Drag Race Lamborghini Huracan STO vs Pagani Huayra

We checked out some of the fastest cars in the world at Savage Rally 2021… and got to race the Lamborghini STO against a Pagani Huayra!

What’s up everybody welcome back to dolby cars we’re here at the hq and we’re about to head out to one of the coolest car meets ever yeah congrats on the sto by the way this is the first time that we’ve ever seen it in person it looks crazy thanks bro i appreciate that yeah guys we just landed from lax yesterday so this is marcus cyrus lucas christian the whole

Team’s first time seeing it we got a pretty big rally we’re about to show up too yeah man you better make some noise on the way there i was trying to hear what this sounds like i was literally about to say that we’re gonna pull up make some noise um i really hate like flexing and like showing off a lot but maybe i’ll do like one or two revs bro you worked hard for

It you know this was our dream at the end of the day we built up to it and it’s everyone’s dream out there whoever loves cars to get their dream car so just keep working towards it keep grinding we’re about to meet some other influencers in the car industry so let’s have some fun let’s do it this is gonna be a fun ride and if you haven’t already make sure you guys

Hit that subscribe button we’re selling the channel yo what race you got next though i’m trying to see we got custom model plaid waiting right now are you guys ready to go yeah all right babe get in the car sugar tits come on let me hear something you wanna hear something yeah all right get back there boy ready yeah still warming up shout out to all the car

Enthusiasts out there it’s my first time bringing my seo to a car rally car meetup super excited shout out to my boy randy got a bunch of amazing fans and um i don’t know maybe we’ll do some races later so stay tuned guys appreciate that subscribe button there’s so many people right yeah bro it’s a good turnout today for sure so right here we got the amg gt black

Series this is the first time we’ve actually seen one in person come check it out i would say this is the fastest amg out right now besides the project one looks nice inside yeah honestly i would love to see this face dory’s sto i think this one’s a little faster but hey you never know who who went sick i kind of want to sit inside of it but it’s not my car yeah

Ready to say three two one go three notes three two one jump ready three two one jump hey guys i don’t know i don’t know what that was what did you guys just do i’m out of flames we’re here at a beautiful car meet beautiful people beautiful cars danny brought his beautiful collection here he’s also taking some beautiful cars on a rally today we got a lot of

Cars going on the rally so this rally is now our third we went from 50 registered cars to 75 we sold out and like that it’s unbelievable though yeah you guys definitely need to go when you’re in miami we’re going to go to do the midnight run oh let’s do it yeah definitely that’ll be in december so what i got we got the uh i got my audi rally car over there group

B rally car got my sls got the pagani my sdo is inside the trailer and that’s why i’m super excited guys because last time i came to the rally um i didn’t have my supercar at the time i was waiting for my svj but now i got my sto i’m super excited to see your nice bag make sure you guys go subscribe to randy’s channel make sure you subscribe there absolutely

Gonna be a lot of action going on but uh let’s go ahead and take a look at some more of these hot cars and have some fun we just couldn’t get it out because the angle respect and darium and how’s that still doing on the nuremberg ring do you have any results or i haven’t looked for this i mean it’s going to be number one on the nurburgring well yeah i just

Thought the last thing i heard on the nurburgring was it was the plaid did you a tesla pad oh i didn’t know that yeah dude nothing’s up in a mid-sevens it’s the fastest electric electric electric car svj is the number one or no no no no no no things are beaten the f yeah the fastest one out there is the 911 gt3 mr you know maybe we can race the uh sto vs your

Svj sometime that would be fun that’d be cool yeah i’ll do that here we got two sf90s right here i kind of regret not trading in the pistol for this because this is looking sexy right now um they’re both sexy i didn’t tell you but i actually bought this car oh you did yeah it’s yours now oh which one psychic get out of here but look let’s check it out though

Oh this one yeah this is fun all right let me get in real quick let me see yo definitely did a good job with this like i still have until this day got to drive one i still want to drive it thank you guys stay tuned for that let’s save this for another episode yeah this was the plan would be a really good way yeah i think the plan might take pick it up lock it up

Legendary hey lucas which one would you take the gray one or the red one i know you better choose correctly so i have to go with the red one right stay tuned guys a lot more hyper cars on dolby cars as a matter of fact our boys bretton jordan here from triple f collection what’s up brothers good man how are you guys good good to see you what’s up man yeah

See you guys yeah yeah we’ll go down the line here man it’s going down the line yeah what’s good that’s good so what cars can we potentially expect to see on dolby cars with triple f collection what do you think so we have about 10 to 15 hyper cars we started building our collection about two years ago right so we have bugattis paganis koenigseggs uh p1 there’s

About five to six hyper cars coming in the next probably six months wow so we like to bring people in guys like you you know car enthusiasts that are obviously in the cars and just jump it jump in with us whether it’s rain or shine we’ll go and we’ll have a cruise everybody can take your pick up hyper car take about 10 of them out wow drive a couple hours so i

Mean it should be so we can decide if we ever do get a hyper car which one we want which one we feel is right and uh that’s right it’s like your own little private test drive yeah you come to like a private dealer test drive whatever you want make some decisions nice yeah congrats on all your success to true art and uh yeah life but added to the culture so thank

You so much so dolly’s about to waste the bugatti right now yeah don’t you think you’re gonna win um i don’t know man the pagani is also a very like car typer but i mean the sto is like too baby 29.50 uh we’re gonna put it to work we’ll see we’ll see man i it’s gonna be a good one we’ll see everyone’s out here by the witness beautiful car thanks man i brought

My sto today look at it shimmer and gold thank you thank you um so we uh gonna run it a little bit maybe you’re never gonna keep up never gonna keep on never gonna keep up all right you can’t because this car’s still breaking in if you overheat it again all right hey hey we’ll see man we’ll put the cars to the test you know the problem is you’re going to run

Out in like 207 and i’m going to keep going another 35 miles an hour faster than that i’m a man of action so you know oh words are one thing action’s another so let’s do it boys let’s do it he said i’m not gonna be able to keep up but uh we’re about to find out so let’s go that was good bro that was good we were right there against the huayra bro that’s a pagani

And i’m not gonna lie i lay shifted on that last one a little bit but hey i’m impressed bro that was right there i’m impressed yeah wow randy’s a good guy i got a lot of respect for you randy um you know you preach a lot of good messaging uh you’re doing great for the car community you’re doing great for charity um you guys may remember we did a little something

With randy back in the day we raised some money it was super awesome guys make sure you always give back god is good and um it was cool hanging out with you today randy you

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Drag Race! Lamborghini Huracan STO vs Pagani Huayra By Dobre Cars