Elon Musk Releases Statement Announcing Tesla Cybertruck Release Date, Price Change & New Software

Elon Musk Releases Statement Announcing Tesla Cybertruck Release Date, Price Change & New Software!

Welcome to tesla tech central in today’s video we will be sharing a statement announcing the tesla cyber truck release date price change and software update this is a channel where we share the latest news rumors and insights into all things tesla spacex elon musk related in whatever else we think is interesting you’ll be able to find news surrounding all of the

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Description below now let’s carry on with the video tesla’s cyber truck pickup won’t hit the road until 2023 at the earliest ceo elon musk said on wednesday his comments came during an earnings call with investors following the release of tesla’s results and confirmed rumors that cyber truck production had been delayed until next year we will not be introducing

New vehicle models this year musk said in comments that also put to rest any hope of tesla’s new roadster sports car and semi-truck arriving before the end of 2022 this also ends any hope of tesla announcing any new vehicles at tesla ai day confirmation of the cyber truck delay will come as a disappointment to the million or so customers who have put down a

Deposit on the vehicle since it was unveiled in 2019. tesla had originally hoped to launch its electric pickup at the end of 2021 but last summer the date slipped to 2022. then earlier this month a change to the wording on its website suggested the cyber truck wouldn’t hit the road until next year musk said on wednesday that the goal for the rest of 2022 was to

Boost production of its existing vehicles adding that the complexity of introducing a new vehicle this year would dent output and therefore profit the global chip shortage has also helped to dash hopes of new launches this year indeed musk confirmed during the call that the ship shortage while better than last year is still an issue adding that there are multiple

Supply chain challenges despite the constraints tesla reported stronger than expected fourth quarter results posting a profit of 270 million dollars from a global production run of 305 840 vehicles marking a 70 increase over the same period a year ago for the entirety of 2021 revenue reached 17.7 billion dollars with profit coming in at 5.5 billion dollars up from

721 million dollars in 2020. tesla produced 936 172 vehicles globally over the 12-month period tesla said in a statement that looking forward the rate of growth will depend on our equipment capacity operational efficiency and the capacity and stability of the supply chain the automaker said it’s also intent on further developing its full self-driving feature

That functions as an advanced driver assist system describing it as a primary area of focus in other news tesla recently pulled a bunch of cyber truck information from its website including specifications and pricing while we know what tesla used to say the truck would cost it’s confirmed those prices will not be honored going forward speaking at tesla’s 2022

Annual shareholders meeting musk confirmed pricing will change cyber truck pricing it was unveiled in 2019 and the reservation was 99 musk a lot has changed since then so the specs and the pricing will be different i hate to give sort of a little bit of bad news but i think there’s no way to sort of anticipate the inflation that we’ve seen in the various issues

In other words the truck’s price will be rising just like every other tesla model and we don’t know how much it will cost yet in fairness a thirty nine thousand nine hundred ninety dollar starting price did seem too good to be true all four models will come with basic autopilot as standard but the full self-driving option will be available for an additional fee

That package currently sells for fifteen thousand dollars though we expect the cyber truck will also be eligible for the 199 a month fsd subscription however considering full self-driving autopilot’s price has risen by three thousand dollars since july 2019 it’s pretty likely that more price hikes are on the way elon musk himself has said as much on more than

One occasion tesla did bring back enhanced autopilot which shares many of the same features as fsd for a much lower six thousand dollars price tag however fsd is designed to be a service that improves all the time especially if you’re a beta tester while enhanced appears to be locked in for the time being the cyber truck was also supposed to be coming to the uk

However musk said that the truck is currently being built to u.s specifications since trying to make it suitable for every country would be impossible uk pricing and launch details are still completely unknown in other news tesla is sending out an over-the-air update to a million of its vehicles in the u.s to fix faulty window software that could leave occupants

With pinched fingers according to a document issued by the national highway traffic safety administration tesla engineers discovered that the affected vehicles may not meet certain automatic window reversal system requirements it’s said that in some cases the window may exert more force before automatically retracting when sensing an obstruction such as a person’s

Fingers the condition may increase the risk of a pinching injury to the occupant the nhtsa’s document says tesla is not aware of any crashes injuries or fatalities related to the issue the recall covers certain model 3 sedans of model years 2017-2022 a number of model y suvs of model years 2021 and 2022 and some model s sedans and model x suvs of model years 2021

And 2022 the automaker said that 1096 762 of its vehicles require updated software to resolve the issue tesla engineers discovered the problem during routine tests in august and since then have been working on determining the extent of the problem and how to put it right earlier this month pre-delivery and production tesla vehicles received a firmware release

That properly calibrates the vehicle’s automatic window reversal system affected cars already on the road will also receive the fix in the form of a free over-the-air software update the electric car maker says it will notify owners of affected vehicles by mail from november 15th concerned owners can call tesla at 877-798-3752 tesla’s own number for this recall

Is sb220013 you can also input your tesla vehicles you need 17-digit identification number on the nhtsa’s website to see if it has the issue or if it’s involved in any past recall indeed the online tool is also a great way for any vehicle owner to check if their automobile is subject to a recall this isn’t the first over-the-air update that tesla has been forced

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Elon Musk Releases Statement Announcing Tesla Cybertruck Release Date, Price Change & New Software! By Tesla Tech Central