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Transcending from the past dominated by fossil fuel, genesis is leading demands of the times, stepping into the future. by doing so, the value of the virtuous cycle was discovered. to share this with many people, genesis has prepared a special exhibition. a storage space for oil transformed into a pantheon of culture. the source of inspiration for an artistic masterpiece.

Scrap wood transformed into a car’s interior material. the exhibition goes beyond just looking at the artwork through the tangent created by space and man, and art and an automobile. a special exhibition that displays the social responsibility that genesis pursues upcycling artist / isit team member / youngmin kang as you know, genesis is a brand that has newly established

A coexistence with the environment through efforts such as releasing an ev model and using upcycled materials for its interior. in that respect, i have come up with the concept of this exhibition – finding new value from waste and breathing life into them. introduction and the significance of the exhibit (new energy era) the bottom of the artwork is formed to symbolize

Petroleum, (just as the old oil reserve has transformed into a space for cultural enjoyment, artworks displayed here contain the creative moment of rediscovery of values.) it intuitively represents the conversion of energy and circulation from oil to electricity. it also reflects the direction genesis is trying to take, which aims to lead the change of times with a sense

Of responsibility for sustainability. introduction and the significance of the exhibit (upcycling value) through the process of dissolving discarded pvc or pet bottles (youngmin kang’s work shows the sustainable value that has been reborn as a beautiful work of art from discarded pet bottles.) i wanted to look at the things that are thrown away from a new perspective and

Share the value of the virtuous cycle that allows our lives to be enriched again. introduction and the significance of the exhibit (genesis perspective) this is a collage artwork called, genesis perspective. (a collage artwork with recycled pet fabric and recycled pvc pipes applied to electrified g80.) nylon reworked headlining, luggage covering, and more the g80 is a

Model that has applied eco-friendly materials to its interior, right? i think of it as an upcycling of what has already been upcycled. from the beginning to the end of the 19-day exhibition, so that more people could relate to the content and the purpose of the exhibition. you can find more details on genesis youtube and the official social media accounts.

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Electrified G80 | RE:CREATE 특별 전시 하이라이트 | 제네시스 By Genesis_worldwide