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Dude, I Love My Tent Nissan Titan XD with Tepui Truck Tent Demo

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( Dude I Love My Tent! Nissan Titan XD with Tepui Tent Demo

Evon thanks for coming out for another episode of dude i love my truck do you love your truck yes yes i love my check andre so tell me about the truck what is it what year and kind of white how did you come about having this truck so this is a white titan xd with the cummins engine i came across this truck at a chevrolet dealership as i was getting my 2015 toyota

Rav4 service waited so is the chevrolet dealership yeah yeah okay a long story whatever well they’re all the one service shop in bozeman is actually the wrestler motors and they they have chevrolet in cadillacs okay so that’s the best place to get it serviced um but it was going in for its twenty thousand mile service and they came out said it needed a new torque

Converter boom and i said i wanted nothing to do with the vehicle anymore and this this truck was used at 9,000 miles 2017 and i thought is a good deal so okay so why nissan why titan uh bang for your buck so it has all the features you could possibly want like the 360 camera parking sensors play some other things i don’t really know about but and you know at

Forty thousand dollars i thought was a great deal well for almost new truck yeah and the diesel engines so you came here from montana right so to colorado and what kind of fuel economy getting with this with his beasts almost twenty almost twenty yeah and that’s seventy five eighty miles an hour okay well that’s impressive because this is a full crew cab long

Bed six and a half foot bed and it’s a pro-4x yes nice but i can see you have some accessories on the back yeah it’s written i couldn’t come show me cooee roof this kind of looks like an over lending rig you use this actually i do i use the root tent a lot like i used it on my drive down because it’s a 12 hour drive all the way down here so spend the night at

State forest hertz very cool and it’s a thule rack so yeah tell me a little bit about the rac how did you choose the rack system ah so all right i’m a big fan of tule i love their products so i kind of knew i wanted the thule one and i just glanced across their website this was the most affordable one and it holds 800 pounds so okay it’s pretty strong yes sir

Okay so can you show us how to kind of unfold the tent and how it works sure okay then you have a zipper for the rain cover and this is a brand-new tents you just purchased this summer yes recently okay should i help you it goes all the way around yep okay does this tent is it can you hear it on the highways it’s kind of noisier than that i can’t notice it so

It looks like a lot of belko huh lots of lots in the closet yes ah use the ladder to do this what’s the approximate price for a tent like this this is a three person tent that’s about one and a half thousand dollars okay you get smaller ones for less i know yakima makes more affordable ones i believe sorry but from what people i told me the tipu e tents have a

Better material than the yakima ones so i figured if you’re gonna spend that much money might as well do it right so that was about what two to three minutes i mean it’s not a big deal so what kind of research is to do before deciding on nissan uh i learned quite a bit and so ford makes a wonderful truck yeah with a lot of good technology but pretty expensive

Okay chevrolet as i think in my opinion the best looking vehicle uh-huh but you’re missing out on a lot of technology with them which might be different i guess with the 2019 is coming out soon right but you know you had the problem with your previous vehicle exact right so you kind of are a little bit forced right they forced my hand i knew well that’s kind of

Funny because usually people say toyota’s are really reliable right that’s why i got a rav4 uh-huh it’s actually my first brand-new vehicle that i had ever that must have been an odd issue i can’t imagine why you would need a torque converter unless there was a leak of some sort or something yeah and then at 15,000 miles it had gotten a new transmission because

There the there were some new seals that needed to be replaced and it had leaked and so at 15,000 miles that needed a new transmission and then 20 and needed a torque converter oh can i climb up there and see please do what it’s like i have a sleeping bag some colors up there okay all i’m not gonna sleep i just want to just check it out well i would like to

Sleep actually but i can’t hello just come in please hey check this out i can stretch out fully ah can you see me not bad and it’s pretty tight in here i mean if it’s cold right you can zip everything up and stay warm and you can actually open it up for it to get some breeze going awesome well evan thank you for showing us your truck intent this isn’t a

Compromising shot at all not a compromising i didn’t say so

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Dude, I Love My Tent! Nissan Titan XD with Tepui Truck Tent Demo By TFLoffroad