Does the 2022 Lincoln Aviator Have Massage Seats?

We get a lot of questions from our customers about the Lincoln Aviator because of the many features it can offer at its price point. One of the most common ones we get asked about the SUV is “Does the 2022 Lincoln Aviator have massage seats?”.

Hey guys this is sam here with south hills lincoln today i’m going to talk to you about the 2022 lincoln aviator does it have massage seats the simplest answer to this is yes let me explain now before i get really into this i do want to say and i don’t usually say this at the beginning of the video but i’m a little new here and i want to work with as many people

As humanly possible so i’m going to pay you for every single person who comes in and buys a vehicle from me saying that you referred them or you could just give me a call and let us know that they’re coming in at 724-941-1600 ask for sam or extension 522. if they buy and we know that you send them we will send you a check we sell pre-owned vehicles as well we

Have a ford store i can sell through and for anybody who lives far from pittsburgh because i do look at a lot of the demographics for this channel and there are a lot of people who watch this channel who do not live near pittsburgh we do deliver if you guys think about it there are 250 people at the average funeral and there are 500 people at the average wedding

So everybody knows someone but let’s get right into this all right guys so there is a little button right here next to the one two three on the driver’s side if you hit this button on the screen you’re gonna see this we’re gonna talk about a little bit later but the massage is right here that’s where the massage function is you can actually see on the screen what

Area is being massaged with each setting there are five different settings and three different speeds you can access this for the driver seat and the passenger seat similar vehicles i’ve heard of with the massage function in the front they only have it for the driver’s seat they do not have it for both front seats a lot of people might hear about this feature and

Think it sounds a little bit unnecessary but when you go on very long road trips you do begin to realize that you know after an hour or two your legs start to feel sore and this kind of keeps you relaxed and and and focused and aside from having to fill your gas occasionally this really keeps you from having to stop somewhere and this is a make or break feature for

A lot of people and it’s a huge selling point for many customers now before we move forward with what kind of options you’re going to have to opt for to get the massage seat i do want to mention something else which is 30 way power adjustable front seats i know that that is not necessarily a massage but it comes with the massage you can’t get them individually and

It makes it a lot more of a comfortable and customized driving experience so i also wanted to go over that now there is a little seat shaped button configuration on the door that’s what adjusts the power positioning on the seats this is an incredible feature for anybody with back problems or really wants to find that seating position that’s going to hit the spot

You can adjust the headrest the upper and lower lumbar support you can adjust how cushioned it is from the top down and there are also individual thigh extenders because if you think about it when you’re driving your thought and this is on the passenger seat too your thighs are always going to be in different positions to make that a little bit more comfortable

You could add some sort of a padding and believe it or not this is not even 30 this is like this is like 20. there are so many ways that you can adjust the seat that they actually added more that you can access with the push of a button now and you’re also going to see this on the passenger side right here and there is also what area of the seat you’re adjusting

But there are 10 more controls right here when you hit the plus i don’t know if you guys can hear it through the microphone but there is a little bit of a soft roaring sound coming from the seat that it really appeals to your senses you know what i mean now how do you get massage seats are they something that comes with the aviator no matter what trim you get no

The thing is there are four different aviator trims there’s standard reserve grand touring which is the hybrid and black label right now we’re sitting in a black label this is all totally decked out you cannot get the massage seat function on the standard trim you can get it on every other trim on the reserve and the grand touring it is something that you have to

Get in what’s called the luxury package which gives you 30 way power adjustable front seats i’m just putting emphasis on it because it’s so crazy to think that there are 30 different ways that a seat can be adjustable the revel ultima system with 28 speakers and rear door sun shades but let us know in the comments below what you guys think is this a feature that

You would want in your next vehicle have you guys had the chance to drive an aviator let us know 724-941-1600 always make sure to ask for sam i’d love to show you guys this vehicle in person i work with referrals and people who like these videos but i hope you guys enjoy this video if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already

But thank you so much for watching stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day

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Does the 2022 Lincoln Aviator Have Massage Seats? By South Hills Lincoln