instant confidence making you feel your best whatever your destination the design of the lexus es sees beauty and purpose in perfect balance with refined aerodynamics that smooth your way minimizing wind noise and enhancing fuel economy express yourself with your choice

Of stylish exterior colors and a choice of distinctive 17 and 18-inch alloy wheels or 19-inch wheels on f-sport packages inside and out the es has been shaped and refined by japanese takumi crafts people to create a feeling of harmonious elegance inside seats are impeccably stitched and paneling has a refined sophistication with each curve meticulous details

Luxurious finishes and tactile pleasures create an environment of elegance quality and comfort rear seat passengers travel in relaxed luxury with nearly one meter of leg room to stretch out going beyond comfort the technology in the lexus es helps improve driver connectivity for a more engaging and safer driving experience embrace the possibility of available 12.3

Inch multimedia touchscreen triple beam led headlamps and wireless smartphone charger for seamless connectivity feel the comfort and precision of standard two or three zone climate concierge board the es you feel instantly at home access your smartphone effortlessly with apple carplay and android auto enjoy sounds of available 17 speaker mark levinson sound

System and optional rear sunshade for added privacy and comfort there’s even a head-up display to help you focus on the road ahead with the lexus app you connect effortlessly and efficiently with your es connect with your smartphone for features like service alerts remote start door lock and unlock and the ability to check the status of your doors and windows

The panoramic view monitor helps you maneuver in tight spaces and navigate narrow streets there’s a hands-free power tailgate for convenient loading and all of that is before you hit the road every aspect of the lexus es is designed to evoke a feeling of complete driving exhilaration with a rigid lightweight body it remains perfectly composed at speed and

For enhanced driving the lexus es 350 gives you even more performance with a 302 horsepower v6 engine to add to your exhilaration f-sport packages are available on the lexus es 250 all-wheel drive and lexus es 350 with unique exterior styling and exclusive f-sport branded equipment like 19-inch alloy wheels bolstered leather sports heating along with aluminum

Interior trim the fourth generation lexus self-charging hybrid electric automatically combines the gas-powered engine and electric motor and recovers braking energy to give exhilarating performance low emissions exceptional fuel consumption with no plugging in required select the mode that suits your driving style and enjoy a feeling of perfect command with

Ergonomic controls and lfa inspired digital clusters with safety our top priority each lexus es is fitted with lexus safety system plus 2.5 as a standard feature the automatic high beam system makes pedestrians and road signs easier to see without distracting other drivers the pre-collision system not only senses other vehicles but pedestrians and bicycles too

While reversing the es monitors cross traffic alerting and braking if needed left turn intersection support detects oncoming vehicles when you’re turning at intersections cornering lights give you a better view when turning the curved speed reduction system helps you navigate bends safely lane tracing assist helps you stay safely in the center of the lane if

You drift out of lane lane departure alert with steering assist warns you and if necessary takes preventative action dynamic radar cruise control safely adjusts your speed to that of the vehicle in front making driving more relaxed in traffic whatever road you’re on wherever you’re heading the es helps you command your own journey the lexus es you

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Discover the redesigned Lexus ES | Walkaround Video Tour By Regency Lexus Showroom