Elise Elliott – Aston Martin V12 Vantage S (2015) Friday Drive

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Welcome to lobbic luxury cars i’m sreco lorbeck well after 200 friday drives harry hammond has finally retired well this brings a new era to lobeck luxury cars with the opening of our new sydney showroom imminent in the next three or four weeks with expansion of our collectible and bespoke car section we’re going to have so many exciting cars and we’ve got a

New friday drive format that we’re putting together which is going to be super informative very exciting filmed here both in melbourne and filmed in sydney with some of the very very special cars that lobbic luxury cars are buying and sourcing from all around the country thank you for following us weekly over the last 200 episodes and also following us on our

Instagram pages at lubbock luxury cars and at lubbock luxury car stock list well today we’ve got a very special guest joining us she’s been very helpful in the last couple of weeks with a couple of little snippets and her name is elise elliott and look who’s here welcome melissa always thrilled to be here well we thank you very much for helping us today thank

You super excited what have we got well we’ve got something very special for you we know that aston martin is very close to your heart you have a special spot for esther martins so today we have got a very very special car this is an aston martin vantage s v12 a very very rare car there’s only approximately 12 in australia that were delivered in 2015 and this is

One of them you’re gonna love this i can’t wait to drive it so obviously i’m very partial to aston martin’s what i love about this car it’s it’s very true to the aston martin grace look at the way it’s got that muscular poise ready to pounce love the vents here look at that good to cool down there very hot to v12 let’s look under the bonnet my favorite part now

What’s special about this car aston martin has put its biggest engine of e12 into its smallest car look how snug that is trekko i love it and well technically it’s a 5.9 something but they call it a six liter but that is the neatest snuggest looking engine tucked into it fits perfectly in this chassis fantastic i can’t wait to hear it sounds amazing can i give it

A go please absolutely let’s go and i love the color shreko it’s really elegant i think it’s stratus white bit pearlescent well it’s a fluorescent pearlescent metallic white a special order okay glad i’m matching shrek are you ready for lift off fire it up we have the crystal key absolutely hello now elise it’s very good to see i can’t but i’ve just noticed

You’ve matched the outfit with the color isn’t that serendipitous the sun is the dress matched the the car now that is perfect style i don’t think it makes it grow faster one thing i just can’t get over is the beautiful visceral feel of the v12 i mean listen to that well this engine’s been around a long time and it’s been perfected um by aston martin and it’s

Really the ultimate engine to have in an aston martin a v12 yeah now it’s interesting it’s got different modes here um the adaptive dampers are really effective in this car sport mode yes we give it a go so you’ve got three magic buttons you’ve got the sport mode you’ve got this the suspension mode yeah then you’ve got the traction control off mode so once you’ve

Got those three buttons pressed it’s basically up to you so you can make this car do whatever you want the car will not take control now it’s interesting automated manual some people prefer full manual uh but this is still a driver’s car isn’t it yes so this is the series two of the uh um single clutch so the first one uh was implemented in the first series and

The upgrade of this now um it’s even more refined because now it obviously has the eight speed amg engine and gearbox in the car now incredibly rare obviously as a car and that’s why i always say to people if you really want one of the last of the v12s get one now uh aston martin have brought our 2023 roadster yes vantage v12 guess what sold out yep all gone so

First they brought out the v12 coupe and now of course the roadster is coming to line and yes everything’s sold out which makes this car even more rarer and more special because you cannot buy this car again and so of course moving on from there once everything goes to electric this is even rarer again yeah it’s interesting you know i still think this is a fast

Car you know not to 100 in 3.9 is still fast now look there might be electric cars you’re a tad faster but you’re not going to get that that cackle and pop and crackle and spit and everything is absolutely beautiful and this car does it the best yeah without a doubt excuse me hello little big luxury cars recollect speaking oh the lamborghini hurricane yes i

Can certainly help you with that just one moment please um i’m sorry the aston martin waits for nominated this supercar produces 421 kilowatts of power and 620 newton meters of torque not to 100 in 3.9 seconds so it’s no slouch now yes there are evs that are going to be faster after driven heaps but you’re not going to get that visceral feel of a v12 oh

My god he is still doing that dearly better sell that car still at the bus stop see you later so you dumped me oh but did you sell the car yes oh it was worth it then it’s always worth it i hope you enjoyed the car i love it i’ll see you when we pull up i’m sorry i left you behind what a thrilling ride i loved every minute of it i don’t want to hand back the

Keys i don’t know if i can attracted you to the car by itself but it looks like you and the car survived it’s a supercar with soul and grunt i loved it now if you’d like to buy a special car like this super rare super rare and super special come down to lubbock luxury cars and buy today and as always a little bit luxury cars and we’ll see you next week

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Elise Elliott – Aston Martin V12 Vantage S (2015) Friday Drive By Lorbek Luxury Cars