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Driving with Miranda: Episode 37-Subaru Ascent 2021

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Hey guys welcome to another edition of the suburban driving miranda it is absolutely frigid out here but it’s okay i have the subaru ascent which means all of the snow it just gobbles it up let’s take it for a ride and see what it has to offer so welcome to the interior of the 2021 subaru ascent as you can see i have my child with me it is owens march break so

He is actually going to participate in this review uh but we’ll get to that in a little bit so in terms of the interior space and the ascent this is a nice big vehicle i mean you’re not wanting for space anywhere no matter what road you’re in this is spacious it’s big nice big open windows i love the amount of storage space that’s in here it’s got neat little

Cubbies up front i have two-tone dash so i’ve got a nice light cream color plus the darker dash with the lighter stitching it’s nice it’s classy uh it kind of ups that subaru scale you’re not used to seeing something maybe as kind of luxury as this in terms of the center stack super easy to use the screen is nice and big it’s a color touch screen i also have a

Secondary screen up top on my dash and that’s for fuel economy i can look at my entry and exit levels if i’m off-roading i can see what radio station i’m listening to i can see the weather a whole bunch of things and you can switch that up all here in the center and then of course i have my hvac controls i can also help the rear or lock it or shut it down completely

If nobody’s back there and i don’t feel like trying to reach out blind back there to try and turn it off everything can be controlled here i also have a charge pad inside the armrest here cup holders all of my buttons on the steering wheel that i can control everything with including paddle shifters which i haven’t used this week but we’ll talk about that when i

Drive good gauge cluster i love the light blue analog um arrows i think they add a nice little touch to the car and it’s a color that you don’t see often in a gauge cluster so it’s pretty cool now in terms of the second and third row i’m never back there i spent all my time in the driver’s seat uh i rarely even sit in the passenger seat i am always here behind

The steering wheel that’s how i like it so to really get a sense for how the second and third rows feel i thought it was best to ask the expert back there who spends all of his time there and who has not only ridden in the second row but also gone into the third row for a little while so owen can you tell us a bit about the second row so the second row has a

Cup holder on the door um you can control your heating back here and do you have a heated seat uh yes i do and you have vents up here you have a light and there’s also cup holders that open up in the armrest here in the back and you also have a two usb ports very good and um it is a captain’s chair it has nice armrests here that you can put up and down and um

Do you feel like you have a decent amount of space back there yes i do yeah and um well and what about that third row have you gone back there yet yes i have and to get back there it is kind of hard as you can see i’m trying to get we also have stuff back there so yeah it’s a bit hard but if you move the seat forwards it will you will fit okay so would you spend

A lot of time back there do you think you’d be comfortable on like a two three hour road trip back there um yes if if i were taller and bigger and then there would have to be either somebody small or a kid sitting here so they so i can move the chair forward um but yeah it’s it’s nice back here you have a nice speaker you have two usb ports again and you have

A nice cupholder two actually on each side and it’s it’s a really nice car do you have windows back there yes i do so you don’t feel trapped or claustrophobic you got a nice airy feeling back there yeah good so would you recommend this car for a family then do you think it would be good with the three rows um yes but if you have like a family of like a lot

Of tall and big people yeah then going in the back uh wouldn’t be that comfortable your legs would be a bit trapped a bit cramped yes but for smaller people it’s okay yeah thank you very much i like your review there you go from the mouths of babes you’ve heard about the second and third row a review that i could never really give so he’s enjoyed his time back

There now just to say that thirder really does eat into the trunk space when both seats are up it’s a pretty small area um it seems silly because it’s such a large car but with those third with that third row up you really lose quite a bit of cargo space but with that third row down it really opens everything up um and this is a very practical vehicle in terms

Of interior space and of course it’s a subaru so uh and just in general it is a practical uh nice to own car but i like it in here as i said it’s very comfortable it’s very spacious we’ve had a great week with it uh done a lot of things picked up a lot of items transported cats and enjoyed our march break behind the wheel or i’ve been behind the wheel inside the

Subaru ascent so when it comes to driving the 2021 subaru ascent i quite like it it’s a big vehicle you know it’s a three rows we know this this is the biggest subaru that they have um let’s start with the facts right away it has a 2.4 liter turbocharged boxer engine which means it’s got that nice horizontally opposed flat engine um it produces 260 horsepower

And 277 pound foot of torque for a few of the models you can tow up to 5 000 pounds with this thing it’s the upper models obviously um not all of them have that ability however they all come equipped standard with x mode and eyesight so x mode is basically a combination of a lot of off-roading bits and pieces from a couple of different companies but the most

Important one is um is your hill descent control so basically it’ll hold you if you tell it to not go above two kilometers or three kilometers an hour then it won’t do that and it’ll hold you going down the hill really really well it’s a pretty cool feature i’ve used it on mercedes land rover et cetera i haven’t used it in the subaru so i don’t know exactly how

It works but um i do know that it is a fantastic system if you’re off-roading and if you’re in really kind of sketchy situations with loose ground or um really just a steep descent and then eyesight um i’ve been through it with you guys before but basically it’s a set of cameras that are up here by the rear mirror and they see for you so it’s not a laser system

It is actually cameras so it’s there to help you prevent front collision it even warns you if the car in front of you has pulled away let’s say you’re looking down at the radio um it’ll beep you and be like hey like wake up um you uh the car in front of you has moved it’s time for you to go too and a couple of other things it tends to get a bit um sketchy in the

Winter obviously when you have a lot of stuff on your windshield because it is up here it it it doesn’t always work um you do have cameras in the back as well like you’ve got some sensors in the front and those ones can go as well this has lane departure warning it also has lane keep assist so it will assist you in keeping in your lane which i dislike a great

Deal so i tend to turn it off with a button on the steering wheel not because i drift a lot but just because it tends to pick up even random lines that are on the road from uh construction which we have a lot of here so if there’s like a covered paint line and you’re kind of riding between two it constantly tries to like pop you into a lane that doesn’t exist

Or push you over into the median or something so not always the best here now in terms of the drive um i like it it’s underpowered for the size that it is but then again it’s not meant to be this super fast suv now i’ve never been one to complain about subaru’s cbt but this one i don’t really like i find it really whiny it’s loud it takes a while for it to warm

Up in the winter it does shift fakely for you to help with those people who miss their gears like me but it takes time for it to get into that mode and yeah i could shift with the paddle shifters but really i don’t want to have to worry about that i just want to be able to drive and i don’t know i just find it a little bit loud for my liking i guess i could get

Used to it and i’d learn to live with it but um yeah it’s a little drony other than that steering is on point suspension feels pretty good um kind of rough at times and not the smoothest big vehicle i’ve ever been in you definitely feel the imperfections in the road in terms of handling well it’s a big vehicle so you’re gonna feel a bit floppy in the corners but

Again that’s kind of a given with what this is and yeah and overall i’m averaging in terms of like fuel economy you know again this is a big car it’s all-wheel drive all the time um i’m averaging let me go through my fancy little screen here 12.6 liters per 100 kilometers and a full tank of gas will get you about 500 kilometers in that range um which is what i

Was averaging for the week which isn’t bad and the 12.6 kind of high but again it’s a big heavy all-wheel drive vehicle so and i was doing a combination of highway and suburban stop and go so it was a good mix and that’s what i’ve come out with i like the subaru ascent i prefer the atlas which i believe is on the same chassis i don’t know why i think it feels

A bit more solid maybe um i prefer the interior i like the interior of this one but the atlas kind of speaks to me a little bit more and the exterior of the atlas as well is a little bit more refined uh in my mind and they offer all of the same things obviously it doesn’t have eyesight but you know i’m also not a huge fan of of eyesight despite it despite the

Car that hit me it would not have hit me had been equipped with said feature i don’t particularly like those nanny features and i tend to turn them off and eyesight is pretty much always running for you so anyways it’s a fun car i enjoyed my week with it i kind of wish i had more snow with it i did get a bit of a snowfall we had a little bit of fun but i could

See this doing very well in heavy snow conditions deep snow you’ve got a lot of ground clearance on this thing and then of course you’ve got super used asymmetrical all-wheel drive which is by far the best on the market and i can’t say enough good things about their all-wheel drive so if you’re looking for a three road large suv and you didn’t realize that subaru

Had one well surprise they do and you definitely want to check this one out so this is the largest subaru in the lineup so it’s the big boy it’s the three row and truthfully it kind of looks like every other suv on the road today there’s really not a whole lot to write home about when it comes to the exterior look of this thing now i do love the color that i have

This particular ascent in i think the brown is kind of sexy gives it a little je ne sais quoi that sets it apart from the other cars on the road you don’t see many brown vehicles out there and i think you should because it looks great you know it has some classic subaru uh hints to it um but of course it does look the most different different only because it

Is the largest and it really doesn’t follow the same shape as the other subarus in the lineup but you know what i think that’s okay and i think it suits the vehicle you still get you know the super headlights up front it’s got clean classy lines again nothing really to write home about but it’s not an unattractive suv but it won’t necessarily turn all the heads

On the road as it drives by all right guys well that’s been it for me in the 2021 subaru ascent um it’s been a fun week this is a big car um if you’re in the market like i said for a three row and you didn’t consider super because you didn’t know they had one then you definitely need to give this a look you can always hit me up with questions and comments at miss

Miranda l on twitter or instagram or or drop a message below and i hope to see you guys back next week stay warm you

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