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Hey this is mike very excited to show you the 2014 ram 1500 in black now this is a laramie limited truck but it also has the new eco diesel and this is the absolute first truck i’ve seen with the new eco diesel v6 engine and this is amazing vehicle now i just got off the truck it’s not clean but i just wanted to make the video as soon as possible before this truck

Gets going because the last diesel we had was in a grand cherokee and it lasted about two hours and i did not have a chance to do the video so if you can just excuse a little bit of dirt on it and show you it now look at that grill it’s got the front sensors projector headlights cool looking grill now i’m going to start up with a remote start it may not run very

Long because it’s not a doesn’t have a whole lot of fuel in it huh but listen the engine it’s not very loud it’s not like a normal diesel engine where it’s like extremely loud here a little bit i’m going to look on the look under the hood while it’s running for the videos over so just to let you know laramie limited i’m gonna unlock it i can use the key but i can

Also is a proximity key and that’s where i can lock and unlock the doors you lock the door like that i can unlock the door just i put my hand here on the handle it senses my dicky in my pocket and in my hand there which i can open it up you see it is the other doors got some nice embellishments there got some bottle holders pockets everywhere that’s a nice evany

Wood grain trim there and it’s real wood there’s the power seat for the passenger you see he has some filigree embellishments there on the seat this is limited right there this opens up club compartments you have a pocket there that fits a full size file folder you have heated and cooled seats here in the front here’s the back seat there’s the inside of the back

Door just as fantasy just as nice as the front door it’s not skip it on anything back here seats look amazing nice black interior black exterior this has the the premium alpine sound system and the amplifier on the subwoofers here underneath the seat there’s a cup holder there check out those formats really nice this right there you get your heated seats back

Here in the back power supply there your vents there’s some for vents there now this is a crew cab truck so it has the floor storage and this do it one-handed comes out and you can dump it and use it for storage put it back in there and it’s completely out of the way underneath the floor mat and you do have storage underneath the seat on the other side as well

As that storage in the floor there back of the seats as these like these buckles here this magnetic pretty cool looking yup and around there on the side of the headrest that’s pretty neat handles have like a leather wrapping to them off some wheels now back here you’ve had the sensors in the back as well as the front there’s your backup camera lens see this is

Limited there’s the towing package four by four this has a spray in bedliner right here from the factory that way you don’t have to worry about any kind of moisture getting underneath the plastic bed liner really looks good too pretty much the same view on this side got the fancy door speakers you got speakers up here two in the top that’s to put a license plate

On the front of the vehicle this lifts up in addition to the storage underneath to see here but you also is pretty deep keeps things for rolling around we also have this fold flat floor system is on the other side – in that case just in case you want to let put a box or something back here if it’s raining and you don’t put use it back of the truck it has the handy

Feature really like this these belt buckles looking things the ram symbol on them press with that and a special shouting ram okay bezel does have the heated side mirrors now here’s the inside of the driver’s door you get your pockets there at the bottom as well as here a nice big speaker there a sharp-looking now you can have your you know your normal window

Controls door lock controls side mirror controls but you also have a folding folding side mirrors too so i can fold them make good and out like that now we do have automatic headlights here you have adjustable pedals adjust those in and out with that switch there there’s your seat controls you have power seat lumbar support as well as two presets amazing looking

Truck everything about it’s just top top of the line type stuff here all right since i use the remote start i still have to push this button to start it up or not to start up but to turn everything on on the inside do you have the heated steering wheel you do have real wood here on the steering wheel and it’s real grippy the rest of it is leather wrapped stitched

There’s your gauges your de f fluid is right here your diesel fuel is on the right side miles per hour tachometer temperature oil pressure now right in the middle you have a screen and you can customize that i’m going to kind of scroll through just to give you an idea of what kind of information you can get and go back here and scroll to the right i’m using these

Buttons here to scroll through it for you now this one does have a seat and we get back let’s go back right here air suspension this is how the air suspension system on it which is really neat i’ll show you that in a second there’s some buttons that control that they’re up here we’re set at normal height alright so i’m going to scroll through a little bit more

There’s a lots and lots of stuff here i’m going to go kind of fast just so you can get an idea with your shrimps media all right so just to give you an idea we are facing southwest as a digital compass digital tempers on temperatures on the top right this truck has 22 miles on it now back to the steering wheel we do have your cruise control settings right here

We have a 8-speed transmission in it there’s your shifter and you can shift the gears using the gear up and gear down button there okay radios on i’m going to change the station on the back of the steering wheel here is a volume button i can adjust the volume up and down on the back of steering wheel on this side is it changing stations so i’m going to turn the

Volume back down just want to demonstrate those and you know what the buttons are for those are the forth of the menu there now right above here is your your voice recognition button you can basically tell the vehicle to car certain number once you pair your phone or tune to a certain station this button here is to answer and hang up your phone once this pair your

Bluetooth phone once it’s paired with the system once your wipers are there there’s your push button start now with the proximity key you can enter the vehicle exit the vehicle lock it up using the key without the key in your hand you just have the key in your pocket you can also start the vehicle putting you’re putting your foot on the brake and push the button so

You can actually not take the key ever out of your pocket there’s the outline sound system badge up there if you have a little pocket here this is ram and it has some eponine wood around it here’s your uconnect system now right now it’s on radio does have satellite radio that comes with a full year with a new truck am/fm at good stuff now your media it does have

A cd player which i’ll show you in a second usb import auxilary input sd card input as well as bluetooth this is where you’re ventilated seats are there’s some more buttons for those too but you can access them through here he did and ventilated seats heated steering wheel here climate control you can set your your buttons there your temperature like that we also

Have more buttons for this in case you would only use a screen here’s your navigation you can set a destination or you can view the map really easy to read map and it really easy to set a destination there’s your fun controls this is where your phone book and all that stuff will be and your favorites there at the top you connect apps once you once you registered

You can has cool things like travel link where you can see the nearest fuel the fuel prices in your area movie listing sports stuff like that weather and also you can set up as a wi-fi hotspot your vehicle and so there’s a lot a lot of cool things or apps so you can you know get more apps or less apps and on what you want some of them are paid some of our free down

Here you can also turn the screen off if it’s just distracting you while you’re driving now you do have some redundant buttons your volume button is here your compute your tune your radios here right in here is your climate control buttons these are all extra buttons in addition to your touch screen full drive controls are down here shifter is there we’re going to

Put it in reverse or fast before i forget to show you what the backup camera looks like now as i start a steering wheel and turn the wheel now you can see there’s lines move those lines give you an estimated trajectory of the truck as you’re backing up and it does have the sensors here which you’ll have an indicator here on the screen when you put it in reverse and

You’ll start beeping at you if you get close to something and give you an idea of how far away you are and also when you’re going forward it’ll has the sensors as well down here some more buttons this is where your air ride suspension is you can raise the entire truck or lower the entire truck right there your heated seats cooled seats heated steering wheel buttons

Are there traction control is always on unless you turn it off here you do have a tow and haul button case you’re hauling a heavy trailer your rear parking brake sensors i mean you can turn those off or the front just in case you know you’re going to get close to something and you don’t want it beep attachment you have a pocket there pocket there little place with

Business cards there cup holders little storage pocket here here’s your ac adapter right there in case you want plug in a laptop or phone and charge it you have a little storage pocket there here’s your armrest really fancy stitched armrest the words limited written in it this lifts up it’s like clamshell design you have a nice big area to put like a tablet or small

Laptop here’s your sd card input auxilary input and usb you also have a usb charger right there to the right this whole thing lifts up you have a big storage bin right here you also see your cd player which is right there as auto dim rear view mirror right in here is your garage door controls this little thing here is infrared sensor for your climate control this is

Your sliding rear glass that opens and closes with that button you do have some tap lights in case you just need to quickly look at something now it does have a sunroof and you can control it you can push the event button here and vin it and close it slide it up and like so pretty neat visors have mirrors and lights in them same thing on the other side i really liked

With this little rubber grip here on the handles it’s a nice touch first time i’ve ever seen that and speaking of first time i’m seeing something let’s check out the engine formats are cool too by the way i’ve limited it right there i just really classy looking thirty-four no litre turbo diesel eco diesel is dirty its pollen season right now but i wanted to show

You as soon as i laid eyes on not a very diesel and i’m going to try to do a protest video if possible but um keep an eye out i’ll try to do that if i can if it doesn’t sell first all right there you have it i’m sure i probably missed over some stuff we’ll starting to rain right now if you have any questions my phone number and email address will be in description see you next time

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