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DRAG RACE! Mercedes-AMG A45S Vs 2022 Audi RS3 Saloon / Sedan.

Go oh yeah come on hi guys and welcome back to archie hamilton racing and to another video where today you join me on a lovely early sunny morning and uh we are back drag racing once again you join me where we are at the airfield we’re just about to go on the airfield for something very very cool there’s so much hype around a45s rs3s you name it in that category

And in today’s video we’ve got a really exciting drag race because yes we’ve seen a few drag races of the rs3 sportback racing the a45s and it was a pretty well convincing win for the rs3 should we say but it hasn’t actually been done i don’t think i don’t think buy the rs3 saloon we are going to be putting my car not the gt2 rs that’s for a future video the

Saloon up against the a45s so what’s going to win we are going to find out who used to have the a45s it was a really really cool car loved it and uh yeah we’re just going to see obviously what’s going to win on the launch we don’t necessarily know the rs3 i think has the better launch uh but top speed they are quite similar and the saloon being quite streamlined

Thousand pounds lighter than the rs6 can it win against the a45s i don’t know because i’ve not personally done it but today we’re going to find out just about to get this underway as they are practicing a launch control in the mercedes a45s and i’ll activate launch on that uh should do it’s just paddles in isn’t it there you go there you go there you go okay it

Is now time for run number one we are ready to go for me it’s all very simple very very easy in performance mode uh into drive and that’s pretty much it three two one go oh come on a45 rsv i mean oh wow when you get going they’re pretty even 8.5 is coming back at me oh my goodness wow oh at the line the a45 caught me i didn’t really expect the a45s to catch

Me as i went on i got you on the launch a hundred percent but then when it got going what were the other people doing in races or is my rs3 saloon slow well it’s not slow because it’d be in rs6 and for reference the finish line is the second white marker that we have on the right hand side there’s no finish line camera today where cameramen short three two one

Go that was a better launch you are getting me off that bad boy you weren’t gonna get me on that launch no way i just got a good start a really good start massive delay on it oh you find there’s a big delay on the a45s launch control i think it’s a non fact it is huge i think it takes about two some about two seconds it takes time to kick down one more if

You want one more and then we can do rolling after that which means you want to do one more we’ve got a driver change we’ve got a driver change because the last auction control was uh bad three two one oh no that’s too far you’re preempting it you’re pre-empting it i know that i know the launch might be delayed but you’re preempting it i think i’m gonna start

Launching it once you save the three yeah okay all right three two one go oh that’s a better start from the mercedes that’s about to start oh my no no no no no oh no oh i can’t even get it he annihilated me the launcher uh yeah that’s two wins for the rs3 one win for the r845s on the on the standing we’re gonna go straight into a rolling start and we’re

Gonna see how we get on with that because that’s what i think is gonna be very very close um so yeah we’re gonna go for rolling start if you don’t know how we do these we do 30 miles an hour to the white line and then we just go and then yeah you can choose drive or whatever okay so we’re doing manual mode 30 miles to the white 30 miles an hour to the white line

And then we’re going yeah cool right let’s go you can pick your gears ready let’s go okay that’s 23 thirty you gotta hold it there you gotta hold it there go oh no no way what the hell is going on how is the a45s beating me i didn’t expect this i didn’t expect this i’m so confused have you tuned that here again have you tuned that car this is completely

Standard i swear the rs3 is meant to be faster than the a45s but i’ve got v-power it must be my bike in the back i’m so confused when was the a45s fasten the rs3 this is why we do these races because we weren’t going to do this today i’m like so confused it’s like not even a race what i’m so confused all right well we’re gonna have to do one more aren’t we

Tell you what if this a45s wins again i’m i give up i’ll just sell it and buy a fast audi because that’s all i buy i need my a45s back first gear second gear 20 miles an hour that’s 30 hold it there hold it there hold it there go oh yeah come on come no come on no what no no no no no no no no no i don’t get it i give up i genuinely give up how i

Think it’s the view right okay correct me if i’m wrong every drag race online has ever been posted the rs3 has always won right yep correct so either the saloon is slow or your a45s is tuned i don’t get it i’m so confused anyway fair enough i’ll just take hold of the launch controls and maybe cut the one out where you destroyed me well yeah you just you

Just disappeared to be fair i’m so confused anyway fair enough what it’s like to have a tuned a45s okay and we have just jumped out of the cars did not expect that result that is not the result i expected because online all i’ve ever seen is an rs3 destroy people are celebrating by the camera i can’t deal with this uh destroy the a45s and don’t forget the rs3

Beat the rs6 and then this car turns up and it’s completely throwing me off course basically why we wanted to do it is because we’ve seen so many hatchback races but not sedan or saloon or however you say it well this is the loser don’t understand why anyway i’m going to bring in my friend mr f1 german on instagram make sure you give him a follow how are you have

You tuned your car i bet you didn’t expect that did you no to be honest i didn’t think it’s going to be that much of a gap but um again i’ve seen a lot of them i’ve never seen a saloon race no i haven’t either i think that might be the little bit what you do do you actually think the saloon is slower than the it can’t be it has to be because every time the hot

Hatch beats that’s the first time i’ve seen it yet and again it surprised me it makes no sense and it’s not my bike in the back because we keep on trying to fit i caught a tube saying it must be my bike but then the bike doesn’t weigh enough it doesn’t it and it’s definitely not tuned either so except for that they they have literally said if you want a dino you

Can dyno it um so yeah that’s uh that’s it you’re gonna have to bring something else down what else you got i’ve got the rs6 yeah rsq8 yeah euros as well i got an m3 i’ve got quite a few you are chaos we’ll get it in the comments what one you want mr f1 german to bring down next and we will uh race him and destroy him in the meantime i’m gonna do what he did and

Tuned his car on the way down here no he’s stuck but i hope you’ve enjoyed it let us know what you want to see us race next

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