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Driving my Audi R8 1,000 Miles to Monterey Car Week

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We’re behind dino crew right now which is apparently they come to birthdays pranks and events it says which to me only means that this is a trailer full of reptiles because last time i checked dinosaurs don’t exist wait that’s an actual dinosaur like not a real one but like wait a dinosaur what the hell wait what enclosed animal is a high risk predator keep back

20 feet what the hell what is this boys breaking news we found an actual dinosaur on our way to car week right now what the hell okay it is super early right now you guys know it’s early when it’s like still dark outside and stuff but we are about to leave for our monterey car week trip i’m gonna say goodbye to the boys because they unfortunately are not coming

With us freaking hella early in the morning they’re still gaming out here we’re heading down what y’all doing playing rocket league brother oh you’re playing the brand new season four watch me embarrass his mate oh okay so you know this is actually a perfect segue to the fact that rocket league is sponsoring this video right now i i kid you not they actually

Are season four is in fact out and you’re gonna have brand new 2v2 tournaments brand new seasonal and weekly challenges let’s let’s go see what dustin’s doing over here you playing season four two yeah if you guys go play season four you also get a bounty of xp so basically download rocket league for free right now and then you guys can play the brand new season

Four and maybe while we’re in car week you guys will find dustin lance online there and join into one of those lobbies so i’ll have links in the description and everything you guys need to know but with that let’s get onward to our trip and say this good old house bye-bye the boys are waiting for us today what is going on yo i’m not the only one that got a little

Livery out here you got racing stripes yeah i spent all day working on this printing out a lot of stuff and putting it all together oh yeah i actually have something dude we gotta put them on like right now before we leave gray stacked up here we got tim stacked up over there this is ultra motive hits carby 2021 baby sick you got your lego brick on there number

One number eight and no number nah it’s okay i found gray’s number it’s 4.0 we are literally starting out the trip as best as can be with an r33 skyline right over to our right over there we have a long trip ahead of us the good old waking your friends up with the fbi exhaust never gets old have you been driving with no shoes or something yeah what feet on

The dash bro cruise control rod i’ve been chilling hey it’s only been like what like four hours or something it’s been like four hours we’ve moved yeah we’re currently down in keyser kaiser whatever organ the only fun fact i know about this town is that this is now the furthest north in and out that is planted which is right over there morgan thanks us come

Back soon and boom right here inside california here we are we are inside of you now do so we made it to our first stop of the trip night number one okay we gotta do the checkups mandatory bug check uh pretty clear up here we got something right there front lip check still all in one piece surprisingly so so far it’s surviving california which is definitely

Gonna be the most ambitious obstacle that that’s gonna have to take on and everything else all looks good i’m gonna catch you guys right in the morning we’re doing a fast process on getting down the car week because you know we do this so often and you guys just want to see the content right as we get there so i’ll see you guys in a second dude morning and then

That’s the start to our day i only know one thing that’s louder than that this has actually been kind of a squeeze because usually usually i like to travel with my r8s with roof boxes only on uh this time we aren’t doing that just that we could actually uh feel some proper speed for once without the roof box limiting us so we’re kind of only stuck with this oh

God plus these bad boys i literally haven’t worn them since like the last car week or sema or whatever if we were out for like a week longer we probably wouldn’t survive that all these guys thinking about doing it oh he’s thinking about it oh no no no no no this is how you know we in northern california with these roland brown hills and then we got the what

Do you even call those trees i might just call them the california trees they basically are the northern california trees we’re donning up on san jose right now and then just zoomer out right over here car week monterey is right on that little peninsula hell yeah we found some norcal hot boys out here unfortunately that might be the only camber car we’re going

To see on this trip we’ve made it the beautiful the beautiful town of monterey california which i mean right now we’re starting it out kind of in a crummy car wash just ignore that we gotta obviously get our cars all cleaned and prepped before we get into the week uh this also means that tim’s gonna take off the delivery delivery is now gone no i’ll tell you

What though if you just not wash your car you already have a livery that’s just gonna stay there you got a little darkened stripe right there that’s gonna want to remain dude i don’t know what’s more lava orange this freaking jeep renegade right here or the 3rs that’s over there it’s literally the same can’t really see it it’s in the shadows bro that’s one way to

Clean your windshield all right we just got into carmel and already parking luck is on our side immediately got a spot thanks to homie and the challenger up there we taking wins tonight have fun so you can tell we’ve made it hello gray pulling up we got 40 day pista in gray over there 360 with some ferrari racing stripes and we scored a golden spot right away and a

California moving in right now dude we gotta have a car spotting challenge out here i think that’d be a fun video to make so this used to be hoovey’s garages uh prius that he blew up and then now it’s here and now it’s was it always in the form of the fast and furious yes that was the whole joke that’s legendary which is why they like they just they just pumped the

Pillow up that’s legendary it’s always good to see the jdm in full force out here they said no i don’t think i’ll have the stripes thank you so not only is this a 400 000 gt2 rs it’s also on pbs wheels which to me makes it 10 times cooler than it already is it’s a white sock package as well vice sorry i didn’t say german enough as i do the italian hand gesture

We’re not going to talk we’re ending this clip here now it’s so quiet here it’s like it’s like the presence is just keeping everyone down it’s really crazy we are in the presence of money in a massive schlong i don’t really know how to explain this we were just on our way to dinner and i think we just crashed the fuel run rally and we just stumbled upon it it

Was that jack ultra bonus bro what is this we just crashed the fuel run rally my mom picked a good spot for dinner yeah she knows where dinner’s at i’m just parking in there oh my lord oh i like his style yeah you gotta finish wrapping the rest of your car oh my god look at all of these cars so many cars all the cars we’re snuck in they have no idea and they

All have their little fuel run banners and we got our audi sport padded i don’t know what this guy’s doing but he’s doing the worst thing you could possibly do to a single clutch car like the event store and that is reverse up a hill he’s still going at it oh oh my gosh anything to get into that diagonal parking spot oh he’s still still adjusting oh dude

This poor clutch oh my gosh are you good it almost ran you over yeah it’d be way to die though ran over by lambo yeah it would be a cool way to die not by someone trying to just flex park though he’s still going dude i can smell so much clutch from here yeah that is uh how not to treat your aventador 101. i would always watch your forza horizon 4 videos thank

You man the hiding sequence i love those thank you so much man this is a twin turbo perfomante obviously really expensive car i don’t even know if i could get in my own car with how close this is why i’m skinny oh hello i totally did not do anything a second ago oh my god i think this is the first time i’ve heard the fi in a tunnel and those backfires are super

Loud yeah logan’s 62 and he realized he can’t fit in the uh aventador oh well you know what honestly he should actually sit in this just to see yeah because this car they give a lot more headroom in these than like sleek lambos do okay so honestly he should sit in the next and he should he should see what it’s like he’s like i can’t yeah he’s like there’s no way

I’d get a helmet yeah exactly he wasn’t able to fit in an aventador because the ceiling was too sleek so we’re going to see if the audi is a lot better because it’s got the more bubbly roof i’m praying for this man i can indeed fit yes he can indeed fit analyze the headroom there’s some room oh yeah oh yeah there’s like that much oh yeah okay well the helmet now

Yeah i can actually track an r8 hell yeah so we’ll see an r8 in his future hopefully like i said we bought your sweatshirt for i surprised him for his birthday the red one with all the whatever was on there oh wow that’s like an og hoodie too yeah i haven’t worn it for years so that the logo wouldn’t fade off oh right on man i appreciate that lexus lfa barely see

It wow tim that was really good eyes sorry you’re good there it is dude it took me like a minute just to even get to this view spot welcome to our first night at car week the freaking unicorn dude oh my god mclaren f1 hdk high downforce kit that’s some exclusive footage for you i know just the fact that you even got to hear it just like dead on it just a slight bye

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Driving my Audi R8 1,000 Miles to Monterey Car Week By JackUltraMotive