Driving a LOUD Aston Martin Vantage GT | REVIEW

This 2015 Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT is finished in Alloro Green, and has a manual transmission with a LOUD exhaust! With it’s 430 horsepower V8 and good looks, it’s a wonderful sports car.

Hey guys today i’m in a 2015 aston martin vantage gt 430 brake horsepower from a 4.7 liter naturally aspirated v8 and just a godly sound 0-60 happens at about four and a half seconds speedo goes to 240 which is uh quite generous top speed is actually 190 miles an hour brakes are also fantastic as well got good pedal feel cars fitted with beautiful 19 inch wheels

Really the proportions of this car just absolutely perfect this design is almost 15 years old and it still holds up a six-speed manual transmission very wonderful transmission shifts are very smooth quite short but very precise steering also feels very nice in the corners oh that sounds so good such a satisfying noise i’m just gonna let the car do some of the

Talking for a sec this car of course is finished in the allure green exterior which is a beautiful color where it gets a bit controversial for some people is the yellow accents makes it look like it’s wearing a yellow lipstick i find it really cool i don’t think i would spec it that way for myself but i can appreciate it i think it’s really cool because it’s

Different and kind of pays some homage to like the amr advantages and mostly leather inside there is some carbon fiber inside like on the center console for example alcantara headliner as well just a very nice place to be seats are quite comfortable as well they have good bolstering but without being too aggressive clutch is quite light i mean this is a pretty

Easy car to drive overall downshifts are quite easy one thing i love most about this car is that it looks so elegant from the outside and just a very beautiful design and almost reserved in a way go to start it up you just are not expecting such an aggressive noise like such a good noise it sounds properly angry i think this era of aston martin is the best looking

Era this is the baby aston so of course it has the kind of baby styling everything’s a little bit squashed down compared to like a dv9 for example because of that it feels more nimble than the other cars even get some little burbles on the overrun it’s just such a fantastic noise can’t help but feel a bit smug knowing how good this car looks feels significantly

Sportier than say a db9 they have such a smooth power delivery buttery smooth room inside is quite spacious as well i mean everything is pretty intuitive driving position is perfect it grips phenomenally well in the corners really it doesn’t feel like it’s 3 600 pounds actually does a really good job of concealing the weight steering is actually pretty quick

It’s not as dirty as like a ferrari but it is quite precise ah just so easy so nice the newer cars do share the at the engine from the amg gt this being one of the last cars with aston’s own engine really gives it that extra sort of charm and just charisma just has a lot of emotion and it sounds better than those amg engines those cars they’re twin turbo v8

They still sound very nice but it just doesn’t have the pitch of the older aston v8 so i think that makes this car a bit more special feeling this car compared to the say the db9 this is a much sportier experience db9 is more of a long distance gt cruiser and while you could do that in this car as well you could absolutely drive this across country it serves a

Bit of a more focused sort of driving experience if you have a ferrari or a lamborghini people’s jealousy can really shine through and but with an aston i feel like that’s not really the case people tend to just really respect these cars and respect you for being in the car thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up subscribe

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Driving a LOUD Aston Martin Vantage GT | REVIEW By Cassian and Cars