Dodge Durango Hellcat vs Mercedes GLE 63 AMG S, drag and roll race. Could have been worse…

Dodge Durango Hellcat vs Mercedes GLE 63 AMG S, drag and roll race.

Today i’m driving the mercedes 2021 gle 63 amg ass coupe some of you will say well sam why did you get the gls 63 unfortunately that is almost a rare car i’ve i haven’t seen many on the roads and it wasn’t available of course but we have this which i think it’s a good um car it’s a great car actually in fact and today we’re going to drag race it against

The three-row suv on that side it’s the um hellcat the durango hellcat 710 horsepower supercharged by turbo we did against the wagon e63 wagon which is actually a similar engine to this but this is heavier than the wagon so i don’t know how this is going to turn out um special thanks goes to mark for joining us today with his durango hellcat this is

Going to be pretty good i’m very excited because the wagon was i don’t want to spoil alert the wagon one of course but this could be a more fair race i think the gls 63 it’s a bit heavier than this but not by much um nonetheless it’s still interesting to see because this thing is quite a big massive but i absolutely love this car i used to hate the

Gle 63 the coupe specifically but i’ve been driving this for a week and it’s such an amazing vehicle okay um mark uh we’re gonna do again race mode as before make sure you have the um sorry the uh draggy thing so we want to see the quarter mile times on your side the page track mode yours mine is in race mode mark are you ready come on mercedes we’re

Close i met you very close very close but i am taking it i am taking it fantastic okay mark what did you get for quarter mile sorry what was that again this one miles per hour correct okay um i got on my side 12.48 at 188 kilometers an hour um so 12.48 so yeah i was faster but it was like i’m assuming at 12 14 seconds sorry point 14 faster okay

Again uh again in race mode um and let’s start that draggy thing so i’m good to go on my side come on mercedes he didn’t have a bad launch control come on it’s very like back and forth it’s hard to say like which one is fast now i’m a bit confused like maybe it has to do how the cars launch like that could be one reason which is definitely better

A quarter mile was it says this time um i mine can only do quarter mile in excellent acceleration separately so the only thing i can see is quarter mile is 12.68 at 191 kilometers an hour so 12.68 somehow was faster but it lost time so that’s just maybe has to do see it’s just like they’re very close now let’s do a roll so okay mark um no need for

That tracky thing like to keep track because this is going to be a roll so we’re going to do 50 kilometers automatic mode meaning automatic transmission make sure you have it in track mode mine is in race mode are you ready yeah okay let’s roll come on impressive impressive so okay mark again the same way in track mode automatic mode i’m good

To go are you ready yep let’s roll very close very close wow right beside each other right beside each other impressive mark thank you again for joining us um it’s such an interesting race um i i couldn’t say one was faster than the other one i couldn’t say the durango feels faster like the first one we did i got it then you got the second one in

A row they’re equally fast i think both cars are almost at the same level in terms of uh drag races would you agree with that i would definitely agree with that and thanks again for having me it’s always a plan thank you for joining us i have to say i love the sound of that car um i wish i was behind you so i could hear it a bit more but somehow i ended

Up right beside you but nonetheless thank you for joining us another time and uh this was just a blast uh appreciate it well that was it that was it guys i i’m very impressed uh again weight plays a role in this because now with this car the race is just right beside each other right beside each other in in a perfect mode i’m very very happy with this

Result um this car is an absolute beast of a vehicle i absolutely love this thing and it’s i didn’t appreciate it until i had it for a full week nonetheless that durango hellcat for a three-row suv it’s quick um it’s just an amazing race i love doing these kind of races because these are family powerful suvs special thanks goes again to mark for joining us that was it cheers

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