We raced the new Lamborghini Urus against the Lamborghini Huracan! This was incredible!

Hi guys and welcome back welcome to another video where today you join me back at the airfield because we are drag racing once again i love these videos but today i love it even more because this is one with a serious twist today we are racing my lamborghini huracan 610 brake horsepower and today we are putting this up against i can’t quite believe this happening

Myself but all new lamborghini iris eurus i’ve heard so many words that people have said it and but this is just gonna be amazing ronna you might have come across runner on instagram he has got an incredible collection of cars i challenged him to this with bo tb and he kindly has bought his all-new car damn one absolute legend let me bring in christian from bacb

I did how are you sir i’m so excited i can’t believe what we’re about to do i can’t believe it either it’s going to be unbelievable who’s your money on i don’t know actually because the earth’s has more power but this is quite slippy and i think air more aerodynamic alright i think we’re gonna be surprised either way i think we are the otb you other people

Give away a car every single week every single week yet you only have to be 16 or over to enter tickets start from literally just 85 p and we have over 200 cars that you can win online and as you say we do it every single week every single week and this man if you win comes to your door delivers you a car and you can win one every single week i can even have

20 grand in the book in the boot and yeah it’s all kicking off ya know gentlemen this week one of gtr so get clicking down below it all the links are here just down below but do that after you watch the race so today me and christian are teaming up together it’s team b ot b vs team rama we are on the team together because it’s his all new he doesn’t want me

Driving this brown your cart and i don’t blame him no i don’t blame him one bit i turned the agreement and so we’re gonna take you to turns take it in turn to the hurricane and i’m gonna go first okay launch first let’s do this okay so here we go this is a first a world first we are putting my lamborghini huracan up again see all-new 4×4 lamborghini uris okay

This is quick and the comparisons are closer than you might think you might think a 4×4 well that’s not going to get close to a supercar just wait and see okay so here we go the uris is next to me i am ready traction control is off i’m in a corsa mode anyway honestly she’s gonna be close isn’t it hey well because it’s very different because we’re always racing

Each other yeah we’ve got a euro sec sauce it’s teen baat be afghans runner good luck my friend right i am ready i have ready but nervous going up against a full by four is a ridiculous okay christian yeah so basically what happened is i wheel spun and then i couldn’t get the power down and then the eurus was just gone and then i just couldn’t get them at

The end so just i spoke down to march but what i want to do is no launch control and to do that i’m going to hand over to christian but it’s just amazing isn’t it just when you when it gets going but then the hurricane is it does it does catch it the hurricane catches it but the launch control in the euros is so impressive sound of the hurricane is amazing

Sorry eris it’s definitely a win for this right so there we go the standing start and the launch control had both done and that was interesting it was uris on a launch control and we were just talking to ron there weren’t me about this and he was actually saying that the cast that have comes into its own with the launch and i feel you might agree with me here

You might not it’s the technology of that launch it’s better than this yeah but i think as well it goes to show not understanding the eros really did like behind a bit because because it’s a turbocharged car yeah it obviously takes that bit of time for it to get up and everything start to come into it so what we’re gonna do now is what we do with these races

We’re gonna do a rolling start i’m gonna go first against reiner and then christian will take over from the wheel from me after that and i think this will have it i think this will help but we don’t know so now when both the cars are up and running it’s gonna be close i really feel this is gonna be close thirty miles an hour wide line and then please go time i

Just want the oregon to win here we go 30 miles an hour okay just pulled away more but at the start i couldn’t really pull away from the euros it was very very neck-and-neck and then i just slowly just pulled away a little bit yes thank god this is a v10 610 brake supercar and a 4×4 effectively can keep up with it yes yes yes here we go they’re rolling start

My go my money’s on this huracan again let’s go love this car i mean the irs’s quick for an suv but it’s got nothing on this this was built for speed and there we go warden epic epic experience that was will shake each other’s hand with one of the otb we want we did yeah thanks to this i mean the hurricane is just but let’s really quick in a fast car

Fast suv but no matter i think that i think that the uris will beat most suvs or any it really really would and like we say the launch controls this sort of had it rolling start i feel the car just had a little bit more than it in a little bit more just as it sort of went up the gears just a little bit a little bit a little bit but we’ve got to remember just

How impressive that uris is come on we’re bracing against a super car and it’s got a charm so obviously you guys are the people you’re giving away car this week yeah yeah this week coming up on tuesday we got a surprise the winner competitions are on every single week over 200 cars online only have to be 16 or over and tickets start 85 p and we’ve got the

Brand new lifestyle competition as well so you can win watches money motor boy anything yeah there’s any more gorgeous cars absolutely dick is all those links are down below link it go and win a car basically or gonna watch or everything else we need to obviously get thinking of the next drag race comment down below what you want to see next and also a massive

Massive thank you to rana could’ve done this without him bring his euros down there we will leave all of his details down below as well check out the otp down below check out him we will see you all very soon subscribe

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