Dodge Unveils the Electric Charger SRT Banshee

Dodge just unveiled it’s new Charger Daytona SRT Banshee and it looks CRAZY! Comment your thoughts down below!

Yo you guys we are going to m1 concourse to see the new vehicle be released and i have no information on it right now so i don’t know what it’s called all i know is it’s going to be like a hybrid and i think there might be a full electric model of it i’m not sure but by the end of this video i’ll know all the details on it as will you guys we are in the jailbreak

And it is about to downpour on look at these two struggling hey roy special gift for you for building our race car hell yeah try those boys on right now bro oh yeah and there she is you guys i did forget to mention that we did races at roadkill nights and that video is coming out right after this one so stay tuned for that video because that is the video that’s

The big video that everybody’s been waiting for for like over a month while we hellcat swapped it for the last four weeks uh and the battery is dead it’s been sitting for too long this is the hellcat red-eye engine that we put in here we have an upper and lower pulley with thick injectors and a couple more things done to it it is on racing slicks with skinnies up

Front and yeah this thing is a beast yeah roy’s not done working on this car he misses it already she is dusty hey hey hey hey hey okay so yes we are going to m1 concourse in pontiac michigan to check out the new dodge vehicles two days ago they unveiled the convertible edition for the hellcat redeye challenger which kind of dates back to the 70s and i think it’s

Long overdue i think they should have been selling convertibles from the get-go but hey i’m happy they finally came out with one and then yesterday it came out with the dodge hornet which is a compact suv that has battery assist so it’s kind of like a hybrid but today is the big day so today is the day where they’re unveiling the new performance sports car which

Is gonna be as i stated fully electric so i’m super excited to see what it is i don’t even know the name of it i don’t know nothing about it right now so i’m going to show it to you guys and i’m going to bring you guys along with me hopefully we have a good time i’m nervous i’m scared i hope i like it fingers crossed we’ll see and we made it to m1 concourse you

Ready to see this new car y’all so they do have live music it is very loud in there it’s very hard to talk to people much less hear me over the music i’m going to show you guys around real quick before the unveiling happens this is the hellcat that they just made into a convertible and i really think it’s overdue but they did such a good job on it i know that some

People have already gone ahead and done this themselves and just made it customized but now it’s official and it’s going to be produced by dodge inside is where the magic is happening let’s go inside and check it over out century ago two rebels quit their day jobs and put their side hustle into motion american ingenuity took the wheel ladies and gentlemen

Please welcome tim caniskis welcome back to another day of action on woodward look i know what some of you are probably thinking right now after a full week of performance two reveals race cars a dozen buzz models a new hornet a new segment you guys are probably going to phone this one in on the final day and now some limited edition sticker package no way

Not how we roll today we bring the noise today we shock the entire system and we outplay the all game go all the way to the wall oh this is the charger daytona srt banshee like i said when we started it’s a very simple formula look like a dodge sound like a dodge drive like a dodge the first challenge was to make a muscle car aerodynamic

Now lucky for us we did this over 50 years ago so successfully in fact that we were banned from racing the original charger daytona was legendary for the way it pushed air around its nose cone and through its tail this daytona will be legendary for the r-wing pass-through that you see here now those of you with a note probably already spotted the frat sog logo

Or front that’s a clue that we’re doing something that only dodge can do and our patent lawyers will remind you all of that now how about that our wing it looks really cool right and the tie back to the daytona nascar is great that doesn’t actually work is this the slipperiest car in the world nope and that’s okay we don’t care we’re willing to give up some

Range to look bad ass but it’s a huge leap forward from where we are today now it’s a concept so i can’t share with you the exact number the exact numbers but to put it into context think of the aerodrag of the 1934 airflow this is the industry’s first aero car then fast forward nearly 100 years to today’s car the wide-body charger the arrow of today’s car

Is 25 better than that car our target for this daytona is to improve another 25 from today’s car it is a multi-speed transmission with an electromechanical shifting experience that’s pure dodge how unique yeah that’s also patented at every opportunity we use this new tech to make a muscle car a better muscle car now you’re all going to ask me so i’m going

To get it out of the way what about the power yeah i’m not going to tell you that yet but what i can tell you is it will share another very familiar dodge exclusive direct connection the charger daytona will launch with three power levels all the way up to the 800 volt banshee system but we’re also developing nine power levels through direct connection

You’re getting nine total power levels on this car and all of those power levels will come standard with our exclusive power shot push-to-pass system direct connection is also going to allow our drivers to unlock the features that they want like a slam mode drift mode drag mode and yep even a donut boat and finally remember where i started probably forgot

Already no one wants cars because everyone is now used to the it demands the utility and all other capability of the uv our designers and engineers raised the bar there as well the daytona is adaptable on the inside as well the combination of the massive rear hatch it’s hard to tell it’s there but it’s a massive rear hatch if folding flat seats make this dodge

Eevee play more like a dodge uv and with all-wheel drive that has not just all weather capability but increases performance substantially look here’s the facts we didn’t ask for the rules to change we didn’t want them to change but they did and we can try to outrun them but that would be a nine second pass straight into extinction or we can do what we did

Read their rules study their rules find their gray areas then unleash the banshee trust me this is not the ev that they want you to have this is the way dodge those evs thank you this is crazy what what are your thoughts on it it’s nice it looks like my rt i’m curious to see that you like i like it a lot i’m curious to see how the concept or the production

Model is going to change from the concepts so we’ll see he’s waiting for the demon position demonology what’s up my brother man that event was crazy and right when we walk out look at this this is sweet i really dig this i dig the wheel on the back that’s actually a really good look anyways you guys i’m running home right now to go edit this video and get it

Uploaded same night so this happened today you’re not late on anything but as i said tomorrow um or the following day i’m not sure which one yet we’re going to be posting our drag racing video from woodward that we’ve been working on this past four weeks so please stay tuned for that because that’s going to be great video i’m so excited to share that with you

Guys my prediction real quick i’m going to sit down and have a talk with you guys while i walk you guys are going to keep me company i hope they don’t change the production model too much from the concept but i saw a few things that i know that are going to change such as the windows the mirrors the seats and a few other things but what i can tell you that i am

Predicting is that i think this is the base model and the base model is going to compete with what is currently the hellcat so even though the base model is still going to be putting out hellcat numbers easily and once they come out with the scat pack version of this electric vehicle it’s going to blow everything out of the water and then they’re going to come

Out with a with a whole bunch of different trim levels that just keep upping the power to the point where it’s going to be hyper car power and that is a wrap you guys we are about to post this video in like 20 minutes like 20 minutes right literally so we’re gonna run home real quick thank you guys so much for watching again and we will see you in the next video peace

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Dodge Unveils the Electric Charger SRT Banshee!! By Christina \u0026 Grant