DIY Camper Van Build – GMC Savana Adventure campervan

My current progress on building a 2005 GMC passenger savana van that I am slowly turning into a DIY camper van. So far I have enjoyed the process, but have a long way to go still!

Welcome to my 2005 gmc savannah van and i’m slowly converting it into a little camper van i’m a fishing guide in pennsylvania and i like to be able to just at the end of a long hard day long fishing day go back and make some warm food and my wife and i like to explore and go out west and all over and especially this year with the corona virus it’s you know it

Stinks we’re all going through it but this hat this is like our own little bubble we could be kind of just together and away from everybody else but be able to still go and see you know nature but in this video i’m just going to show you my progress so far i’m not done not even close but this is what i got so far so when you walk into the van you’ll see i put

Put this cool little trim down here it’s nice to protect the wood and when you come in close the door here first thing you see is the bed i put in a it’s a three inch memory foam bed really nice it’s long enough where i can just lay width wise and then i have oh definitely got to have your dream catcher here that’s important and then i got my my stove for right

Now i’m gonna put i have a stove that’ll actually sit in to the countertop here and a little sink on this side put my refrigerator here i haven’t put it in yet and then i’m gonna put some shelves with a nice drawer and on this side i have my clothes and a little hanger i had those big plastic um things that come with the door stock and i didn’t know what to do so

I pulled out um these and i put a i insulated it and then i put these these wooden thing here cut them in they kind of turned out nice and they have like a little area here and i just put random stuff in there so the power i wasn’t sure what to do i don’t have an external battery my little cuz jake he’s putting together a battery for me a lithium ion real cheap

Super excited for i hope it comes soon cuz right now i just have a switch here with my two watt led lights i got real cheap it’s worked perfectly i just hardwired it from the van so the cedar ceiling turned out really nice it cost about 80 bucks for the seater and i insulated it and insulated the walls and insulated the ceiling and this guy here is my max air

Fan and it’s awesome it’s a vent so when i do sleep in here it gives me a lot of oxygen i could open up the back windows back here turn the vent on and it you get like a breeze going through so it’s really nice the weight of the year has piled up on me it’s just but if a song in i feel i feel so thank you for being you there’s no one else i’ve seen

Your heart beneath if you can’t tell me so our next step with the van is to get the refrigerator put in the sink and the stove the finish on the trimming so you don’t see any of the metal or so it looks kind of homey in here

Transcribed from video
DIY Camper Van Build – GMC Savana Adventure campervan By Josh Miller