Elantra N Humbles Cocky V8 Owner

Hope you guys are enjoying the vlogs. Like the video.

And as y’all can see we’re in track mode and mode cause we got a scat right here and he i don’t know if he tested me or what he called himself doing but as i can see he lined up at the light let’s see what he do oh you tried taking off with me youtube ex gang man what is good to you what is good which is your boy is it exclusive and i’m back with another vlog

Man so as y’all can see i’m in the car man um and like i said in the last videos for y’all that saw the last video at least i told y’all like i haven’t been consistent i need to start like being assisted i need to start uploading more excessively car content especially with the uh the hot weather about to be gone so today y’all just tuned in for a little vlog i

Guess um we uh gotta make a run real quick i’m on my way up to the mall just got off work not too long ago i got cleaned up and everything now i’m on the way up to the mall to make a run and then um yes a couple things going on today or a couple things at least that i could get into today so it’s a monday so track day not till wednesday so hopefully i have a

Video that day if it’s not raining but yeah we’re gonna see what today can bring us so stay tuned for the vlog i’m gonna tap back in with y’all in the next clip one thing about the ends man they have great uh lane keep assist and um lane follow assist like i got my hand on the steering wheel but you can take it off no hands on steering wheel and it completely

Keeps the lane for you all right so update game i don’t know what’s going on with the camera but it’s been tweaking lately so the rest of the vlog might be on the phone but we’re on our way to smurf’s house um i’m bored with the hellcat for you those of y’all who don’t know and as y’all can see we’re in track mode and mode because we got a scat right here and

He i don’t know if he tests him here what do you call himself doing but as you can see we lined up at the light we’re lying about the light so when this joint turned green we gonna see what he on you know what i’m saying so you need a car wash it’s like dirty as hell he got a 6’4 so let’s see how i fare up against him let’s see if he take off like he get the last

Light he took off at the last light when i wasn’t recording let’s see i’m not even going to use ngs i’m gonna just do take off let’s see what he do oh he tried taking off with me oh you coming oh god damn that pothole was hard as he took off with me y’all he was spinning a lot different man he was spinning took off what is that they’d probably be seeing while

I just played like get the out of here this hyundai with the v8s you like to play he gonna take off again at this one listen i’m trying to save yeah i just lost three miles in range i just feel this i filled the car up on today is monday i feel my car up on friday i was speeding around drilling through a whole tank of gas i had to fill it up again sunday night

And now i didn’t drove through a whole dinner a whole quarter tank of gas in just one day he he really take off i’m not gonna take off with him again hell naughty it’d be cops around let me go back and eco you already lost my boy i ain’t even you win every race you don’t race he gonna take off i’m gonna just take off nice and slow he gonna be hot like nah raise

Me again run that back look he tried to go look he’s scared he’s scared of the little hyundai look look at him go if you’re already lost but yeah man like i was saying before that i hit no more potholes but like i was saying before that um yeah as you all can see he turned his hatches off oh my god y’all look he want to run it back he turned his hazards on no

I’m not racing this again but yeah man as y’all can see he really want to go again look he turned him hold on let me talk to him i was trying to talk to you all right so we didn’t made it to smurf house what’d you just say you talking cuz the car dirty hell yeah man listen man i just tried to go to the car wash and the car was the car wash was closed y’all

So right before that last clip i got the car wash and the was closed so i couldn’t get the car wash so yeah so yeah i just tried playing around with the camera and i just tried readjusting all my settings and everything and this keep popping up so if any uh like camera geeks comment down below which i think is wrong but i’m have to take it to the camera store

And see what’s going on and i don’t know how long can his warranty is but i got this camera all the way back in like july or 2020 when i uploaded my first video at the beach you oog if you remember that video so but as y’all can see man she need a wash i see all the dirt all the brake dust on the wheels she is looking good with the new wheel and tire set up though

If you didn’t see that video which is the last video tune up for that after this but yeah um obviously i see the car got new wheels and tires on it but yeah i’m gonna tap back in with y’all in the next clip all right gang so i just made it up to the show um i took a different way than everybody else so i don’t know where they’re at if they’re up here yet or not

Oh no speaking of the devil there they go right there so let’s see where he has dun park at he had me parked right here if he hadn’t parked somewhere else i’m gonna just move i know they see me coming here ah so i’m waiting on jackson to get up here um so yeah we finna um just be cooling up here actually no he taking smurfs somewhere else i’m about to move where

They where are you taking him you’re with them yeah that’s fine okay he figured i couldn’t get a car wash y’all i didn’t put down the vlog but i tried to get a car wash and the ship was closed go ahead john shaw i’ll hit you in your kid man i’m not one of those drivers but yeah man as i saw at smurf’s house the car was dirty i went to the car wash i tried to

Go to the car wash and it was closed so i couldn’t even wash my car man but um which i didn’t see what i did off camera was i used like this little wax spray and wiped it down with a rag like on the spots it was dirty because i do got a ceramic coating so like it was it been raining here for like the past two days but the ceramic helps a little bit with that but

It’s hot man i eat now all day i haven’t eight since like i had today was a candy bar literally in a bottle of intense chocolate milk at work all right so as you all can see oh maybe the target there goes twin pulling up i got to get his reaction to my car yeah everybody left us but let’s go over here um and get bro’s reaction to the cop cause this is his first

Time seeing it in person stock not stock oh my gosh my wheels are so dirty all the brake dust oh my gosh they black y’all they not they’re not brown they’re black they’re just dirty from the breakdown because like i said the car wash is closed i tried to wipe the paint down with like some what’s the name ah so that’s how they look but it’s a thumbnail right here

Boom thumbnail just like that so you’re hopping out what you think my they dirty right now don’t mind they usually black they usually black like the paint but they’re like though huh definitely because it’s not it’s not as many grooves and everything you got to join shining right now on my boy but the car yo the car wash is closed bro no way yes they would go to

The vlog that’s gang y’all know jackson if y’all haven’t this is my car twin um if y’all haven’t tuned in to the previous videos but yeah why you got your car running oh i’m stupid i feel like that’s cool i forgot we got the fan but yeah let’s go find the rest of them they left us but uh yeah we gonna tap back in when we look at some cars man that’s right right

Here y’all never see you said you’ve never seen one in person looks really good like some type of specialty paint job i’m just saying 560 horsepower 200 mile an hour speed limit i mean uh top speed what i’m saying yeah man they got some cars here i guess this is like a classic show yeah ferrari oh our mission we gotta find everybody else where they left us

Bro see you see how they always leaving us look at that wide body cat rap matt green that’s tough that is tough all right let’s find them though i’m hungry man i had bro all i had to eat today was a candy bar and a bottle of intense chocolate milk and at work all the way at like 10 a.m bro and it’s like what time is it it’s like six right now all right y’all

So we in this little ice cream shop that they wanted to come to bro i need to drink something i need to get some food man i haven’t gotten i haven’t all i eat burritos y’all ate already you ate already a little bit y’all want to get some food after this or not yeah yeah so i decided to go with some ice cream y’all smurf got smurf and his girl got smoothies

As y’all can see yeah but um oh wow that’s fast uh i know that’s it okay excuse me i guess i’ll just go ahead and everybody excuse me 375 okay i wish i had a camera oh okay thank you i appreciate it all right his food y’all boys and they left they left us again i’m gonna tell them when you come over here that they always leaving us jackson you know we gotta

Press them when we get over here right cause they keep leaving us hey i don’t know man smurf maybe we’re pressing we pressed on them bruh because why they i literally said i literally said you’re not gonna wait for jackson that’s crazy and they kept walking i’m so serious oh my gosh you know what’s crazy a little harder to be honest i told jackson i was like

Bro let’s let’s see the smurf and i’m gonna ride out to the falls today and then the meat is like right near niagara we out in niagara falls right now y’all as y’all know i love upstate new york but we are here in niagara falls and the meat is right near this falls like the state park where the actual falls is that so we might go get some food we might cruise

Up there after who knows what the knight has to offer but yeah look at this uh super snake and then our wide body we saw coming in are the challengers heavier the challenge is heavier than the chargers right that don’t make no sense how’s the coop have your wide body but it’s just fenders yeah that don’t really make a big difference in weight do it oh yeah jax

Just came in y’all and alfa romeo that was supposed to race for y’all we still got we still gotta do our race yeah we actually already raced off camera but i’m gonna tell y’all who wins because i need y’all to watch that video too i need some watch out shut up shut up you said what the black one is the black the black one they both black that’s why ah well his

Is rap but underneath his car is black though so just so y’all know who’s right yeah uh jackson alfa romeo who would be at the track oh yeah yeah yeah yeah if you didn’t know who he was how do you know his car was black yeah i know everything uh-huh oh that sounds good jack’s the first time seeing the c8 corvette in person y’all you think nice it looked like a

Ferrari right oh yeah yeah he didn’t know the engine was in the back y’all it’s a mid-engine vehicle unlike the c7 the classic right here c8 is that your car it looks so beautiful looks amazing right now it’s not dirty look it’s shining right now oh you’re popping the hood for us wow oh my gosh what liter is in here in these six two six two yeah 376 cubic

Inches okay it’s 490 horsepower 490. that’s awesome this is the base engine yeah is this the stingray yeah they didn’t come out with the uh the superchargers one yeah they that’s for 23 right 670 horsepower so up so the they’re not the 23 or the c8 they’re not gonna have a supercharged one only a c7 maybe down the road with they come out with this or whatever

But uh the z06 is just naturally aspirated it’s the highest horsepower naturally in the world he talking to us y’all so i cut the camera off but look at this interior man that’s so dope and i didn’t know they they fuel them up through here this is i think that’s actually no that’s not the fuel where’s the fuel tank at got the nice classic stock look on it y’all

Oh so here’s the fuel tank right here you know where you parked the trackhawk at man over there i see i see the top of it right there y’all see the top of it right there it’s all black it’ll be black you know what i’m saying what’s the mood tonight y’all boys nothing in the house it’s the house it’s the house y’all was all y’alls aj was in here recording a video

Yeah man everybody want them chip chip well i was i was trying to get car content the show the was dead then i went house at nighttime yeah all right so so jackson see the new setup on the en we’re about to go show and get his reaction you know i don’t know if it’s gonna be like a just reaction video or just a nice little cool vlog what y’all gonna see man oh

Look at jackson car sitting pretty with the tenant tail lights i don’t know if i showed y’all but he said he’d tell like oh my gosh the crowd on the front of my car on the left yeah you see that little black neon saying jackson to his tail like huh that’s my brake calipers my boy yeah yeah yeah you know what i’m saying how did you know you had to copy the hellcat

Nah i copy the hellcat y’all ignore the ignore i just said that look at the smurf over there i don’t know that man just disappeared they over here taking them out though they probably what the hell are these little tuners that’s hard that’s hard as right look like completely different car now i might have to get another thumbnail yeah i’m hungry i’m the stock

Ones that come and then i change that’s hard it like it don’t even i don’t even feel like it’s my car no more who’s it the who’s it though i said that he got it he got a jeep it got a v8 in it but wait no you got a fourth center don’t you that’s it that’s the yeah i changed the wheels that’s how you don’t watch the videos i just did a video on it i watched

Your video oh you did it my wheels are all dirty right now i don’t mind all the brake dust on them yeah but yeah we can run it like that i just got my tuned i’m making 350 to the wheels now no i’m captain i didn’t get my cartoon okay so that’s how i looked before and this house now which i would look like yeah i like the chrome but i feel like 19s the wheels

Was happening too much when i was like taking off yo jacks oh let me cut the vlog off of this y’all don’t know about that yeah they they with the the wheels you know of course jackson got the b the beautiful stock set up with the tenant tail lights but they of course they messing with the murdered outlook you know let’s go over here and bother smurf see what he

Up to smurf you up here being a great father yes my engine my engine probably all dirty but for the spectators you know got the ambient light on red as always you remember y’all was talking about me not having hydraulics i got hydraulic yeah it wasn’t supposed to do that it’s hydraulic yes it is i did a hydraulic change on it hold on hold this for me it’s

Hydraulic hydraulic yo i’m dead now i’m just going to say yeah my engine dirty huh did you not have that now that came on it there’s a talking because it’s not hydraulic imagine a supercharge and a turbocharged it’s gonna be slower at least on a takeoff once once you once they build up it’s gonna be faster but it takes longer to build the boost if anything i

Just upgrade to a bigger turbo that’s it and then the tune all right uh so everybody just cooling now um so i’m gonna end the vlog off here man uh appreciate your opportunity if you stay for the whole thing you’re a real one you’re a real subscriber i love y’all man and um like i said i’m gonna keep this content popping out for y’all uh me and twin cars we buddied

Up you know what i’m saying we’re gonna be together all winter everybody else go put day this is going away this is going away that’s i don’t know if that’s going away i just met him uh so yeah everybody else car going away hold on let me see peace out tomorrow but yeah me and jackson go it’s gonna be pretty much ian content all winner which is i know what is most

Of y’all came for on the channel because i came for the car so um yeah that stance looks so good bro but on that note please appreciate you all for tuning in love y’all man and i’ll see you on the next video

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