Distinctive Collection Calgary Showcase: 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera DC


Well hello thanks for joining us today a distinctive collection we’ll be showcasing the exceptional 2019 aston martin dbs superleggera this is the ultimate aston martin at least until the valkyrie rocks up and even when it does this is a car that epitomizes essence brand values better than any other with a massively potent twin-turbo v12 upfront rear drive

2+2 layout inside how potent seven and 115 horsepower aston refers to it as a brute and as soon as you might be able to tell from the proportions underneath as a lot in common with the db 11 same platform and basic engine but the key addition is a high torque version of the zf 8-speed gearbox this is able to cope with the seven hundred foot-pounds of torque

Approaching two hundred foot-pounds more than the standard zf gearbox in the db 11 amr it’s not just a software recalibration this gearbox has a different casing to contain the beefed up internals aston dialing up the twin turbos of the 5.2 liter v12 to tuneups 715 horsepower and 664 foot-pounds of tire shredding torque sent only to the rear rubber through an

8-speed automatic transmission an extra 2.9 psi of boost helped generate the engine 715 horsepower allowing the dbs to go from 0 to 60 in just 3.4 seconds with a top speed of around 211 miles per hour torque is consistent regardless of the engine speed while the sustained power from the engine at speeds climb are going to be addicting you won’t be surprised in

The elegance found in this aston the dbs features some of the most unique leather stitching you’ll ever see on any car interior as a luxury grand tour this new dbs superleggera seems tough to be even amongst bentley’s rolls royces and may box this dbs superleggera is interior stands out from material selection to palate and design to detail execution the interior

Alone is nearly justification for the six figure base price better yet it’s not just gorgeous it’s comfortable even for a pair of six-foot 200-pound guys all day long a front leg shoulder and hip room are excellent the seat shape yields an excellent combination of supportive bolstering and long rage comfort and the wind and road noise are surprisingly low making

It a dbs superleggera a delight to hustle for hours on end the dbs features a new active valve exhaust with quad pipes which is set to deliver commanding and powerful sounding character while still maintaining the refinement of a grand tourer this should help sound a little bit livelier while reduced weight and stiffer suspension should make it feel more giddy

From behind the wheel the message is clear the dbs superleggera may share underpinnings with the db 11 but this is a more muscular machine in every way it’s lighter thanks to the carbon bodywork and able to generate more downforce at maximum speeds with no drag penalty verses the db 11 going on a long drive and this is the aston to pick this is a still a long leg

Machine pulling just 2,000 rpm at 70 miles per hour in 8th gear and at that speed the engine is a sophisticated purr of noise and wind is no more than a ruffle

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Distinctive Collection Calgary Showcase: 2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera DC By Distinctive Collection