Dodge Durango Hellcat takes on Lamborghini Urus, can it win? Drag and Roll Race.

Dodge Durango Hellcat takes on Lamborghini Urus, can it win? Drag and Roll Race.

Good lunch oh good god this is today i’m driving finally the lamborghini urus hmm today we’re gonna find out how quick this thing is against the dodge durango hellcat um we’re going to find out how these two compare on a dig and of course roll and today we’re introducing the 100 kilometers roll because you guys asked me i’m gonna do one from 50 100 and

See how these compare but nonetheless we want to find out how fast is this thing comparison to that so i have mark with his dodge durango hellcat stock and this is stock and uh let’s talk about some numbers durango hellcat uses a 6.2 liter v8 supercharged making 710 horsepower and 640 pound-feet of torque using eight-speed automatic transmission it’s all-wheel

Drive and apparently does it do 63.5 seconds that is quick for a three-row suv but it has a curb weight of 5 334 pounds which is actually pretty normal for a three-row suv it’s not as heavy as you think this side i’m driving the lamborghini urus this is a v8 but it’s not a supercharged v8 it’s actually a twin turbocharged v8 which is similar to what you’d find

In the rsq-8 apparently it is a 4 liter v8 making 641 horsepower less than the durango and 627 pound-feet of torque yeah but this does 0-60 apparently in 3.3 seconds and it’s an eight-speed automatic transmission of course it’s an all-wheel drive it has a curb weight of 5 314 pounds it’s literally 20 pounds lighter than the durango cat and makes less horsepower

So that’s quite interesting how these two compare i’m actually shocked when i was looking at the specs i thought the durango would be heavier but kudos to the durango for being so light and of course the team that built it on this side we have a a big uruz so let’s do the first from a dig let’s roll okay mark i’m good to go i have mine in corsa mode apparently

That’s where it launches better um are you ready on your side what mode you’re in i am in sport mode okay i’m just gonna fix my seat a little bit because richard ruined it for me let’s see oh this is nice okay uh are you ready sir yep good lunch oh good god this is wow i’m actually shocked that i walked him like jesus christ this thing is actually quick but

You know wow okay so 100 kilometers one now just follow my lead keep it in the same mode and are you ready yup let’s roll so jesus this thing is quick but that dodges not too far not too far not too far 200 okay slow down slow down okay brakes are good brakes are good i hit 200 man mark i appreciate you joining us today for another video uh

If everyone needs to know about your car they know where to find you on instagram that thing is a beast but here’s the thing though you’re a three row suv right so that doesn’t like and but you know what’s the shocking part mark looking at the curb weight for both vehicles they’re so close in weight it’s only 20 pounds lighter this thing i appreciate the invite

Again thanks man well that was it guys uh the urus coming from a latin word apparently i didn’t even know that i didn’t do my research on that one but it doesn’t matter the orders took it and this thing it’s an absolute beast it’s the rsq8 equivalent but that durango hellcato wasn’t that far off

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