Dyno Tune, Downpipes, & ALL THE BURBLE on the Wifes BMW X3M

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What’s up guys welcome back to my channel this is jordan rk tunes as you can see this is not the x-ray am i gonna be talking about in today’s video is my g80 i did this video a few months ago i saw a share with you the amazing games and everything that we did to my wife’s x3m but just bear with me it has a lot of time i’m going to say if i get a g80 when the g80

Comes out when i do this video a g80 was a back thought in my mind i thought i was going to get uh wait for an all-wheel drive one to come out and then i got told this was available and i jumped right in it as you guys have already seen in my previous videos hope you guys really enjoy this video behind me we have my wife’s x3m actually car’s back it has fresh 93

Octane in it we’re not running anymore 87 or whatever had it before time to use on baseline hits and then i’m gonna throw down pipes on it or off the shelf tune for stage one let’s just say in the car should make about 550 wheel horsepower then put down pipes on see what else we can make on pump gas with downpipes so cars still have like secondary cabs stuff like

That that are oem so i don’t know exactly what it will gain by doing all the other goodies let’s see and then maybe the future i’ll probably put some 85 in the car but i want to turn the car up and make some real power but for her she’s just going to drive the car 93 octane pump gas and she’s been asking me for a verbal i want her to go pop pop pop pop pop like

One of the previous cars we had that she drove around a bunch so been asking for a long time been extremely patient it’s time here’s baseline dino heads so so carmen 428 wheel one hit 423 wheeled and exit actually 455 wheel horsepower last hit with the highest of 420 wheel torque nothing too crazy but it’s right about where it should be for a non-comp the

Comps usually 30 to 50 wheel more on the dyno at least so now we’re gonna put our off-the-shelf stage one tune in it see what it made so i’m still in the car obviously as you can see i did a bunch of hits on the car right off the right we were making 540 550 wheel horsepower their standard off the shelf tune i tried a few different things because i had a little

Bit of time with this car to play with everything and so far i’m up to 560 wheel horsepower on a bone stock x3m no mods at all running this car in all-wheel drive mode on the dyno i’ve seen other people run different numbers on different dynos everything like that some are all wheel drive some are trying to put in rear wheel drive mode which does not work good

Please don’t try if you’re at home just do overdrive mode on a linked dynojet preferably not a link to anything dino so 560 wheel horsepower on 93 octane with zero mods i think last time we tried this i made 520 or 530 and the car had the wrong gas in it so now we’re making power i am going to show you guys some more dino hits of this car right now with the

Current tune and then we’ll see what’s next so i made quite a few hits now on the car and i mean it just makes from 560 553 it’s from the 550 560 range every hit here’s right now where i’m up to i’ll show you the baseline polls and the power we’re at so i’m hyped with these gains i hope she’s happy my wife is mad she goes i’m rk to his wife my car better burple

She was very unhappy she’s had no verbal for 2 000 miles or whatever this thing’s had so it’s 110 wheel torque at 130 wheel horsepower peak so far no mods so i think bmw really underplayed this car when they made it i love six cylinder turbo cars i tuned a ton of the v8 twin turbostuff fm5 f90s we have one here now it’s got build motor f90 so i’ve done a ton

Of them but i love the 600 turbo stuff this is just like you get to play with the g80 before you actually get a g80 once gas come out that’ll be the next biggest thing but right now these things are wild before we put the downpipes in the car i’m gonna show you guys exactly what it sounds like in comfort mode i’m gonna do like two three revs and then sport mode

Two or three revs put the down pipes on and then show you guys the difference with our downpipes as you can see there’s not really much of a huge difference with sport versus comfort mode even though in sport mode it does open the muffler flaps comfort mode they’re not open inside the car it sounded so similar i’m not sure exactly what it sounded like for you

Guys but doing the downpipe is going to make it sound way better then putting like a little bit more verbal on it compared to the factory is going to sound even better stock downpipes are out we have our down pipes ready to go in it’s a little side by side our down pipes we’re stock downpipe still all the brackets look extremely similar i always try to have the

Downpipe match stock as much as possible especially for a bracket if you don’t often has like vibrations leads to carpent timing for no reason so these have a similar flex to stock everything’s the same location of stock fitment just like stock so as long as the tears part more throw these down pipes in and then we’ll get it right back on the dyno how we doing down

Pipes are in i’m going to show you guys a few pulls of what it sounds like in comfort mode than a few pulls what it sounds like in sport plus i’ve been in comfort mode all right now it’s four plus so definitely a little bit louder still no crazy burp balls but we’re going to get it back on the dyno i’ll add in all the verbals and then turn the power up so so

Power wise just through the downloads of tune doesn’t gain a whole lot more than just the normal stock tune i think this car still has secondary caps that are relatively restrictive and the car still has factory intakes so the next step would be us throwing on our front mount intakes when they come in a few weeks and re-dyno in the car see how much that helps and

Then from there we can go down different avenues so i mean sound is sick with these downpipes you can hear right now the verbal that she’s been asking me for check this out so she’s obviously asking for the verbal she finally got the verbal so i’m hyped about that in terms of games i mean the car makes a little bit more in the mid-range i can show you guys some

Of these hits like side-by-side up top does not make a whole huge difference in my opinion which is pretty interesting typically that is one of the most restrictive points in these cards so i mean sound wise i’m gonna leave it i love this next up though i said our front mounting takes to be here in a few weeks we’ll see what those games the factory these really

Small square filters and double layering with a charcoal filter first so i doubt it’s really going to be a i doubt that oem intake can flow that great who knows could be wrong these if anyone tells you also downpipe make a huge power game it doesn’t only other thing i didn’t realize by doing downpipes it did drop down the wastegate duty cycle a little bit from

Stock to well i’m sorry it dropped down the wastegate due cycle a little bit which means if you’re going 85 and you’re pushing the turbos to a limit you will probably get a little bit more out of them by running down pipes but in terms of the limits the limits on pump guests are so close with or without them it’s not a lot of difference so i’ll show you right now

The before and after i’m going to show you is a few of like the before down by the f downpipe up top it’s literally the same down low though did make a difference so end up making about 15 foot-pounds torque from 3000 to about 5000 rpm so it does do something for sure up top does not a huge difference and over you overlay i’m going to show you guys like the best

Like the best of the best compared to the best of the best i mean you guys can see the stock baselines at 426 wheels like nothing compared to this too about 130 wheel horsepower and 100 wheel torque sick gains wild so every pull the down pipe back to back back same thing 555 560 with or without it so up top not a huge difference in the mid-range a little bit

After some tweaks but i think the most beneficial will be on 85 and then also import other restrictions on the car as you can tell it’s definitely a different day here now that i have a little bit extra time i actually have about half ten gas left i fill the rest up with e85 we put our 85 10 in it see what it’ll make it’s been a while since i did one of these

On 85 and i have not done one that had high flow downpipes in it so it’s gonna be interesting to see what it does here are some dyno hits with ed5 in it so so that’s 85 hits on this car it’s not straight e5 it’s a blend like e40 50 it’s a half 85 hat pump guess it’s like e70 out here right now it’s called e40ish the car makes 629 wheel horsepower i could

Probably tweak it more and make more it’s pretty interesting by doing this on this car it’s been a little while i can actually probably make even more on the stock tune and the stage two tune we’ll call it so pretty interesting little finds as i tweak things along the way you guys just see a few dino hits i did a lot more if you guys also if you guys like what

I do hit the bell button hit the subscribe so here’s the dino sheets on all this stock 446 wheel stage one 560 stage 2 590 and 85 630 so all in for almost 200 wheel horsepower 190 wheel horsepower and 160 wheel torque that’s all graphs i doubt she’ll be driving the car ever on e85 blend it’s gonna stay on this right now until she runs out of gas i’ll flash it

Back to the 590 wheel tune and she’ll enjoy it so that’s it for this part i hope you guys enjoyed watching peace

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Dyno Tune, Downpipes, & ALL THE BURBLE on the Wife's BMW X3M By JORDAN RKTUNES