Elon Musk Confirms Delivery Date & NEW Features Of The Tesla Cybertruck In An Incredible Update

Elon Musk Confirms Delivery Date & NEW Features Of The Tesla Cybertruck In An Incredible Update!

Welcome to tesla tech central in today’s video we will be sharing an update announcing some new features and delivery date announced by elon musk this is a channel where we share the latest news rumors and insights into all things tesla spacex elon musk related and whatever else we think is interesting you’ll be able to find news surrounding all of the tesla

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Description below now let’s carry on with the video this includes the tesla 4680 structural pack which integrates both the cyber truck’s batteries and the vehicle’s structure tesla expects this battery pack setup to last for the lifespan of the vehicle after which it will be recycled the concept of combining battery packs with vehicle structure is also found in

Gm’s bev3 and vt1 platforms which integrate altium batteries the tesla cyber truck was first unveiled in 2019 and was initially set to enter production in late 2021 before musk delayed the vehicle to late 2022 then early 2023 and now mid-2023 the polygonal-shaped battery electric pickup debuted with a tri-motor powertrain enabling it to accelerate from 0 to 60

Miles per hour in 2.9 seconds says tesla its large battery pack is capable of an estimated 500 miles of range the tesla cyber truck is poised to compete head-to-head with gm’s eb pickups the chevy silverado ev gmc sierra ev and gmc hummer ev pickup currently tesla holds the most market share when it comes to evs but recent study suggests that both gm and ford

Will command a larger market share than musk’s company experts expect the full-size pickups offered by both ford and gm to bolster their respective shares carving down tesla’s 70 market share if the delays continue it’s possible that 2024 chevy silverado ev will beat the cyber truck to market chevrolet is on track to begin producing the work truck wt variant in

The spring of 2023 and given tesla’s previous production setbacks and delays it seems likely the silverado ev will arrive to market first a lot has been talked about the tesla cyber truck the next big thing from the largest electric vehicle maker in the world when it made its global debut in 2019 many had expected the cyber truck to pioneer the niche of electric

Pickup trucks however three years have passed by and there are no signs of the tesla cyber truck hitting the public roads officially while the prices came out at the launch event itself the details around the commencement of deliveries of this weird tesla are still sketchy the tesla cyber truck grabbed headlines for several reasons be its polarizing looks are

The exoskeleton in other news it’s been announced that among the cybertruck’s new age feature sits pun intended one very old school flourished a front bench seat there is space for a whole work crew inside thanks to the six-seat capacity that middle front chair creates as in other full-size pickups the tesla’s front row center armrest can be flipped up to form

A backrest for a sixth perch whoever rides there will get the best view of the cyber truck’s huge central infotainment screen speaking of that huge infotainment touchscreen a now familiar centerpiece of tesla interiors tesla has confirmed that the cyber trucks will be a 17-inch unit that matches the size of the vertically oriented units in the model s and model

X the model 3 has a smaller horizontally oriented screen more important the cyber truck’s display runs a new user interface tailored for truck use tesla hasn’t elaborated on what exactly that tailoring includes but it likely involves on-screen controls for autonomous trailer hitching various pickup bed features and adjustments for the long travel air suspension

Also it is by now well established that teslas are quick really quick actually electric motors serve up strong torque from essentially zero rpm on unlike internal combustion engines which typically need to spool up a little before making significant power tesla also dumps a ton of power into its electric motors prioritizing effortless head snapping acceleration

As much as efficiency and driving range all of these characteristics will be baked into the cyber truck tesla claims the two-wheel drive model with its motor in the rear will zip from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 6.5 seconds half a second behind the 450 hp ford f-150 raptor that’s respectable we suppose but the real action will be with the triple motor tesla which

Is claimed to reach 60 miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds a tenth of a second behind the time put down by chevrolet’s new c8 corvette in our testing also the tesla cyber truck skin will be made of the same stainless steel that is used by sister company spacex for its coming starship spacecraft that means 301 stainless steel in in the cyber truck three millimeters

Thickness tesla claims this makes it bulletproof to nine millimeters rounds but does not mention any armor rating certification if fully hardened three millimeters of 301 stainless is more than adequate to stop any nine millimeters luger round i can think of apart from exotic stuff like dedicated armor-piercing bullets which you’re not going to find on one store

Shelves said ian harrison editor-in-chief of recoil as well as a competitive shooter and former british army captain tesla says each door panel will weigh about 60 pounds as a result of the thick stainless steel skin the car maker had thought about increasing the thickness to four millimeters for even more bullet resistance but that would have made each door 80

Pounds apparently the cyber truck may also have a bulletproof windshield tesla chief elon musk says the laminated windshield which appears to be completely flat will stop a nine millimeters round as well we tested its strength by dropping wade metal spheres from various heights it didn’t break conventional auto glass is one of the hardest media to consistently

Defeat with handgun projectiles harrison added i’ve shot windshields with nine millimeters hollow points which barely made it through to the other side so simply adding another layer to the sandwich would probably stop them it’s the same approach taken to make bullet resistant screens in banks just keep adding thickness until you reach the level of protection

Needed a quick reference to the various civilian and military armor rating references shows it’s at least plausible that a three millimeters thick sheet of 301 stainless steel could successfully deflect a nine millimeters luger round but it’s not at all clear the same material could meet the full requirements for certification which includes multiple impacts from

A specific range at a designated impact angle among other requirements thanks so much for watching till the end please like comment and subscribe and turn the notification bell on so you never miss a video i would really appreciate it if you do this as it really helps support the channel on this channel we share the latest news rumors and insights into all things

Tesla spacex elon musk related and whatever else we think is interesting you’ll be able to find news surrounding all of the tesla 2022 vehicles including the model s model 3 model x model y roadster cyber truck and semi if you are subscribed with notifications on until next time see you later

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Elon Musk Confirms Delivery Date & NEW Features Of The Tesla Cybertruck In An Incredible Update! By Tesla Tech Central