Dreams 2022 Mini Doco

Dreams band members Wayne, Nikki, Krissy, Matt & Reg tell their Dreams story. What they love about the show and their hope for the future.

Foreign show is a celebration of fleetwood mac the the personalities and the music is as fleetwood mac was more than just the music it’s magic it’s something different it’s an experience it’s a recreation of the band as we knew it back in the late 70s it seems to be just something that people are frothing over at the moment so my name’s chrissy linehan and i

Actually play chrissy mcveigh my role in the band is a vocalist singing all of her songs and playing keyboards as she did and i play a little bit of flute too my name is wayne daniels and i’m the founder of the band and i’m the musical director guitarist and singer so i’m matt and i’m the drummer slash percussion for the band some regitron and i’m the bass player

And i also take care of production and lighting sound and i also take care of any ears my name is nikki canali and my position in the band is playing the leading lady stevie nicks i became involved in the band because i knew wayne he was looking for a singer for his rock band we got together and we just connected instantly as far as like musicians go playing rock

Zeppelin all this stuff and he’d always talked about all we really should do a fleetwood mac tribute i put the musicians together in sydney and it was a very slow start to be honest with you because no one wanted to book us because there’s so many flute like tributes around i ended up joining the show down in sydney and just filling in and then eventually became

Um you know got the main role matt and i had a really good history in in other bands so and we were locked in together so it was a no-brainer really i think a tribute show does allow for your own creative input and expression because you’re you’re being you’re sort of trying to be that person that you’re paying tribute to but you can never get away from the fact

That a little bit of yourself is always going to come through i mean we do embellish a lot of our lines um i i actually this is one of the bands i’ve never felt bored in you know like some bands you you get to a point where you’re an autopilot it’s nice to just do a little bit different to put my own little slant on things so you know changing the arrangements a

Little bit which we do as a band as well um just changing the inflections or just some little little nuances um to do vocally we have to pay homage to the the artists themselves but at the same time we’re not there to impersonate them we’re there to add our own creative flair we might do a beginning for a certain song that’s clever that not even they do but it works

For the show so that’s that’s challenging um as being a show you’ve got a so much scope to be creative uh my dreams and goals are i would like to just see it go mediocre i’d like to grow i like it always to grow and always to get better i mean i think every show we learn again what we can do better and what we can make more magical i think if we could take this

Overseas maybe to to new zealand would be really cool we already do some quite large shows but it’d be nice to take at that next level up up up up and away i mean really that’s that’s to be continuing just being able to take the music everywhere that we possibly can what motivates me to do the dreams show it’s it’s that magic that i talked about earlier it’s

That connection with everybody on stage music today is it’s a lot of you know sampling and auto tune etc and you know you get five talented people together and what you see is what you get and i just love the music so much that you know i’d be playing it anyway yeah it’s that feeling i think that that we’re bringing to people that that keeps keeps us interested

In it you know like we do some crazy kilometers there’s no massive egos it’s really easy to come to work we travel in our what we call our partridge dreams family van when we go away for gigs and it’s just easy um you know it’s it’s an amazing experience to be able to be on stage with a crowd of people and we’re doing what we love doing and they’re loving being

There and amongst it it’s such a such an amazing journey to be on with everybody as a as a kid i sort of took piano lessons and yeah i was but i never really sort of gelled with that so i sort of moved on a guitar fairly soon and and in my in my late teens i was singing a lot and playing in bands i learned how to play guitar at about 12 years old and uh and at

19 i joined a band and did that for about five years and decided i needed to move to vegas because i wanted to perform so i moved to vegas when i was 22 and got to play and just be amongst all these amazing musicians so yes i do owe that all to my family my father especially uh i decided i wanted to play the piano and i sucked so i took up playing the dining room

Chairs and the kitchen stool and that then turned into my first drum kit music for me started when school holidays as a seven-year-old at my grandmother’s place from there i ended up studying classical music went to the conservatory of music high school in sydney so i started playing some bands and rock bands and the singing really didn’t come until a lot later

Lead work has really only been in the last probably five to ten years i started music when i was 12 13 years old i was in this little group we were trying to mime kiss my favorite band at the time painted our faces and i was playing a broomstick that was the first guitar that i was playing just sort of evolved from there what would i tell myself 20 years ago maybe

That i know now yeah just do it do it the courage of your convictions it doesn’t have to be perfect have fun go with it love it and wear red plugs practice more for me for sure don’t be a diva don’t think you’re special like better than everybody else because every person on that stage has got something to give and they bring something to the table that i can’t

Give it a go um and you’re always better than you think you are that’s what i’d say to myself

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