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Hi guys and welcome back to archie hamilton racing and to another drag race where today we are drag racing once again with botb today we have nissan gtr which is litchfield tuned serious bit of kit and we are racing this today up against the bmw m8 competition this is going to be as seriously well what we think is a close race bmw m8 competition is not 162.8

Seconds and a litchfield tuned nissan gtr so i’m gonna bring in christian from botb how are we i’m very well how are you i’m good i’m looking forward to uh i’m looking forward to this i think it’s gonna be good today’s gonna be really good fun i mean on paper there’s quite closely matched actually but i know what litchfield do to these cars and i’ve been to

Their their workshop and i have a funny feeling this might just i think surprise both of us well let’s see which wins this one but you can win both of these cars as always with botb you can indeed yes not only can you win a brand new litchfield tuned nissan gtr you can also win a bmw m8 competition as well or if neither of those take your fancy don’t worry

There are over 180 cars in the dream car lineup and there’s two chances to win your dream car every single week we have a dream car competition and a midweek competition where we have two winners every single week with as you’re probably about to jump in to say with a load of money in the boot as well yes you could win a load of cash in the booth as well you’ve

Been a busy boy being a very busy boy yeah two winners a week i mean i just love it because i love watching the surprises that’s what that makes my week seeing people win cars archie probably will never tell you but he always texts me after i’ve gone to surprise someone and he’s seen the winner and he’s like oh my god that was amazing well these cars both then

In the lineup and uh those 180 plus other cars you only have to be 17 or older to enter and the tickets start from just atp get going that is gonna be in the pin comment and also in description down below get clicking go go go do it after you’ve seen who wins let’s go so here we go it is time for a drag race today we are putting the bmw m8 competition up

Against the nissan gtr which is tuned by litchfield so the car is going to be seriously quick but as you would have seen we put the bmw m8 up against the lamborghini urus and this one this car all comes down to the launch control get that right and you’re in for a good race get that wrong and you’re likely going to struggle the nissan gtr is seriously quick

Over 700 brake horsepower it’s gonna be a hard racist one for me but what we’re gonna do is i like to think that the m8 is a supercar beta so seat belts on away we go and let’s see how we get on all i want to know is just the difference but we haven’t really seen this car against a supercar and the gt car gtr in terms of speed really is on that level so today

Will tell us a lot more on the speed of the m8 let’s go i’m fairly worried here um but we’re ready i’m ready okay uh okay christian you think that nissan gtr’s got it or not yeah no all right didn’t need to reply to me on a radio he’s too cool these days gives away cars too many times a week anyway let’s get going okay three two one go come on come on oh

Look at yours god see you later i can’t get the gtr there is no way oh my god this thing is unbelievable my launch is bang on my launch was bang on oh my good god that’s fast wow that’s nuts this is unreal that is a fast car this is just mind-boggling and the noise of it it’s like as soon as you lift your foot off the brake the whole thing just goes bang

Into warp mode it’s crazy i did launch perfect launches bang on absolutely bang on launch activated go no we’re not moving and i’m still doing 130 miles an hour anyway that’s one nil it might be a this might be a whitewash yeah i’m kind of not looking forward to the launch controls but like the you know the rollings but we’re gonna have to do another launch

Let’s do one more launch i think this is an element of how much buy yeah yeah i wish i was in that car now i’m happy i’m in it look at his smile he’s so annoying well i win one i’m definitely gonna win the next one right here we go three two one go oh my god that launched come on i might have jumped it a little bit i’ll pull it back i’ll pull it back even

With a bad start i still just overtake him like that easily are you even gonna better start like jumping and it still went that was closer though i’ll have that i left it in drive i will have that not as much as i thought did i jump the start i think so either that or i had a really bad launch but either way this still won yeah but this was actually like got

Gets of i feel this gets a better launch the great thing about this car is because litchfield have tuned it you’ve got an app so you can just ever so slightly increase rpm for launch or increase torque that’s where you’re getting me yeah that was only two car lengths i gotta say the owner of this car has set it up absolutely perfectly i’m gonna have a little

Quiet work with it now rolling start yeah we’ll do a rolling start happy with that i can’t deal with this rolling start christian are we ready have you seen the gtr uses so much fuel that uh the fuel tank has turned up i was just thinking matt anyway he’s moved out of the way very nice man and uh we shall proceed so this is the rolling we’re just gonna

Do it once i think once is enough and then yeah i think i’m gonna start in manual to get you off the launch and then i shall shift to drive maybe not sure but we’ll see how we get on i think the mx got this sure anyway we shall proceed 30 miles an hour to the white line if you’ve not seen these videos before we go 30 miles an hour to the white line so 17

18 that’s 27 and go that was better m8 now wasn’t why is he still on the radio start driving archie no look at that it’s just gone it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone it’s gone litchfield yes oh what a car they have transformed it’s already really fast this car don’t get me wrong but literal just make it into another animal um i use manual mode slight

Little misgear shift but not not as much to really defeat the old object but you were just gone even if i got that gear shift bang on no chance terrible driver really is what we terrible driver probably going on in the comments but you’re not you’re not going to beat a litchfield tuned gtr no the thing is we could go all day and all night well i could say

To you let’s go back there and do it again let’s go back there do it ten times and the result is still going to be the same correct my slight mis-shift isn’t going to change four car lengths i just find it amazing like this car is more powerful lighter north of 60s better this will do over 200 miles an hour that won’t quite reach it and this is cheaper a

Lot cheaper win-win effectively you could buy two no uh one and a half of those for one of these yeah not yeah near enough wow secondhand no but you know yeah i’m impressed me too i’m depressed but i’m impressed there we go well done um was good it was good i mean to be fair the m8 is a serious serious car when i’m driving it i cannot quite believe what

You know the speed is pulling naught to 60 and 2.8 seconds yeah this the stats are great on that i got to admit i destroyed lamborghini the litchfield tuned nissan gtr is just mind-boggling absolutely mind-boggling the power is just kind of unreal it’s amazing yeah it’s uh it just pulls away it’s just it’s ridiculous well it’s got some very great stats fine

Doesn’t it i mean it’s it’s the faster out of the two in terms of naught of 60 it’s got more power it’s lighter yeah in terms of i think technology potentially the m8 comp i think is probably a bit better the launch control to be fair to the m8 was probably had a little edge on that yeah if i was if that’s the only thing which will win uh but apart from that

It’s uh it’s just ridiculous this is brutal it’s uh and you guys at home you can win either all with botb this week you can absolutely yeah not only do we have the litchfield tuned nissan gtr we also have the bmw m8 competition and over 180 different cars as well that you can win online at there are two chances for you to win your dream car every

Single week we have a dream car competition and also the midweek car competition where tickets start from just 80p and you only have to be 17 or older to enter and there is as well a chance to get a load of money in the boot waiting for this boot but it’s actually quite a lot in there i would love for people to see how much rubbish he’s got in the background

We’re not opening it no wonder he lost it’s like an amazon delivery center in the back of that trying to get more weight in the rear wheels yeah really but yeah get clicking down below we’ll leave the link in the description and also in the pinned comment as well and also this wouldn’t have been possible without josh who has kindly brought down his uh nissan

Litchfield gtr today i’ll leave his details on the screen and this was pristinely cleaned by dean clean detailing dean clean detailing an amazing job so very thank you to all those guys who wouldn’t have been able to do this race about them and maybe we’ll see it uh once again but check out all their details and botb we will get thinking of the next drag race

And uh yeah we’re buzzing we’ll have to have a little think about what we can do and i’d like to put this up against something else so if you can think of you know what you could put put an over 600 horsepower litchfield tuned to nissan gtr please do leave a comment below just don’t leave your shirt on because i’m not sure we can organize that one but anyway

Guys don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already check everyone else down below and uh batb in the pink comment description etc and we will see you all very soon you

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DRAG RACE! BMW M8 VS NISSAN GT-R! By Archie Hamilton Racing