Hi guys and welcome back to archie hamilton racing and to another drag race video where today well we’re back again and this is going to be epic i cannot wait for this one because what we have behind me we have the all-new 2022 audi rs3 and as you know this is absolutely ridiculously fast um and impressing everybody it’s very very cool and what today we’re putting

This up against is the all-new bmw m4 competition from r44 performance they’ve kindly bought this car down today and uh yeah we’re gonna get a chance to see what this is all about because this being rear-wheel drive and the audi rs3 being four-wheel drive quattro well on a bit of a damp day you’d like to think the rs3 will win but we also do rolling starts as

Well so we’d like to mix things up rhys is going to be in the bmw m4 i’m going to be in the all-new audi rs3 let’s go okay here we go it is time for the drag race and that is putting the all-new 2022 new r audi rs3 up against the new bmw m4 competition this bmw m4 is not obviously four-wheel drive it’s rear-wheel drive it’s a bit of a damp day so hopefully the

Rs3 will will win but well hopefully because i own one but we’re going to find out it should be really really good but basically what we’re going to do is the first things first we are going to do the standing start we’re going to launch control and after that we will then go into a rolling start but reese from r44 is in the m4 he’s trying to get lots of heat

Into the r head into the m4 and into the rear tyres so hopefully he doesn’t get too much heat and then this still wins but we’re going to find out i’m going to have a lot of fun so anyway let’s get cracking okay here we go right reese are you there good morning how are you right ready how do you think this is going to go m4 for the win rs3 is going to annihilate

You i can feel it already we’ll find out we’ll find out i think the little two child this is gonna anyway i’m not gonna ruin it anyway you got launch control i’ve got launch okay right three two one go there we go and that is what you call four-wheel drive launch quattro baby see you later it’s a good launch isn’t it quattro launch isn’t it it’s just a

Different level yep it is it is it actually is but anyway it wasn’t crazy crazy hopefully on a on a rolling you might be you know you might be closer i think you’d be surprised i think we might have this well it’s not i mean what did you take out of that that looked good for you practice lad practice anyway we’re going to go for another launch because wow you

Feel you’re getting momentum you’re warm so you want to go straight back into it oh i’m ready okay i’m gonna go hang on i’m gonna go to sport let the car do the work for me okay we’re ready okay three two one go it’s just ridiculous it is absolutely ridiculous maybe not yeah mate it’s attraction it just doesn’t spin it just goes and just goes it doesn’t

Spin the wheels it is utterly absurd it’s an amazing car i must admit driving it is just crazy it’s just it’s just a different level like it’s the way it’s effortless you could just do it all day long the launch all day order obviously the x drive would i think probably half that gap but i bet you this would be an x drive m3 i bet you don’t you think it beat

An extra of m3 100 i think it’d be neck on neck it’s all about getting the power down this seems to bog down a little bit but mate i must say when that car is looking good full kit suspension it’s gonna look unreal honestly i’m looking it from behind i’m like wow he’s thinking about it because he knows he’s gonna put a body kit on it he’s gonna do wheels and net

Doing an exhaust we’ll get even more speed out of it right reese we’re going straight into a rolling start my lad that’s what we like okay it’s rolling start time it is rolling start time and what we’re going to do here we are going to do 30 miles an hour to the white line all right this is the way the money comes out this is where the money comes out this is it

Rhys this is it are you doing are you letting the car do the work for you are you going manual i might go hybrid i might go manual because then it just allows me to stay in like second and then i go that’s what i’m thinking second and then i’m just going to manual it right come on here we let’s go second here we go okay keep it there reese keep it there keep it

There keep it there keep it there 30 more go come on come on i missed a gear but yeah the extra power gets you i’ll do one more reese just because i miss that gear all right no worries mate we always miss a gear sometimes but the manual on the rs3 is difficult i don’t find it as responsive i just found that the manual was when you want it to shift it just

Doesn’t always shift on time then you end up hitting the red line and then it bogs out yeah but the instant power it doesn’t drop a gear you know so anyway we’ll go again right let’s go okay second here we go 27 keep it there reese keep it there keep it there keep it there keep it there keep it there keep it there keep it there keep it there go there we go

There we go come on i’m shifting up shifted i’ve drifted finally done the m cars proud there’s just not much in it is there archie lad i’m a halfway sideways taking off the line it’s interesting though because on the launch the m4 has no chance obviously the m4 is a lot more powerful but then on the rolling it’s what car length in a bit it’s not a lot it’s just

These cars if you can get it down we’ll have to come back mid summer august time and do it again lad it’s good it’s just good to do m4 wow just got me on the rolling but that was fun that was good i’m a little bit annoyed but rs3 won the lord run run the launch easy and there we go what an awesome race that was obviously yeah really interesting in terms of the

Launch controls the audi rs3 just destroyed the m4 different category and that’s all down to the quattro obviously an x drive i i still don’t think an x drive would have won um in terms of a launch compared to the quattro launch but that’s something which we’ll have to tee up now makes me even more keen to do that because it was a different league i just don’t think

The x drive will would match that but i might be wrong anyway but then on the rolling start um it’s not loads it’s a couple of car lengths where the m41 you’d think it’d absolutely annihilate it but it just didn’t it just really shows the speed of the rs3 um but yeah it was really really cool race so a massive thank you to r44 performance bringing this m4 down

They do all the body parts wheels you name it exhaust for rs3s and also m4s as well so huge thanks to them and let us know what you want to see next in terms of drag racing and we’ll try to make it happen because we’re having a lot of fun with these and uh it’s a lot of fun so anyway hope you’ve enjoyed it thanks for watching comment down below thumbs up subscribe see ya you

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DRAG RACE! 2022 AUDI RS3 VS BMW M4 COMPETITION By Archie Hamilton Racing