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Dodge Charger 392 takes on Infiniti Q50 Red Sport, drag and roll race

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Dodge Charger 392 takes on Infiniti Q50 Red Sport, drag and roll race!

Today i’m driving the infiniti q50 red sport and on my left side i have the dodge charger 392 a 6.4 liter v8 engine um powerful loud but i don’t know if it’s quick it’s a rear wheel drive compared to this now full disclosure it did rain a bit before um so i i just want you guys to know we don’t want to waste the day it dried out but it’s just a little bit

Wet on the road right now other than that thing seems to be going well uh we did a few launch controls with the uh charger to see if it’s gripping maybe we can avoid it he’s doing okay things are going wild but again i want you i want to be clear about it and you guys should know about it that today was a bit wet nonetheless we’re still gonna do it it’s

Still fun it dried out nicely now it looks far clearer than it was before um but nonetheless we want to see maybe it’s fast we’re also going to do rolls to be fair to the rear wheel drive but he’s actually hooking up nicely we did warm up the tires and so on the q60 the q50 red sport here it is an all-wheel drive system so it doesn’t suffer much for grip

But it’s still a very i think in my opinion an interesting race there’s another one after this we’re doing with that charger with that in mind let’s have some fun but um before we do this special thanks goes to the owner of the 392 charger and most importantly to jim that let me drive his uh q50 red sport this is the second time we featured this car in

This video so let us have some fun and be safe and enjoy and let’s see which one is the fastest although i think maybe that charger is going to take it but how much i don’t know anyways let’s go okay so the first one we’re going to do is a normal mode as i said and i’m good to go on my side okay normal mode um i am in normal fantastic thank you sir and

Just windows up and we’re good to go okay i’m ready on my side point fingers oh jesus yeah as i expected he just had a terrible take off but then he is getting so okay as i mentioned uh i’m going to put mine just in sport because as we talked yours has like three modes mine has three mods so now we just put it in sport mode and i’m good to go on my

Side okay sport mode for me as well i’m going to try it with launch control at 1200 rpm here oh my god he had an amazing takeoff oh he’s going of course come on infinity he is going and he got me nicely he got me nicely all right uh now we’re gonna do this in sport plus okay all right i think we’re good to go all right all right we’re going to break

Boosts this to about 2500 and see if we can hang with the scat pack and we’re good over here build that boost and we’re off we’ve got a little bit of a lead on him got a little bit of a lead on him we’re a good oh he might be catching me he might be catching me guys yeah there he goes ah and that said he got me by about half a car lengthen sport plus

Oh man guys those chargers are just incredible but got to admit i’m pretty proud of my little uh infiniti q50 kilometers an hour oh and he’s gone oh not a chance ah now oh well not a chance that thing is just too fast off of a role close to 52 actually a little bit over 50. so let’s go manual gear and we’re right beside each other in manual

Shifting oh this thing shifts quickly nice nice nice well this was a bit more uh interesting because i was getting a lot of high power with manual shifting a lot of uh power i have to say was coming out of that engine manual shifting how do you feel on yours any difference between auto and manual yeah it’s definitely slower you know the computer does

It way better than i can very very interesting nonetheless thank you so much for this man appreciate that uh it was a lot of fun that car is fast and it’s faster when you put it in a proper auto mode thank you i really appreciate you all having faith in the weather guards i still wonder about the wind turbines though like why are they stuck that’s a good

Question nobody knows to be honest but that is a very good question um maybe they just turn it off there’s a problem but whatever thanks again man don’t worry you’re welcome well that was it guys thanks for watching um it’s quite interesting it’s in manual mode he said a good point too um severe with the 392 charger in manual mode it actually is slower

Compares in automatic mode that’s shocking usually it’s the opposite like this was actually faster in manual mode so it’s a very impressive result for both cars but that thing it’s definitely quicker than this in many ways with that in mind thanks for watching special thanks goes to jim for allowing me to drive this car and show you a video jim was one

Of the guys when we did the driver switch stay safe cheers

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