Hi guys and welcome back to archie hamilton racing and welcome back to another drag race video where today we’ve got an awesome one for you today it is a cold icy windy well the sunset is coming out but it’s a damp day and this is going to be a really cool one because a lot of you guys wanted to see suvs back drag racing once again and that’s what exactly what we’re

Going to do today because behind me we have the g63 amg which has kindly been brought down here by ev higher make sure you check those guys down below and also jcr have brought down their x5m competition make sure you check them out as well you might know them from exhausts and everything on porsches etc but what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be putting

The g wagon up against the x5m and a lot of people might be thinking well the x5m is gonna walk this because it is just you know 600 brake absolutely rapid etcetera but the g wagon we put it up against an svr sq7 other cars as well and it won it’s quick it’s you don’t think it is but it is so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna get going so let’s jump in and uh see what

This is all about and try and keep it on the tarmac okay you join me where i am in the mercedes g63 amg as the doors lock and this is gonna be a good race the ground is damp slash ic slash challenging that’s kind of a bit of fun that’s kind of what we like in these drag races not that specifically but we like to mix things up different conditions and everything

Else the sun’s coming up but we’re putting this up against the daddy of all daddies of suvs and that is the bmw x5m so let’s hope for the best go up for the line for run number one and we’re gonna see how we get on so let’s get cracking cool right here we go johnny tell us what you’re in and tell us all about it i mean another x5m it’s not tuned not tuned it’s

Not tuned archie um yeah this is another x5m from partlane bmw um it’s got vossen wheels on it and it’s lowered with mss springs that’s about it this is the daily driver how much horsepower does it have i think they’re like 620 630 oh it’s fast it’s had it’s running in service now so it’s ready to go i don’t even know how much power this has got but it’s quick

But anyway the g wagon johnny just so you know before we get going is quick all right i think we’ll see won’t we we will so the first thing we’re going to do is a standing start so then um yeah we’ll see how this goes cool ready johnny right three two one go come on g-wagon come on chewbacca come on boy come on boy come on boy no not at the end not at the

End come on oh you’re joking right at the end oh right at the end i was happy with that yeah with traction on it’s just like not happy for the first four kids quite interesting though that obviously that g-wagon hooks up so nice you want traction on though we’re in damp conditions i’m going to go with traction off for this one aren’t you i think you’re trying

To you’re trying to get the advantage somehow i think that’s not gonna work x5m i mean i went i left you for a bit then yeah i think um i think as soon as that’s a bit of a brick isn’t it so as soon as it gets going it’s um it’s difficult to to try and keep up but this has got a ton of power clearly it’s a bit more aerodynamic clearly i’m leaving traction

On because it’s a bit it is a brick in a way and i want to just go and i feel i can get an advantage on you in a g-wagon damp conditions this is what he’s used for these cars are used for damp conditions everything else this is perfect to see what which is the best car but anyway are you ready i’m going to turn traction back on as per your wish do what you want

What do you want to do i don’t know archie this is the last standing start so we’ll do traction on or off it’s off right here we go ready three two one go come on no way oh how has he done that how has he done that oh come on damn it damn it oh i wasn’t expecting that i was not expecting that this got a good start i got off the line bang on time with

Him as well that was good because that was that was bang on wasn’t it i i don’t think there’s it’d be interesting on the rolling because i don’t think there’s much difference like actual point to point like on the road i don’t think that would be any slower than this but i think it’s only when we get up to like 100 miles an hour and the aero starts coming in um

And this is obviously just a little bit more slippery isn’t it but um that was actually closer than i thought i didn’t think they were that quick g-wagon’s fast mate g-wagon’s rapid like it’s mad actually isn’t it they’re not far apart no i think especially up to 100 mile an hour there’s nothing in it especially in these conditions as well okay what we’re going to

Be doing now is a rolling start so if you haven’t seen these videos before this is how i always say that but this is where we eliminate the standing start the launch controls and everything where the x5m might have had a little bit of an advantage in the lower sort of range uh on that second run so what we do we eliminate all of it and we basically see what these

Cars are like when they roll so we go 30 miles an hour to the white line and at that point we go so we’re gonna do it in manual and then we go like i said we go to the white line and then at that point once we get there we go and it hopefully the junior wagon wins but we don’t know but we’re gonna find out i’m gonna go from second gear i don’t know if that makes

Any difference at all i’ll go from second gear that’s fine absolutely fine all right here we go first second hold it there don’t you run out that’s 27 28 29 go that’s better g wagon come on there we go come on this is a dead heat and now the x5 picks up right at the end at 100 it just got me oh my goodness this g-wagon is rapid that’s that’s as fast as

This up to 100 it’s like bang on 100 mile an hour this just starts to pull and just carries on pulling it’s almost like that i mean i don’t know it must literally just be like the air resistance but it’s pretty noticeable it’s like bang on a hundred mile an hour i’m so happy with that this is a cheap this is like it is like a box but the x5m is the daddy of all

Daddies and until you get to 100 a rolling start the g wagon is there it is right there oh i love these drag races because you just get results you don’t expect and that is it’s an impressive the x-men is so fast i love it and i’m so impressed with this as well what an awesome race that is just unbelievable this thing is just rapid as well i’m so pleased with

That i’m really like that’s completely blown my mind completely blown my mind and there we go what an awesome race that was it’s the fans on that not my fans but the actual fans i’ve got no fans but you know what i mean anyway it was an amazing race and uh really cool to see um the differences obviously you would probably think that the um the x5m would wipe it

And the first run with the traction control um both having touch control on the g wagon did really really well and sort of got a jump because the x5m was being a little bit held back with its uh uh with that uh traction control then he turned it off which is brave in the conditions we’re in today which i think were perfect for the for the comparison for what we’re

Doing in terms of with suvs and then he won but it wasn’t that much so then we knew it was going to get to the rolling start and at that point on a rolling start it eliminates everything and the g wagon was so fast today their stock it’s so fast um and yeah it’s you don’t expect it but amazing the the speed of that g wagon is just insane but the x5m also is insane

But unexpected and that’s what we love about these drag races this is why we do them this is why we do them for you guys as well but a massive thank you to the guys at evie hire if you’re interested in renting a performance uh suv a performance electric car tesla’s you name it they have it all they will look after you mention me if you go there but if you want

To rent them just go there they’ll look after you uh daryl’s a lovely guy they’re great people and a massive thank you to jcr jcr developments for bringing down the x5m competition as you know those guys do port exhaust they do all sorts of poor stuff as well as others check them out down below as well let us know what you want to see us do next also and the guy

Behind the lens talk more there you go i’ve just given you a mention anyway hope you enjoyed the video see you soon you

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DRAG RACE! BMW X5M COMPETITION VS AMG G63! By Archie Hamilton Racing