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Dutch Car Review on a 2019 Lincoln Navigator L by a 10 year old

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My name is Dutch and I am 10 years old and live in Texas. I love cars, and plan to do car reviews of normal cars that people drive. Please like and subscribe so you can see them all.

Hello and i’m dutch and i’m back with another video this time i will be reviewing the 2019 lincoln navigator l l stands for longer now i’ma start with um here here you can see that this is kind of different when you hit like the key button on the keys the word navigator will light up so it’s not it’s like kind of gray it looks really sporty like sort of all

Kind of bringing back older navigator looks it looks made it look kind of sporty looks like a little vent this they’re not all coming with it’s not always black this is just a brush black custom paint job there um they usually come with like i don’t know chrome or something now here’s the really cool part about the front end the headlight these are the two main

Ones when you hit the lock unlock in a remote start anything like that on the key fob these will glow up just these little bars and dials are surrounding this this right here is the blinker separated from the headlight and that i said people think that looks very really good nothing there just another underglow light kind of there not really under glow it’s like

The bumper light kind of to make it you can’t really see it here because it’s kind of hidden that’s the kind of fancy part about it this also lights up you can’t see the light in there but it’s really hidden it’s kind of around there it looks really really nice i think um all this is this is a really really really big grill it is a big car and it is an l longer

They don’t they’re not all this long um you got a nice license plate there holder it’s like it’s specially built for it um now here you got the um the nice little reflector edges not the blinker if you’re wondering and that’s where the bumper cuts off there you’re going to find these a lot around the car these are little um motion sensors for backup cameras um you

Know the secret outside the lane all that stuff now right here as well there’s a camera right here because it shows from up above the car in like a 3d version when you’re in the back of the camera that’s why there’s a mirror under the there’s like a little camera under the mirror to get surroundings updated so it can get a 3d from above thing now i’m going to show

You the interior all right now you’re wondering where’s the gear shift well it’s right here you can see park reverse neutral or drive your normal natural floor for a normal car you got nice cupholder areas you got some mask in there and then you got this nice cup holder this one i think it’s supposed to be especially built for the phone right there that little

Pit you got a really big um you got a really big um little glove box there this is all drive mode the auto hold you got the um parking brake there go all that good stuff now here this is the um defrost um right here the ac that controls asc that become that turns the rear these two dials right here control the um it’s thermostat if you hit auto heat warmers

See freezers you got the nice dials and volumes there here the blinkers um you will think right there just a button i can’t i don’t really know what it’s for you see a um a nice little um vent pointer thing from the inside direction you got a big screen you might notice that there’s no dials at all the button and that it’s all just electric see as you could tell

United a nice little s and setting in there blinker all that you got engine start but now the cool another cool part is up here you got more storage up there which is nice it’s got good rebel base sets which is a really cool thing and around there it can control everything up down it control top part bottom part up down anything paddle break it’s not stan um

You cannot make it a paddle manual shift which is a good thing that can be very very very useful you got the door things lock unlock dials or you can hit one one is for like a kid two is for like a mom first for the dads uh you got all so good right there now in the back the bag also is reported very cool now you’re thinking this very big glass roof here um it

Does have a thing you can shut these two buttons right there as you can see you can completely fold it right there but that’s a very good thing you might need to keep in mind you got a um an outlet there which can hold some goods amount two on usbs and then there you have one of those um puddins really classic ones um seat warmers you can fold the seat up down

There’s a button right there that folds this up which is very cool dials that’s nice to know and the doors as you can see right there really good base nice wood good orange leather interior good base more better than that 2015 egg fish we did earlier which the same who that was the same owner previous owner who owns this car too which is my uncle um nice little

Cup holder area right there here’s the cool part you can control the volume for back here you get the source you can turn it off from up there in case a kid would be like blaring it loud bow you know um you could turn that off there’s like a screen will show the song um big big big center console for the rear and that’s very very good thing indeed it sure is

And um you got a lot more space to store like an ipad or a phone down there when you leave also you can see all the electronics are in here nice back seating pad that’s very good to keep in mind also look you see right there all that is also orange it’s a very spacious orange interior third row the buttons right there on the side also usb chargers a lot of cup

Holders in the back you gotta um you can fold those up and down which is very very nice the vents are up here on the roof as you can see that’s a good another thicker thing you got from right there too last room’s always been nice it’s another classic newer thing these days moving on the back this can open and you could just see with all these boxes here how

Much how spacious it is too it’s got a lot of nice space with them all if you fill all it up with luggage that’s good also the exhaust pipe is missing it’s under the bumper behind it that’s a good thing to know some of them come with a hitch you can take that off i’m pretty sure more sensors which is another nice thing there is a button i don’t see it screw it

And if you don’t want to haul open this whole thing there’s a button right there on the opposite side you can open that this just like the uh that expedition we did has a luggage cedar holding thing nice backup camera with good sensors on it that’s very useful really um another thing is that uh right here i mean it needs the um it’s got very very bad gas mileage

Just like most suvs do they’re no no suv has good gas mileage sadly you got a chrome nice bar good big reflectors which is very sporty and all that good stuff it’s all it’s all good good good suspension and chrome stuff when you have the keys you can control stuff from right there like if you hit it it’ll just unlock that is really good for with the car and

It’s very spacious sporty you got the things right there the dial key code you get that from your dealer chrome um up bars you put things on if you align them anyway that is my review of this 2019 lincoln navigator l hope you all enjoyed it don’t forget to like subscribe and i’ll see you all next time bye

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Dutch Car Review on a 2019 Lincoln Navigator L by a 10 year old By Dutch Bethea