This trip has been 3 years in the making and it was totally worth it at the end. Visiting family in Seattle, first time driving and charging a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E, visiting Seattle Starbucks Roastery Reserve, and seeing My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, and Kimya Dawson live in Tacoma Dome.

Huh i’m really really stupid i changed something in the camera before leaving for my seattle tacoma trip and upon coming home four days later and exporting all the videos in my pc i just noticed that there is no audio in any of my clips so we lost all of those jokes memories but i will do my best to deliver this trip vlog video um to you guys and and hope for

The best that i still do justice on the video so lessons learned don’t do anything stupid before your trip okay all right let’s go it’s not a classic kale and eric video if we don’t stop by at starbucks before heading out to our flight how stressful could this be this trip has been in the works since i bought my chemical romance tickets for the tacoma

Washington concert in 2020. covet hit and it was postponed until 2022. i’m just happy that we’re finally going to see my childhood heroes foreign this aviation gin just hit the spot our pilot for a flight to seattle captain emma complimented kayla’s hair as we walked out of the airport that’s definitely one of the highlights of the trip i don’t think i

Can top that so i decided to rent something i would never thought i would using turo which is basically airbnb for cars i rented a 2021 ford mach e just to try what’s the hype about electric vehicles two three as we drive away from sea airport ford navigation failed us and we’ve literally got lost until kayla thought of stopping by at starbucks and use

Their wi-fi to download offline maps of seattle tacoma and area know it kayla is a smart cookie i just realized i look like doc ock from spider-man no way home with my day two fit decided to get into downtown seattle and go to the starbucks reserve roastery which is basically a starbucks museum with a bunch of seasonal items this isn’t your regular starbucks we

Decided to go here instead of the very first starbucks located in pike place market foreign rosary pretty cool place spent 42 dollars usd for two drinks and three pastries it was very busy difficult to find seating our jinx were not served properly but the pastries were good then we decided to go down to the pier and revisit the infamous gum wall and took

Some photos foreign a.m decided to do a quick charge trip to south hill here are my thoughts with the mock e by the way special thanks to yishun for renting me this 2021 ford mustang mach e for this trip i rented this through turo app and if you want to know more about turo and if you want to rent this maki if you’re in washington state and area i’ll leave a

Link in the description below when i drove this on day one one pedal drive was activated which actually does what it’s called once you depress the accelerator it applies the braking for you i turned that off that’s just to make it more feel more normal alright with the pros best thing about it the power delivery this has dual electric motor so it is an all-wheel

Drive and i love that it rides smooth it’s a little unnerving that it doesn’t make any sound or additional vibration like from an engine but it does have pumped in audio called propulsion sound this is a select trim and rated at 266 horsepower which is relatively close to my 2022 ford escape but obviously the maki has more torque and it’s instant interior is

Very minimalistic the seats are comfortable but not bolstered enough for it to be a mustang you get a huge digital touch screen in the middle but a physical dial for volume running in sync 4 which can be found into ford lightning as well i think it’s a clean design but free usability it’s a learning curve just to set your climate control exterior styling cues from

The actual mustang can be seen on the headlights taillights and it has a few easter eggs but that’s about it bottom line is the mustang maki a mustang well in my honest opinion no yes it is fast it’s very nimble like the mustang but that’s about it i believe it’s a good marketing strategy to slap the mustang name on this subcompact suv for ford’s electric vehicle

Pioneer and uh great job to the team that built this that’s pretty good it’s 9 16 empty empty parking lot good thing there’s four slots of ev charging here restaurants where i can just chill there’s probably going to be some down there up there i don’t know i didn’t see i wasn’t paying attention because i was trying to vlog while i was driving so my battery my

Camera died so it’s inside but since three minutes ago we just went up four five percent um four minutes cool cool cool 86 cents but still it’s better than probably paying i don’t know how much gas in here so we’ll see pricing cool all right cool electrify america hey bob if you see this video i follow what you said okay so i think i can leave it i can i think

I can leave it so my plan is to stay here for at least 30 40 minutes i don’t know if that’s enough time for me to go up to 80 percent but we’ll see i’m really hungry i just woke up we have a concert later at 7 30. so there’s gonna be a lot of driving too with the maki okay i see chick-fil-a i think that’s chick-fil-a i’ve never had chick-fil-a fillet i’ve never

Had chick-fil-a there’s starbucks there too okay so panera bread off hell yeah brother uh okay let’s try to cross the street and hope for the best i need wi-fi because that’s the only way i can contact kayla so here’s the makia 5 key yeah so i’m pretty sure starbucks is open right now because you know they serve breakfast as they should eric aren’t you getting

Sick of starbucks actually at this point a little bit oh they have jack in the box and they’re open you know what i’m haven’t had jack in the box so i’m gonna try that first time having jack in the box it’s just kind of like burger king not impressed so i need to pick up some food for kayla and starbucks just because that’s what we’re comfortable at it’s got

A cross streets now apparently i should hit a hundred percent in like the next 40 minutes it’s at 83 right now and it’s 9 42 so i think it sounds about right i don’t know we’ll see so i found starbucks um it’s funny how it’s the reoccurring theme in this video letting an electric vehicle charge i just realized a lot of things like you know uh i’ve taken things

For granted like the small things you know just chill relax wait it’s for the past three months i’ve been just like go go go do things do that you know do everything that you can to make content but you know you just sometimes it just gotta slow down you know just appreciate what you have right now so yeah i’m very thankful but you know oh my god it’s i’m

Charging like so slow right now so another thing that i’m grateful for is that you can let me have the ford mustang monkey inside my ford pass app so i can monitor it from a distance you know like i think it’s been an hour already and i think it’s around high 90s so let’s see look at that i managed to hit 99. all right stop 12 dollars so i was like 12 that’s

A lot but it’s a complimentary session so how much did i pay to charge a mustang maki from 60 to 99 for one hour in a level two charger nothing did i lose anything no i lost an hour but is it 99 baby 194 miles but yeah oh well okay let’s go home give my baby the starbies and get ready for my chemical romance concert let’s go three drinks baby the pre-drinks

Worked i mean for me yeah i need to piss really bad how about you i gotta pee oh good lord all right but i don’t know where i can pee but i need to do my makeup makeup you say yeah my 10 year old self will uh not forgive me if i don’t put something for shout i’ve always wanted to see them live since then and i’m just happy that i got the chance to see them with

Kayla totally worth the flight from alberta canada to washington usa so just because we might can’t bring that so i’m bringing like you know my phone instead so enjoy the show and as a bonus we also got the chance to see kimia dawson and another of my favorite band taking back sunday right here there was a heavy traffic after the show on google maps just

Kept my way home so we got home late after that we cleaned up and watched the sea airport for our 6 a.m flight back to vancouver then to edmonton and then back to calgary running with 37 hours of no sleep we finally managed to get home back to tabor

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