Driving with Rich – 2023 Nissan Ariya

Rich Willis takes the All-New 2023 Nissan Ariya for a test drive. Find out his first impressions of what he thinks of this next-generation electric vehicle.

We’re out here driving this brand new nissan aria and it is so quiet it is just unbelievable how quiet this car is the other thing that you notice is this expansive beautiful screen in front of you that is just massive i mean it’s twice the size of most screens in any in any vehicles the uh rear view mirror is electronic of course uh which says about the

Generation of vehicle that we’re driving and how modern it is um you know we’ve all heard about power and pickup and this certainly this car certainly has the power in pickup we’ve stopped here in a stop sign here now at where are we at northwest 54th and northwest 86th street and it is just as quiet as it can be and the cars are around that uh people are looking

At our car as we’re we’re going around and kind of pointing figures that give us a thumbs up here and there because they see how different this automobile is the floorboard is just as flat as it can be because of course you don’t have any drivetrain or anything like that running underneath the floorboard there’s plenty of room overhead headroom is expansive i mean

I’ve got four or five inches above my head up to the sunroof the luggage cargo area is huge and has all the space that you would want for a weekend getaway easily with with no problem the paint job on this car is it is a three tone paint color so it looks black when you get it in the right sunlight it’s a very dark green and then it also has a dark burgundy

To it so it is and it’s all about what light that it’s in and what direction is it in pertaining to the sun or the street lights i have not seen this color underneath the um lights inside our showroom but i understand when you get it underneath lights such as that it is just amazing amazing so um i’m gonna be at a point here in just a second where i may be able

To give it a little bit of a boost uh not that i should do that but i am in a place where i have plenty of get up and go and uh there we go so you can feel that you can’t feel that but i can feel it and the get up and go power is amazing but quietness you hear no of course you hear no exhaust whatsoever and uh again you don’t get any feeling of wind noise or

Anything like that it’s very very smooth so thank you very much for being with me new car show by the way which is an annual event for us at willis automotive comes up this coming tuesday night from five o’clock until 8 o’clock at the main campus of 2121 northwest 100th and we’re having nissan join us there because of the tradition with uh willis automotive

Customers prior to nissan joining our company all coming to our dealership uh one evening in the fall on a tuesday night and we’ll have fifteen hundred and two thousand people in attendance free food and beverage uh this car will be on display along with the new nissan sea that’s coming out and they will be in a special tented area out in our uh in front of our

Place on northwest 100th along with all of our other cars and many other cars that are not yet to the marketplace so come join us on tuesday night uh at 2121 northwest 100th from 5 until 8. thank you

Transcribed from video
Driving with Rich – 2023 Nissan Ariya By Willis Automotive