Drag Race Surprise Alfa Romeo Stelvio and BMW X3 M VS The Slowest Tesla Family Hauler

( ) What’s Faster in an all out drag race? Is it the 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio or the 2020 BMW X3 M competition or is it the family hauling non performance Tesla Model X? Lets drag race and find out.

Hey nathan if you had like 80k burning hole in your pocket what car would you get the one behind me which is it is a brand spanking new alfa romeo stelvio quadrifoglio how much is it about 88 000. whoa that is a lot of money well i’ve got the brand new bmw x3 m competition and they directly compete they do they’re both awesome cars they are they sound incredible

But i’ve also brought the tesla model x non-competition because today we’re going to do a bunch of drag races so first we’re going to find out which of these two european cars is faster in a straight line and then the winner will take on the tesla what do you say i say bonjourno that sounds like a great idea i say they’re good this is the spicy italian

Meatball 505 horsepower 443 pound-feet of torque this is a 2.9 liter twin turbocharged v6 and it feeds into a eight-speed automatic transmission all that power goes to four wheels because it’s an suv and it actually has all-wheel drive wow wow this thing sounds good but the problem is that this car weighs about 100 pounds more than the bmw that could be a

Problem hey guys you too can come out here to imi motorsports.com by clicking on the link below running the track trying the motocross it’s just a real lot of fun especially on this the largest go-kart track in the state of colorado so get this i’ve got two less horsepower 503 442 pound foot of torque eight speed automatic all-wheel drive but the bmw competition

Is the most powerful of the breed and the lightest of these two of these because this weighs 100 pounds less which should mean it should be faster um and you may not believe this well if you’re a bmw fan you certainly will under all this plastic is a classic three liter straight six twin turbo you can see the pipes but you can’t see the power plant which is

A real shame because bmw built some of the best straight sixes out there why do they hide it where are you where are you three liter hey guys so i’m in the bmw uh and luckily my friend and producer zach set up these m buttons to give me everything i need for a drag race so i just hit the m1 button and confirmed and i am now in the fastest mode possible for

This vehicle italian oh yeah i like this car so much i really do even though i’m not a big fan of carbon fiber which it has all over the interior it’s not horrible and the rest of it just looks phenomenal seats are a little tight for my big american ass but if you’re a slender italian yep i’m not going to use launch control because it’s finicky this whole

Shifter is incredibly finicky actually so i’m just going to screw it up manually oh you got the jump on me when the moon with your eye like a big pizza pie i just take yeah that did not work i just squirted the windshield wipers just squirt it instead of actually using the panel shifters because i didn’t have it in automatic well that did not work did you

Fall asleep at the wheel or you that was a bit of a uh train wreck nathan so you know zach’s up the m1 button for me to put in its highest performance mode well i also put it in manual shift mode oops so what i managed to do as you roared by me was uh squirt my windshield instead of actually so you have a clean windshield well no i didn’t even i just scored it

I didn’t even wipe it off as you can tell so i i guess i can’t chalk that one up as a win no let’s try let’s try it again and make sure that i’ve got it set to automatic that’s much better now we’re an automatic with bmw i am a huge fan of their straight six engines i just adore them best part of the car powertrain best part of the car all right let’s try it

Again that was not uh well done woman not well done at all oh this is a space yeah they fall oh he got me but the turbo’s kicked in it’s so close and i got him oh man oh look at that 5.29 please tell me that was a proper loan that was a good race dude so i got you by about a half a length yeah 5.29 in mine zero to 60. this thing is awesome it sounds great

But the cool part was while i was passing you i could hear your car too yeah i know they’re both awesome cars man really are no let’s get the tesla all right that’s what it is now that it’s electricity versus petroleum oh god and you get to race a tesla i’m so looking forward to that god i know that tesla’s fast thing is the track which we’re not doing because

Paul unfortunately is unavailable um i think he’s signing autographs former steve he would be the one to take these around the track and really ring him out roman and i are not professional drivers not even by a long shot and i can tell you from driving these things on the track before fantastic best handling suv i’ve ever driven or crossovers or whatever you

Want to call it but we also know for a fact that high elevation affects even turbocharged vehicles in a negative way you do lose a little bit of power and also that tesla is stupid fast all right we’ve seen what two petroleum powered cars can do gasoline for you americans out there of course now it’s time for the tesla can the tesla take on an alfa romeo

Cuadrfolio we’ll find out all right i’m in the tesla and the great thing about electric cars is that there’s really no revving no modes except for this one unfortunately this car in order to get the fastest zero to 60 time you have to have the suspension in its very low mode so i have to drop the suspension and that gives me all of the beans when it comes

To acceleration and this is not the performance model so this one is not the fastest tesla but the performance model would be much more expensive whereas this one was 87 so it actually really competes with the stelvio which is 88 they’re just about a thousand dollars apart and i gotta tell you it’s a little stress free in the tesla because all you do is pour

It i’m gonna give you that that sounds a lot better wait wait i’m sorry i couldn’t i couldn’t hear you under yeah yeah yeah i’m i’m gonna give you that okay but but let’s see what that means you know when it comes to going down the track pretend your elon musk exiting nobu and you’ll do really well i see a cone in front of me you’re just going to take it out i’m

Going to take it out all right bye-bye nathan oh it’s close but he’s pulling ahead bye-bye you know that was pretty damn close that was pretty damn close i think you got the jump on me actually i got a little bit of a jump on you and then you just started progressively pulling ahead yeah and then actually near the end of it i think i was starting to close on

You again i think if this were a quarter mile this would lose it might but then again you know i’ve seen these things i kind of have a secondary going on where it just is so linear and it just keeps going and going and you know it’s no shifting every time you shift it you know i was like my car jumped ahead a little bit that’s exactly it so what was what was

Your 060 time according to this it’s actually slower than i expected yeah i hit the memory yeah 5.42 yeah now i know that this thing can do around four seconds at sea level um and i think that a better driver who doesn’t weigh as much as me would probably get a better time yeah you know those numbers are always under ideal conditions with like you know like

Paul behind the wheel well let’s face it is not um massive like me no i was gonna say you know uh a crap a crap driver like me no i was gonna say big challenge oh the big chow thank you well paul’s a professional j a race car driver he knows how to get the most out of a car and knowing him you probably sneak in and put nitrogen on the tires and do a few other

Things to make sure everything is absolutely perfect well there you have it electricity wins though not much of a surprise so nathan here’s the thing that is shifting the world from gasoline to electricity right we’ve got three cars there that are all just a little bit over 80 12. well some a lot over 8 000 but around 80 000 right you’ve got like the highest

Performance version of the bmw x3 right you’ve got the highest performance version of the salvio right and you’ve got the grocery getter mom vehicle right not even the performance version of the model x right that’s c7 and it just beat both of them you know what’s really important i want you to think about this okay there is something called passion yeah and

The bmw and the alfa romeo bring that out i don’t think the tesla quite does that you know what i mean there’s a little bit of something to be said about having an engine note feeling the car shift burning down the track and having the car really just grab and go the tesla’s like yep okay on off on off you know what i mean it’s just like a lack of passion i i

Agree but when you’ve got the kiddos in the back and you’re taking them to school and you line up against either two of these right you can still take them i mean come on that’s pretty darn cool yeah it is really cool until you get to a canyon or until you actually take them around the track right which is uh you know we’ll leave that to pause i’ll leave that

To paul guys thanks for watching remember check out tflcar.com for more news views and of course real world electric versus actually it’s america versus italy versus germany drag review see you guys next time ciao bye guys

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Drag Race Surprise! Alfa Romeo Stelvio and BMW X3 M VS The Slowest Tesla Family Hauler! By The Fast Lane Car