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Driving The Range Rover Sport P525 HSE Dynamic in Rain – Supercharged V8 Beast (POV Binaural Audio)

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Thanks to Boston Motorsport for tossing the keys to this 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Sport P525 HSE Dynamic. This 5.0L Supercharged V8 produced a brutal sound to accompany unmatched ride quality. Find their inventory at

Welcome back i’m tedward and today thanks to boston motorsports on this rainy day we’re driving a 2020 range rover sport hse p525 dynamic that’s a mouthful and i probably said them out of order but this is a really interesting vehicle to me because range rovers are so incredibly capable comfortable and shockingly fast this has a 5 liter supercharged v8 with about

518 horsepower and this thing really gets out of the hole it’s interesting because what it doesn’t do is it’s not out to go set a nurburgring lap time record it’s not like an x5m or something like that it just wants to be a comfortable plush lovely daily driver that gives you the fizz when you put your foot down so it is raining we’re going to go around this really

Quickly just because i don’t want to get too wet sorry to that plate but obviously loads of space inside all of the things you need you can get an optional third row we’ve got monster brakes up here on the front we’ve got a square setup 275 section tires on 22 inch wheels and in the back it’s quite a comfortable place to put your family it’s a little spartan in some

Respects but we have what we need you know we’ve got plenty of space for things for drinks for comfort we’ve got nice plush leather seats and in the front the front seats are so comfortable i’m really excited to take you for a drive in this thing but the most exciting thing about the sport is the engine got a nice v8 rumble that comes to life this is really something

Special that’s insane if i had that coming out of like a hot rod or a sports car i’d be thrilled and i’m getting it in a giant suv that could have three rows it’s clear this giant windscreen i love that’s why you don’t keep your windshield wipers on at a tollbooth if you have to see somebody because it just flings the water off so be kind this thing has plenty of

Options including a little refrigerator up here which you can turn on to different levels which i you know i guess i appreciate that i don’t often have things that i need to refrigerate my car but that’s fine maybe rich people do i’m not rich and then down here we’ve got glove box number one glove box number two for all the things you need to hide and like any good

Range rover you’ve got to have that arm rest here which is kind of funny it feels redundant on this side but you know it does the job and you can change where you’d like it to rest to some this may just look like a mall crawler but it really is fairly capable off-road and you can adjust down here all of your settings it’ll tell you if you’re in the mud or in the

Desert or in the sand or rock crawling i mean it’s it’s pretty wild what this can actually do not that you’re going to want to go take your hundred thousand dollar truck out and get it all scratched up in the trees but you could and you’ll get home quite the opposite of ideal conditions but let’s see how she gets off to 60 miles an hour that is plenty it makes no

Sense it feels like this shouldn’t be possible to be this comfortable and fast and shouty at the same time this is quite entertaining besides the incredible growl of this v8 i’m most struck with its luxury this is a really special and nice ride this is not something that you’re getting from your rsq8 or your x5m this is supple this is like rolls-royce level wow

It soaks everything up you’d think that being on 22-inch wheels it would just transmit so much junk into the cabin and i do feel the road for sure but this suspension just really soaks it all up it just mutes all of it throttle mapping is so good yeah you’ll be passing lexus is like nothing in this they’ve got nothing on this ride quality this is nuts this is

So comfortable this is really luxurious like i don’t think i even felt this confident and comfortable in the maibok gls 600 i mean think about that that’s that’s mind-blowing because this is about 100 grand maybe 130 if you spec it out uh that is a far more expensive vehicle and this i probably enjoy more i definitely like the driving experience more i know they

Don’t have the same purpose really in the market but if we’re just talking about driving experience in an suv this does the job on the highway it’s really easy to drive i’m not chasing the car at all the steering is so choice this is a relaxing thing to maneuver around traffic and it responds really quickly you know that’s something that i’m really impressed with

Is just how easy it is to dip into the pedal and extract that power for creature comforts we’ve got our heated steering wheel button right here quite nice although it’s a little weird because you’ve got the heating elements in the steering wheel which you feel from the back and a little bit on the bottom that’s actually pretty dope a gle 63 and then you’ve got this

Silver like metal ring that goes around the front which obviously is going to have a different temperature so if it’s cold outside that metal ring is going to be really cold so the front of your palm of your hand is going to be the heel of your hand is going to be really cold and then the rest of your hand is going to be warm i mean not really a complaint just kind

Of a strange thing to do my heated seat controls are a little strange because i got to push the ring and then i can scroll for my heated seats or cooled seats which you know sometimes i just want a single button and i find it interesting that there’s a single button for the heated steering wheel but i have to go through a process to get to it for my seats you know

Infotainment is ever evolving and creature comforts and hvac systems are along for the ride which is kind of unfortunate because sometimes you just want to like blam hit auto or hit the button and know where it is i don’t want to have to look because i feel like i have to take attention away from the road to do it got no one behind us we’re in the wet let’s do a

Little break check oh yeah that’s great that’s what you want to see from a big heavy suv that you can bring it back down now the pedal feel it’s a little soft and i don’t mean that in a boiled break scary kind of way i just mean that it’s like a luxurious brake pedal and being the sport i almost want a little more immediacy to the bite but it’s livable and it’s

Very easy to adapt to i’m just impressed with how well this handles a little wet i’m gonna back up that throttle but i still felt really good i knew i had traction i knew i’ve got grip like this is this is pretty shocking they didn’t just shove a motor in this without the thought of the suspension and the ability to put power down this is like a feels like a well

Thought out vehicle now i can’t speak to the reliability of a land rover we all know reputations supersede pretty much everything else but you’re gonna own this with a warranty i’d feel pretty comfortable that this is my daily driver this is genuinely good to drive and if there’s one power train that i’m probably going to trust from land rover oh my goodness

This econoline looks like the ultimate drunk scary driver frightening this is just not a driving experience i’ve encountered in another brand i have not felt like this in an audi or a bmw or a mercedes even the maybach man this is good i’ll tell you what i’ve driven the defender i would choose this over the defender the defender has cache it’s cool it’s a

It’s a it’s a it’s a cool guy’s car and it’s probably more capable off-road but i don’t need that this is capable on-road and you’re still not going to get stuck i’ve seen land rovers do silly things on all seasons off-road like lr4s just climbing things that they should not be able to climb and yet here we are oh this is nice maybe the world’s most annoying

Directional sound but i could live with that i’m gonna be honest i came into this not expecting to be entertained by the vehicle but i’m walking away with confidence i mean the steering is weighted really lovely it’s got that luxurious feel but i also know where i’m placing the vehicle there’s no dead space i mean this isn’t a truck it can do truck things but

It drives really well and doing this in this weather i mean not that it’s like particularly inclement but yeah i don’t have a care in the world not worried about it and it sounds snarling mad i mean that’s on tap anytime you want it this transmission channels this power to the ground so efficiently and quickly i i was unaware i didn’t know how good these new

Land rovers were final thoughts on the range rover sport the p525 it’s got 518 horsepower it’s quick it’s throaty v8 makes you want to keep pressing the pedal its comfort level is shockingly good this is incredibly refined i i just this is not the review i was expecting i thought i was gonna have to try to find things i liked about it i think this is what you buy

When you’re really honest about your use case and you drive it on the road a lot maybe you want to go full around once in a while off road or you got some crazy mountain house that you need unbelievable capability to get up the driveway before the snowplows come or maybe you just like the idea that you could go off-roading with your buddies in their toyota tacomas

And still do all the things they could do in a hundred and something thousand dollar vehicle i’m gonna go bring this british brute back to the boys at boston motorsports thank you oh that’s not gonna be good for you yeah but just accept that you’ve decided to be in this lane you’ll figure it out later you don’t want to mess with that guy oh my goodness thank you

Guys so much for watching liking commenting and subscribing this guy doesn’t know where to go because he took a wrong turn uh uh-oh i guess you’re going to boston with me don’t forget to respect the drive and i’ll see you in the next one i jewish people would turn on their headlights when they drive in the rain or in the dark or just you know that seems like

A reasonable ask americans seem to not believe they need to turn their headlights on i don’t understand why that is a particular liberty they feel they want to exercise but you know you should be seen if you’re on the road and daytime running lights especially when they only turn on the front aren’t really helping anybody because we can’t see it behind you i’m

Always shocked at the off-road capabilities of these things because they’re so incredibly comfortable and refined on the road that you think well how could it really actually be good in a in a bad situation they’re nuts i’ve i have friends with big body land rovers lr4s discos and we’ve done some pretty abusive things to these things and i mean they just take it

They just crawl and they mud and they don’t drown in the water like it’s pretty nuts

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Driving The Range Rover Sport P525 HSE Dynamic in Rain – Supercharged V8 Beast (POV Binaural Audio) By Tedward