DRAG RACE. Aston Martin DBX vs Lamborghini Urus. FASTEST SUV IN THE WORLD?

We put the Lamborghini Urus, up to now one of the worlds fastest SUV’s, up against the all new Aston Martin DBX for a super SUV drag race!

We all know car manufacturers publish official naught to 62 times for their cars but typically these are done in the most perfect of conditions and with professional drivers but it’s all about the weather the road surface what tyres you have who is sitting behind the wheel how they drive yep in ideal conditions with launch control almost anyone could get that

Perfect north 62 but what happens in the real world in the real world anything can happen today’s race features two of the fastest suvs on the planet first up the dbx the all-action all-terrain all-new aston martin it has a 4 liter v8 two turbos a top speed of 181 miles per hour weighing just over 2.2 tonnes and with 550 horsepower it has a power to weight

Ratio of 245 horsepower per ton built to the brand new factory in san atlant whales this is the company’s first ever suv a 4×4 in a dinner jacket with room for five the aston can definitely do style but can it do speed it needs to because it’s up against this the lamborghini urus currently the world’s fastest suv like the aston it has a 4 liter twin-turbo v8 and

Lamborghini claimed to do naught to 62 in 3.6 seconds and 190 miles an hour flat out and being 45 kilograms lighter than the aston and with 100 horsepower more it has a far superior outerweight ratio of 295 horsepower per ton but what’s it like over the quarter mile now this one’s going to be good as the battle of the super heavyweight suvs now on paper the euro

Should absolutely destroy the dbx but since when have we ever driven on paper behind the wheel of the euros motoring journalist dan reed so dan how are you feeling about this you’re feeling very confident and smug i’m never confident and smug but i think the car’s on my side for this one there’s no doubt the thing is he really shouldn’t be losing this because he’s

Got a hundred horsepower more 150 newton’s meters of torque more north of 62 in almost a second faster than me have you warmed your tires up yet dan i really don’t think there’s any need in this car 45 kilos lighter should be no contest come on dbx do it for britain with your german engine and your german infotainment system and your german nine-speed automatic

Gearbox but do it for britain dbx though it sounds like a boy band but enough for the small talk it’s time for business so let’s drop the flag and see what happens oh it’s easy it’s easy no that was close quarter mile 12.3 seconds mind you aston got a really good start much closer than i thought it might be that lamborghini should have absolutely destroyed this

But the dbx so good off the line so the raging bull beats the british bulldog but that was much tighter than we expected so tight in fact it’s worth seeing that again no launch control in the aston so dan was kind enough not to use it in the euros to level the playing field the dbx wasted no time out of the blocks but here comes the lambo with this extra power

And low-fat diet the aston put up a proper fight but the lambo landed the last punch very respectable times for two cars that have a combined weight of almost four and a half tons you did that without launch patrol how about a naught to 100 to north that lamborghini’s got the biggest brakes ever fitted to a production car 17-inch brakes i do fancy the chance for

The dbx it’s it’s a very impressive little car but this is lighter so there’s less to stop come on then let’s see but use launch control this time all right give it a proper go so then nought to a hundred to naught miles per hour the ultimate stop start challenge and this time it’s full launch control for the lambo gentlemen start your german engines oh look

At that launch control 50 miles an hour 60 70 80 70 80 90 100. tell you what tell you what there’s not that much in it wow what’s the difference that launch control you could really feel it in your stomach nor to 62 4.46 what was yours 3.34 3.34 i hadn’t realized quite what we’d achieved there we just did not to 60 in 3.3 seconds but 0.3 faster than lamborghini

Says it can do it in so there we have it with launch control active the lambo delivered an incredible performance and cements its place as current king of the performance suvs and if you want to see more of the dbx be sure to watch our full review just click the link on the screen or in the description below you

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DRAG RACE. Aston Martin DBX vs Lamborghini Urus. FASTEST SUV IN THE WORLD? By Lovecars