Elon Musk BREAKING UPDATE Of The Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk BREAKING UPDATE Of The Tesla Cybertruck!

Tesla’s cyber truck was supposed to start at the extremely appealing price of 39 900 but that was in 2019 when the cyber truck was first announced elon musk recently stated a lot has changed since then after several delays tesla ceo elon musk has now indicated that deliveries of the company’s upcoming cyber truck could begin in mid-2023 in this video we’ll take a

Look at everything you need to know about the cyber truck deliveries in mid 2023 the tesla cyber truck is a long awaited electric pickup truck from one of the market’s leaders in electric vehicles part of its allure and the reason people have been waiting for it with baited breath is that it’s the most unique electric truck on the market at a very reasonable price

That is no longer the case at least according to tesla founder and ceo elon musk here’s what he had to say about the tesla cyber truck price increase and why it went up during a conference call with investors tesla ceo elon musk stated that the company hopes to begin delivering the cyber truck its battery-powered electric pickup in the middle of next year this

Is a more specific timeline than musk has previously provided during the company’s earnings call last quarter he stated that the truck would arrive hopefully next year tesla first announced the truck in 2019 with the production set to begin in late 2021 the company announced a delay until 2022 in august 2021 and musk pushed that prediction back until hopefully

Next year during the company’s q4 earnings call in january meanwhile competitors such as ford and rivian have introduced to their own electric pickups with ford stating that it plans to produce 150 000 ford f-150 lightnings by 2023. one of the cybertruck’s distinguishing features is its bizarre angular design which resembles an early video game model the company

Appears to have had difficulties making their designs safe for use in the real world musk tweeted in late 2021 that he was concerned about the cybertruck’s windshield wiper currently it’s one massive arm designed to clean the entire windshield in a single stroke videos of the truck driving on test tracks have leaked and earlier this year someone posted a video

Of a walk around of a prototype unit in other words unlike the second generation roadster which is also said to arrive in 2023 the truck hasn’t gone completely missing musk did not elaborate during that call on what tesla needed to do to get the cyber truck on the road however the company has experienced production issues with its existing model s3xy vehicles in

Recent months with a factory at open in shanghai china experiencing repeated shutdowns due to kovid which the company said was a factor in the drop in production reported in its second quarter earnings result we don’t have a demand problem at tesla we have a production problem musk said during the earnings call elon musk just a few weeks after unveiling his diverse

Sci-fi cyber truck was spotted driving the prototype vehicle in malibu california this weekend all while knocking over a sign and possibly making an illegal turn the cyber truck has been spotted on public roads several times since its debut on november 21st however it is the first time musk has been seen driving which prompted tmz and the daily mail to license the

Paparazzi footage that has since gone viral later that evening the truck was seen cruising down interstate 405. automakers frequently test prototype vehicles on public roads before they are ready for production in fact there’s a cottage industry of people who go to great lengths to photograph these vehicles in order to get a sense of what automakers have in store

With their newest models and automakers typically respond by using various camouflage and fake bodywork to confuse observers the cyber truck with its massive angular steel frame massive wheels and raised suspension cannot be hidden and musk wasn’t hiding anything while driving it this weekend instead he drove the truck to nobu a celebrity hotspot with grimes and a

Few other passengers the cybertruck prototype lacks a number of features that will be required for it to be road legal when it ships at the end of 2021 such as a driver’s side mirror windshield wipers and more dedicated headlights and brake lights tesla like other automakers has outfitted the cyber truck with a manufacturer license plate which allows companies to

Test vehicles on public roads even if they do not meet u.s federal motor vehicle safety standards while it appears that musk ran a red light as he exited nobu a closer look on google street view reveals that this particular exit of the parking lot does not have its own light however street view reveals that the sign mask struck is there to inform nobu customers that

They can only make a right out of the parking lot musk turned left clipping the stop sign and crossing in front of cars that had just gotten a green light musk was caught on camera clipping a child-sized sign in his behemoth electric pickup truck during one of the prototypes first public appearances of course much like the truck’s divisive design musk’s decision

To bring the prototype to a high-profile location like nobu is likely to inspire even more people to put down 100 deposits regardless of how carelessly he drove it when the cyber truck was first unveiled in 2019 one of its most distinguishing features was its massive flat windshield that blended seamlessly into the hood however keeping a clean windshield was not

Even considered by tesla’s design team as evidenced by the original prototypes lack of a working windshield wiper but as the truck approaches production we’re starting to see the compromises that tesla will have to make in order to accommodate the cybertruck’s divisive design one of which is the need for an enormous windshield wiper and in typical musk fashion he

Has publicly expressed his displeasure over the compromises the wiper is what bothers me the most musk tweeted in response to comments about the wiper’s enormous size there is no simple solution a deployable wiper that stows in the front trunk would be ideal but it would be complicated the cyber truck which isn’t expected to ship until 2022 is supposed to use armor

Glass which failed spectacularly during the onstage demo when tesla’s lead designer franz von hallhausen smashed two of the vehicle’s windows with a metal ball according to electric the company is also working on an electromagnetic wiper that it plans to unveil alongside the cyber truck musk also stated that while side view mirrors are required by law owners are

Permitted to modify their cars after the fact we don’t know if it means replacing the side view mirrors with mounted cameras as seen in some concept vehicles or removing them entirely the cyber truck spotted on tesla’s test track also had a rounder less angular front end and a new set of headlights under the forward-facing light bar compared to the original prototype

The automaker recently revealed that it has a few alpha prototypes of the updated cybertruck that will soon enter the beta phase in preparation for production next year the latest tesla cybertruck prototype is now available to us exclusively chile al100 a youtuber who performs drone flyovers of tesla’s vermont factory discovered the new cybertruck prototype on

The plant’s test track they were able to capture the automaker testing the new electric pickup truck for approximately 10 minutes the prototype appears to be brand new with tape holding some trims and cables together the massive windshield wiper is one of the most notable changes in the updated design tesla has been developing an electromagnetic wiper system with

A single blade similar to this and cybertruck is expected to be the first tesla vehicle to use the new technology we can’t confirm this however because this wiper appears to have a more traditional albeit massive swivel system the next cyber truck also includes side mirrors which the prototype lacked tesla planned to have side cameras feed into screens inside

The electric pickup truck if regulations allowed it but that is not yet the case in north america elon musk previously stated that the company intends to use this system in the future and to make the side mirrors easily removable so that the owners can modify it themselves the new prototype spotted today either did not have the retractable bed cover seen on the

Original prototype or was completely retracted tesla also appears to have updated the cybertruck’s front lighting which now includes three smaller lights in the center between the truck’s headlights originally the vehicle had full side-by-side headlights giving it a more futuristic appearance some claim that the bed is smaller but without a scale comparison it’s

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