EASY Van Window Installation – MOTION WINDOWS

Step-by-step window installation – Ram ProMaster. I share my mistakes along with tips & tricks to make your installation quick and easy.

Oh it’s hot that will be my window my van build has cost me welcome back today is the day that i’ve been most nervous about i am installing two windows reason that i’m so nervous for this day is because when i was talking to a buddy of mine that builds out bands he did mention there was a giant bug flew in he mentioned that maxxair fans are usually pretty okay to

Install yourself and he did mention that was windows you can total your van putting giant holes on the side so let’s just hope that that does not happen today i’m installing two motion windows from peninsula glass and they’re specific for my ram promaster and they come with the specific foam ceiling that fits the windows perfectly for this brand it also comes with

Hardware for it which i’ll show you we actually it has my name on it cute no more procrastinating step one making it the template each window comes with two pieces you have the actual window and then you have a clamp ring the clamp ring is gonna be what holds the window in place this is the piece that you want to take a template of and i just cut out the side of

The box that the windows came in i’m going to take this part of my window and a trace the outside of that inner part all right i ended up doing a template over here instead just to avoid some of this puckering in the cardboard here we go use my template all right template is made now what i’m gonna do is take off these supports in my van so if you’re doing

This in a ram promaster these supports need to come out if you are doing this in a sprinter van and i believe a transit as well the supports do not stick out as much you can just cut right through them these supports are held on by these two small metal tabs on either side and then just this stuff here so we can take the support away from these two metal tabs it

Will come off so i’m going to use a chisel and a hammer and get to it not too shabby it’s actually not that bad okay that was actually quite easy this one has less gunk holding it up so now i am just going to clean up those little metal tabs and i’m gonna chisel those off so they’re not hanging around it’s hot all right it’s only about 110 degrees so what i

Just did i figured out where one on my bed so i measured how much space i need and i’m deciding to have my window about a half an inch lower than this i’ve made a few different marks here crossed and that’s where my template will sit so that that final panel that will actually hold my window in will have enough space underneath my support so my next step here is

To tape my template to where i want my window to be and then trace it the measuring is important because you can’t really use a level unless you’re on purposely love the ground which does not make sense template is drawn onto my actual real life event craziness one other note you can download and print off a little circular piece of paper from motion windows

On their website it can help you make their correct curve on the corners when you’re transferring your template to the outside of the van i did not do that but what i am going to do is just use the template we’ll see how it works next up then is to drill the holes and transfer myself and all my things to the outside of my van so i can actually start the cutting

Process how you want to do this is where the straight line meets the curve you want to drill a hole here and then another one here same thing down here here here all the way around so eight holes total i really hold my template is it looks correct i’m just gonna make sure i’m just gonna grab the window make sure that’s right i think i do one across the top is

Long stuff just to make me feel better okay this is really scary so in order to protect my van just a little bit more i’m just going to tape this sheet below here and then wrap it up on above it just to catch all of the metal shavings i’m just gonna do it right below where my first cut will be see all these holes that i made so i’m gonna line up the template oh

Yeah we’re good i was looking for my sharpie all right that will be my window i’m gonna talk through the cutting pattern that i’m gonna use because my goal is to reduce flap enos at all costs i don’t want a lot of vibration and i got this idea from motion windows from their website my goal is to leave these two middle pieces still intact with this pilot hole i’m

Going to drill a bigger hole so that my jigsaw blade can fit and then i am going to cut this curve here tape it and then cut into the middle but leave a little bit of this intact i’m gonna do the same thing on this side i’ll make this bigger so my jigsaw blade can fit i’m gonna cut all here tape this so it doesn’t flap around and then come in here to the middle

And leave a chunk here in the middle and then i’m just gonna do the same thing on both sides of here bringing this in so at the end there’s just two little pieces that i’ll have to cut out rather than having this entire piece cut and flat in your mouth so i’m going to drill out these holes first the size that i need for my jigsaw blade you know how miss they’re

Cutting i’m gonna put tape like double up on tape just around where i’m gonna cut just to protect it all right so i ended up going back to home depot to get a different jigsaw the one that we have was from the restore for $9 so i’m going to hopefully finish up this cut and we’ll see how it goes with the new jigsaw this cuts like so it’s pretty uncomfortable

For me to saw this way so i’m just gonna do another hole here so i can connect these two we go this way with my right hand no i’m proud of that oh my gosh okay don’t drop it window it fits there are some pieces of metal sticking up or there’s just loose metal so i’m just going to make sure everything is nice and not poking all right once again with the

Exposed metal i’m just gonna take it nice all right i’m gonna let that dry it does not it looks to me like so just to be conservative when i drilled the holes the first time i drilled them to the very inside of the traced line and then when i cut it out i also cut to the inside of the line and it worked out actually really well there’s even still just like

A little bit of wiggle room with the window it’s not too big and it’s not a super tight fit either so that’s not meant from my one window that i did so since these windows were powder coated they recommend that you use some lacquer thinner to clean them before you lay down the foam that they provide for you if you want to keep the paper on it until you hit the

Corners and then when hit the corners you peel it off and it will stretch a lot easier once you get back around one full time you want to overlap the foam where it met just a little bit to make sure that there’s a really tight seal all right we’re feeling raindrops and it’s getting super windy so we’re gonna hurry up all this for the next part you’re gonna need

Somebody else so i asked jake to help me he’s gonna put the window in and then from the inside i will put the plate on and screw it all in so another little trick is to spray down the foam with some glasses the air before you put it in the window that way it’s not going to stick immediately and there’s going to be a little bit of space for the room for wiggle room

If we need to adjust it confuse right now see what i don’t understand i was nervous because the hole was definitely a little bit bigger than the window but now i’m understanding now that i’m actually screwing it in that that’s okay i’m starting with the right side so i took off the little adhesive strip that looked like this on the frame so you can tell this is

Flopping around so i’m going to tighten down the right side first so i can bring the left side in and make sure it’s really tight all right i think this actually is going you okay nice what’s in there yeah and the window is in now i need to do the second one all right onto the second window perfect now i’m going to make just a few of these holes bigger and then

I’m gonna start cutting same process as last time oh thank you one is good i gotta make sure it fit i just painted the metal edge they forgot to film it so i’m gonna let that dry and then put it in so once again i am going to ask the jakes to put the window in while i put the screws in and finish it up so you here’s the final window install all right

Them all up all right in the hall sign this show but now i need to wash them so the windows both of them are in and clean this part of the van build was definitely nerve-racking and scary and also something that i’m really really proud of after the fact these windows from peninsula glass we’re really quite easy to install i would definitely recommend them for

Anybody that is wanting to do windows by themselves let’s go over the cost of the build so far so far with everything that i’ve done including the rust protectant the partition removal the two max air fans and now the windows my van build has cost me 1248 dollars seventy cents thank you so much for watching another one of my videos this whole thing has been an

Incredible learning experience this has been fun and frustrating and exciting and i think i’m going to do floor next yep we are the between i

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EASY Van Window Installation – MOTION WINDOWS By Linnea \u0026 Akela