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The 2021 Tesla Cybertruck is a massive truck with sports car performance! Watch as Jay Leno and SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk take this new car for a spin. Then, you can catch this episode on demand now! Then tune in next week to Jay Leno’s Garage, Wednesday 10P ET on CNBC!

Where is that cyber truck is that around here it’s somewhere right here bring on the cybertruck cue music you know i saw it on tv i saw it at the intro but nothing strikes you till you see it in person back in november of 2019 elon made headlines once again when he revealed this science fiction inspired machine pickup truck buyers tend to be pretty conservative

In what they like it needs to look like a pickup truck you know all that kind of thing and this doesn’t look anything like a pickup truck yeah but it makes pickup trucks look old-fashioned well i think there’s a preconceived notion of what a pickup truck should be and i think that’s something that we said if we’re gonna go bold we need to do something that breaks

That norm yeah so back here we have the vault okay touch of a button it just opens right up like that it’s very cool and a good sized bed yeah if you want to mount like a missile launch or something you can do that yeah and close to them and how strong is that this you can walk on this you can walk on it yeah it’s it’s very strong it’s like so if you’ve got uh some

Valuable cargo in the back uh this this will protect your cargo and secure it against being stolen so it’s uh pre-stout people have tesla let’s take it for a drive i mean it feels very much like any other tesla you’ve got instant acceleration the greenhouse is fabulous i love how open it appears to be and how close is this to what it’ll look like in production at

Tesla we always want to have the production car be better than the show car it like really drove me crazy when like manufacturers would come out with this cool looking show car and then the actual production car would be way worse right all right you’re like man you got us all excited about this sweet looking car and then the production was not terrible we weren’t

Do show cars that aren’t real so i think we got the proportions here pretty close what would you change on when it would finally reach into production what do you think you would do we’re five percent too big and if we just take all the proportions and drop them by about five percent oh you mean all the way around yeah so it’s gotta fit in a normal garage right yeah

And there’s like there’s lots of little details that uh you people wouldn’t necessarily pick up consciously just improving visibility having the glass like this is actually quite hard because it’s so sloped is that a special kind of glass is that oh yeah normal windshield glass we are going to be using um effectively a form of armored glass for the car and the door

Panels the car are the 300 series stainless steel and it’s so tough that it’s bulletproof to a handgun and why is that important to you that it’d be bulletproof i mean it was badass super cool that’s super cool but see i like that answer that’s a good answer do you want your truck to be bulletproof or not yeah i guess i do i guess i want my drug to be bulletproof

Exactly but you know just never know when the apocalypse comes should be glad as well for you we want to be a leader in apocalypse technology exactly there’s your spacex headquarters right there yeah yeah the the boring company tunnel starts just there next to the spacex parking garage is that right how how how long is that tunnel uh that’s about a mile and huh wow

I wonder we might be able to take the cyber truck through it that would be cool kind of nuts take the cyber truck through it maybe i’m trying out tesla’s new space age pickup called the cyber truck this it’d be quite interesting and see if we can actually put it down there now elon has dared me to take it through the boring company’s test tunnel right under los

Angeles all right so this is the first time cyber truck has ever been inside a boring company i don’t even know if it’ll fit we don’t know we’re pushing the envelope let’s see how are we i think you you’re looking good on this side okay here we go going into the tunnel that’s this one going pretty good there we go yeah wow cool tunnel what is that on the side

This is a steel reinforced concrete oh okay yeah you can go faster they were uh in a tunnel under la it’s very cool isn’t it yeah you don’t want to break down in here well this is a test tunnel so there’d be a parallel tunnels for you know any kind of like production situation so there’d be many tunnels and then you’d have doors in between the tunnels and you’d

Also have like alcoves and that kind of thing where people could exit or do whatever is needed wow look how far that is just my luck is when the earthquake happens oh actually tunnels are uh safer than the ground in an earthquake tunnels are safer than the ground they think of like earthquakes are like waves on the surface right and if you’ve let’s say there’s a

If you’re there’s a hurricane you’d rather be a submarine than a ship well that’s sure then only this would be on autopilot so you wouldn’t need to drive at all so the idea mean you drive your tesla down you’re putting on autopilot and it would take you through the tunnel yeah so this is the elevator oh the elevator takes us up yeah oh very cool they get right

To here and just stop we’re right about here wow we just barely fit here we go well now we’re taking the yellow blue we don’t catch on anything yeah how crazy is this and just go forward yeah elon thank you very much this is a kind of a bucket list thing to get a glimpse of the future and and you’re doing it my friend with the boring machine and going through

The tunnel and this car it’s very cool i hope the next 12 years is as good as the last 12 have been well thanks it’s been a certainly a very mental journey cnbc fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel here you’ll find videos from all your favorite cnbc shows be sure to subscribe by clicking right here click on the videos around me and watch the latest

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