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This one’s simple: take one Audi RS3, and one BMW M2, and launch them both together at the same time to see which one is quicker. Subscribe now:

– Very fast small german performance cars ow d rs3 bmw m2 matt which one do you think is faster oh yeah from a standing start mate i think probably the one with four-wheel drive well you suspect this will be quicker away from the line so we’re also going to give them a rolling race and see if the m2 can claim back some probably i fancy my chances a bit in a

Rolling stop ok well let’s find out so what’s the fastest sub 50,000 pound performance car i reckon this audi rs3 is in with a good shout it’s got just under 400 horsepower from that lovely warbling 5-cylinder turbo motor that’s a load of power in quite a small car daniel e has an advantage because he’s got four-wheel drive i only have rear-wheel drive and the

Display on the dashboard says that it is two and a half degrees outside it’s properly cold out there today that means we’re not going to be recording quick times today so we’re not going to bother with the timing gear tires are not getting warm the track is stone-cold that puts the initial start in his favour as does the fact he has a bit more poke i think but

You know he’s got that whole thing with the transverse engine at the front predominantly front-wheel drive sending how to look back when it needs it whereas this has got the classically beautiful straight six driving through dct transmission here to the rear wheels only this is thus ultimate driving machine launch control in gearbox in sport traction control in

Sport mode as well left on the brake floor the throttle with your right foot and then step off the brake and the thing just pings off the line lord control i’ve got to be in dsc off drive or dsc sport drive i’ve got it off it’s just off but then pull back on the lever to put me in that for the brake hard everything’s gotta be up to temperature lord ctrl keys

Active so that’s fine here we go then let’s find out which with these two cars is quicker so holds three and a half thousand rpm and away you go and not even a hint of wheelspin that thing gets away rather quickly that’s just completely one-sided isn’t there still getting away rather quickly inevitably the rs3 got away from the line quicker just put all its power

Down beautifully still it’s not get away anymore and there we are half mile now it was inevitable wasn’t there that the rs3 would launch away from the line quicker than the rear-wheel drive and two it should be fast it’s full with drive it’s got more power it’s got a great engine that car to be fair but what i notice in my rearview mirror was that the m2 was a

Spec but you know what it wasn’t getting smaller which makes me wonder if we’re to do this race again but from a rolling start rather than a standing start what will the outcome be okay so after that disadvantage of the launch launch we’re going to do a rolling start in second gear try and ease it up so that when when we hit the line then we’ll be flat and the

Aisle deep it’s still got it hasn’t there it’s still just about gone edge but you know you’re it’s a lot lot closer quite a lot of it it’s just out the fact that the audi is really fast that out he is really fast that bmw it’s not as tiny as it was when we did the proper launch so there we go this was a tiny bit closer not close enough fact is the rs3 is just

Faster there is more to life though it’s more to life than drag racism well nobody’s surprised are they that they are s31 the drag races no i wasn’t bit surprised about how far you got away a particularly a first sort of tenth of a second and then b as we’ve got further down he’s didn’t keep keep pulling and keep pulling that she surprised me a bit how far down

The road it wasn’t the launch control system on this car is very impressive it’s effortless it just pings the car off the line every time yeah yeah it’s monstrously quick yeah i mean i suspect when a corner arrives i might be having more fun but there’s no denying that that is yeah nice quick and that’s a little bit closer in the rolling race a little bit but

Even as it went on it’s still just it’s still slightly frustrating as you watch it you just you you’re still eking out get them gap and gap when you think you know this this is the purest sports car how how was it possible to eat a stop look it doesn’t really matter does it well there we go so small german under fifty thousand pound performance cars the rs3 is the quickest one

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