Driving The Special VW Golf GTI MK1 The Iconic Golf GTI is still quick

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Now this is a very nice car this is the new vw gti club sport and i’m actually here for the launch of the clutter gti and the club sport 45 edition but also vw have brought down some gems one of those is the mark 1 golf gti and we’re going to have a go back in the day when this car was first released the mark 1 golf was unveiled at the frankfurt auto show in

1975. two years later when we first started to see deliveries to the uk now there’s an argument to say that the mark one gti was and always will be the original hot hatch king because in the 70s when people saw this thing everyone wanted to get their hands on it now back in the 70s they sold 1 500 units within their first top well the first year of sale but they

Loved it so much that those units tripled over the subsequent two years let’s go take a look now when i told you they had something special here look at this an original mark 1 gti from the 70s absolutely stunning i mean just look at this car’s condition this is in better condition than i am in fact this car is older than i am and it looks better than i do and its

Bodywork is in better nick than me unbelievable this car has got 45 000 miles on it that’s it it is literally one of those precious fleet cars that rarely gets taken out and i’ve got the chance to drive this now as i said earlier on this back in the 70s major hit if you had one of these in the 70s you were winning in life and i can see why just look at the shape

Of this thing it looks absolutely stunning gorgeous gorgeous in fact but what about kind of what did you get from it right so this is a 1.8 liter four cylinder in its heyday 112 ps 103 foot pound of torque mega little things 0 to 60 and 9 seconds which at the time come on nine seconds i mean that’s solid isn’t it that’s a that’s a decent decent acceleration i

Mean those three letters gti back in the 70s changed things massively for vw by creating this an icon for the future not only at the time a style icon but a performance icon this thing would go all the way on top of our 110 miles per hour which in nowadays in new money is absolutely nothing but back in the day it was solid it’s just it’s just such a pretty car

And i it’s i can’t fathom the condition this car is in for 40 plus years of age i mean as i said earlier i’m here for the launch of the gti club sport 45 edition because it’s 45 year anniversary and as a bit of a kind of token gesture vw brought out all of their press and heritage fleet and this is one of them and it’s just superb i mean look at the lines the

Golf gti it has such beautiful sharp lines as well you’ve got the wide arches here which back in the day would have looked so so cool so much visibility from these big glass windows and just taking a look at the rear as well it just looks elegant it looks very special and that’s what this is this is a very special car this golf gti from the 70s is definitely a

Piece of history that i’m terrified to drive because i don’t want to break it because it’s insane but that’s exactly what we’re going to do we’re going to take this out for a drive and um yeah let’s let’s hope for the best let me show you the interior because it’s very nice in here too oh my god this is amazing this is literally amazing i just can’t this is such

An iconic car i mean this was one of those poster boy cars that if you knew about the golf gti you were going to be a petrol head when you were old 100 fact but everything works i mean even the clock the clock still works 45 000 miles on this thing original blue punk head unit it’s mad absolutely mad right of course we got this beautiful five-speed gearbox as

Well with the original golf gear stick the clutch feels a well it’s going to feel like it is for 70s car quite heavy throw on the gearbox is extremely long we’re going to find out now just how well let’s let’s take it for a drive i cannot hold i can’t wait any longer where’s the keys where do i put the keys where’s the keys here we go let’s do it you ready come

On baby there she is oh listen to it wow let’s get this over here slowly of course this car has no power steering all of that kind of stuff all the gucci driver assists that we have now you get nothing in this little thing and it’s just oh it just feels so special now i’ve driven a lot of cars or as part of my kind of youtube career if you like but i don’t think

There’s been one quite like this so old in such perfect condition it still drives an absolute little dream all its quirks are super long throws but i don’t care about any of that i can just picture myself back in the 70s just cruising around enjoying life i mean look at the difference right in front of us that’s 45 years ahead that’s the future this is the past

Do a little first he said i don’t want to i don’t accelerate too hard because this is i mean i feel bad almost driving here wow i tell you what guys for it’s for an acceleration for a car that’s over four years old she’s still got it she’s still got it i mean look even the steering i have to admit and i’m trying to go back you know back in the day because i drive

A lot of cars now you know new and new modern cars but if i take what i have here and i looked at it 40 years ago i would be so impressed and this is why this car sold so many units because it is it is just such a brilliant at its time it was so advanced it provided you with such style but it provided you with the performance back then we’re eight generations

In now yet this for me still feels just as special as some of the new stuff in fact it feels more special than some of the new stuff that’s come out because it takes you back all those years and it makes you really think that just what this call would have been like to drive back in the day now there’s no surprise that the desire for this kind of car um in fact

Really and truly i think nowadays with all of the the new petrol car engines that come out the the eevee hype the the death of the combustion engine we’re seeing cars like the mark one gti and other older generation vehicles kind of make a return you know we’re seeing them on the market but act silly silly money i mean i think this car in its day if you wanted

To buy it new i think it would cost you about 5 000 pounds that’s old money obviously that doesn’t account for inflation and the fact that cost of living has gone up if you wanted to buy one of these now i don’t even know how much it would cost particularly this one this one’s got to be worth some cash it’s definitely going to be worth some cash all right we’ve

Got a little bit of a national speed limit road chop it into second give it a little punch not too much but it presses on man it pushes on and we’ve got a five speed manual brilliant you know this they could have done it with a four-speed but they went five-speed and you know we’re talking five-speed cars 40 years ago this is one of those pinch yourself moments

Genuinely driving the mark one golf gti i’ve seen i when i was growing up this was a car that my dad used to talk about you know i know everyone used to auto automotive journalists back in the day were like mark 1 gti mark 1 gti and now i’m getting to drive one this truly is a special moment really is right let’s press on it’s just sensational taking the corner

Let’s see what kind of roll we have wow yes of course there’s a bit of roll but it still takes them well wow what a little car what a little car a couple more corners look at this drop it down into fourth gear slower down into third coming around listen to that exhaust wow you can tell by the smile you can’t fake the smile this this has been an experience this

Has genuinely been an incredible experience anyway guys i’m gonna take this car back now to uh to the vw area i’m going to cruise it back this is too special for me to want to kind of keep ragging i’ve had my fun with it i’ve got to respect it for what it is and the condition it’s in i just credit vw for even bringing it out it’s just such a special car which

Packs so much emotion and character with such a line of legacy and history and and it just felt fitting to drive this car just after i’ve driven the 45 gti club sport if you haven’t seen that review make sure to check it out it’s on the channel my name’s been steph you guys have been awesome thank you so much please please make sure to subscribe and i’ll see you

All very soon on the next one take care guys

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Driving The Special VW Golf GTI MK1! The Iconic Golf GTI is still quick! By Stef ABtv