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DRAG RACE! Audi RS3 Vs Audi TT RS!

Hi guys and welcome back to archie hamilton racing and welcome back to the airfield where today we are back drag racing a once again myself and bo tb have come up with an awesome race for you today we have an all-out e battle today we have the audi rs3 and today this is going up against the audi tt-rs what is going to win we are going to find out but i think this

Is going to be seriously close both very similar etc but first on the hand over to christian who is in the orange corner thank you artie that is right i’m in the orange corner with james is white rs3 james you didn’t create java keeping the flag up right this is a 394 horsepower rs3 so it’s a facelift one it’s got the same eye five engine as the tt rs although the

Nor 260 isn’t quite as good in this so i’m wondering what’s gonna win the first thing we’re gonna do is obviously a drag race but just before we start the race as always in these videos you could win both of these cars at bo t be calm they have a weekly dream car winner tickets are from just 85 p these two cars are under three quid a ticket make sure you check out

The link in the description below it is a worldwide competition and you only have to be 16 or over to enter just before we start the race let’s hand over to archie in the red corner yes that’s right christian every single week someone wins a car with bo t be calm and if you take the right box at the end you can win 20 grand in cash when you get surprised with your

New car anyway howdy tt rs it is seriously quick and has a few horsepower more than the rs3 but in a drag race this is gonna be close it’s going to be very close to rapid cars but we’re gonna do we’re gonna jump in and we’re gonna go for run number one and let’s get raced and this is an audi face-off what is gonna be quicker this when we last came to

The drag race we bought this down here flea about a year ago we put up against a 45 and it destroyed it but what also destroyed the a 45 was an rs 3 and we’re going head-to-head today to see which one is quicker i have no idea like i say the horsepower is very similar a little bit different in terms of weight styling is a bit different but it’s in terms of what’s

Going to be quicker over the line so what we’re gonna do is are going to do two standing starts and after that we’re going to go into rolling starts and that’s when it gets even more competitive but we’ve launched controls the launch controls are probably going to be quite it’s gonna be so close and i have no idea what way this is going to go but to find out we

Have to go for a run number one so let’s go up to the line run number one against the rs3 christian are you ready i’m ready launch control is ready are you ready for the countdown we’re ready for a cap we’ve got a proper starting out i know this is brilliant oh right go we’re ready okay go oh he’s got a great star come on tito us we’re gonna reel in the we gonna

Ran in the rs3 he’s coming back slowly i think i’ve got him duras it’s gonna get him on the line this is gonna be neck that was close i was getting close the ro3 got a better launch and it won on the line it run number one on the line run it one run number one on the line god these cars are so close i mean come on that’s close that was pretty close that’s there’s

Not much in it you’ve got a better launch and that was it oh this car makes me smile it makes me smile reeling it in but if the interesting fact is that that got off the line quicker but this this i think has gone this is a little bit quicker in terms of c’s more streamlined if you were rolling you were really mean at the end i was really you writing but quite

Quickly actually and we’re gonna see how that goes for the second one but yeah wow it the rsv gets a better launch but then the tt rs reels it in that was neck-and-neck wow right are we ready i’m ready the rs is just gonna win on the line get in get in that’s close that’s really close you called it it’s the launch yeah why don’t you get the launch it then that is

Fast i mean this is not a slow car and now our a3 destroys anything yeah and now the tt rs is a king tt rs is the king i probably live with this daily though i would live i would i would choose an rs3 but in terms of speed this would destroy everything yeah that was so fast it’s a good job you can win both and that’s what i like to hear christian at the a

Okay so there we go that is the first two runs done and well that’s quick math quick there is a couple of horsepower down yeah we always knew this was gonna be incredibly fast cuz we raced the tt rs against your old i8 35 a 45 45 we did and that was unbelievable yeah absolutely monster past it but of course with a car with pretty much the same engine very close

Because i didn’t get a good launch on the first one in the tt rs you got a better launch and then at the end i was just really new in all the time and then when i got a better launch well they weren’t when and once this goes it goes and talking of that what we’ve got coming up next is a rolling start and i’m in the tt rs this is where honestly and i think this

Is going to win but i think it will yeah but we spent be close we spoke a little bit before this video about kind of practicality and stuff because you get two people in the back of that they’re gonna stop moaning pretty quickly get two people in the back of that it’s a drag race what’s known about so what we’re gonna do now if you haven’t seen these drag races

Before we’re going up to the white line i’m gonna be doing a rolling start so rolling will do 30 miles an hour we go to the white line and when we get to the white line we then get off it down it’s a rolling start so what’s going to win my money would be on the tt-rs but we’ve we’ve we eliminate the whole launch control situation and then we just outright c which

Is quicker in a straight line so we’re going to see that directly now and i’m gonna see how we get on so come on tt-rs we can do it are you ready to go home and we’re ready to go home because honestly i think i will thirty miles ask the white line oh yes in your white car that’s gonna lose well it probably will but tt-rs is fast but we’re gonna see they’re both

Fast i don’t actually know right ready we roll we roll right that’s 10 miles an hour 18 20 a build it up to 30 go here we go come on tease your breasts oh oh my god is actually seriously close that car is fast hey still pulling away it’s the same engine what’s going on it’s a cars with its maximum two cars rips that’s close the teacher s one but there’s not much

In it there’s not much in it oh that brakes are great on these cars as well how’d he do a fantastic job at making a car for that tt rs is just that little bit faster i wasn’t expecting that no it wasn’t that much it wasn’t but you were still pulling i was pulling but literally the gap was just getting bigger i could it be bigger really i honestly thought i’d

Be bigger than the same engine so i know but i just cause of the launch and me reeling you in it’s it wins but it’s not by loads don’t do one more i want to win by more right well that’s going to do one more run number two round number two and goodbye to you just cause it rhymes it doesn’t make it funny right i’m ready i’m ready come on i just want to win by a

Good amount but i don’t think it’s going to but let’s go come on come on here we go here we go 26 miles hour 37 38 39 go here we go come on you’re a smurf oh window up oh look at that just pulls away is so quick that’s a good stop that’s a really good start we’re pulling away we’re pulling away i’ve nailed him i’m absolutely nailed him yes yes yeah i got a much

Better start funny enough i had the car in second gear in manual mode the moment i left the line i put it across automatic and let the car do the gears from there and it’s much quicker so three three car legs maybe a little bit more that was a comprehensive win boom what is that that was good that was good do you know what it was second gear and then putting it to

Automatic and you just actually saw the total comparison of the cars there and you could see but there’s this is so fast yeah there’s not many supercars that would beat this it’s pretty hardcore that car isn’t it it’s seriously hardcore if you think an rs3 how fast that is to be fair that rs3 still gotta win today on the launch control yeah so it’s not all tt rs and

If you did launch control all day long it could go either way i think if you’re after a you know a really fun weekend toy i’d probably go for the tt rs if you’re looking for something that you can drive every single day with the same amount of power pretty much and you know with a couple of extra doors and some really good boot space this is awesome there that for

Me that what is what i’d probably buy but in terms of performance that’s awesome it’s so good so there we go thank you i mean you shake my hand when i win i’ll shake yours when you win so yeah mate what race what cars they’re so good on the rs model yeah rs t tt rs oh so good howdy i think underestimate their own cars because these are so fast 396 394 horsepower

Same engines but quite different cars in terms of how they drive you’d probably be a lot of supercar oh yeah but you guys give away a car pa tb every single week every single week you can win both of these cars in the dream car competition at bo tb both of them that tickets are under three pounds as you said there’s a weekly winner it is a worldwide competition

So you can play anywhere in the world and you only have to be 16 or over to enter and you never know on tuesday i might turn up with your dream car on your doorstep we’d be video calling them if they’re abroad yeah that’s right yeah if we can’t get to them in time don’t worry we will phone you and we will give you the good news you’ve won a car will let you know

That you’ve one day you will get clicking the link down below and it will be in the pin comment please someone going win one of these because you will have the time of your life also what we want you to do is we are going to get thinking of our next drag race it’s going to get quite competitive so make sure you put that in the comment section down below because i

Think we’ve got a few ideas we’ve got a few ideas new cars are coming out all the time yeah which means even more exciting right as soon as you get your rs6 we could drag race that bow be here don’t you worry about that but make sure you check out be a tbm i leave all of that in the description and in the pink comment so go do that and please someone go and win a

Car as well don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already guys and i’ll see you all soon

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DRAG RACE! Audi RS3 Vs Audi TT RS! By Archie Hamilton Racing