Elon Musk REVEALED A Production Update & NEW Features Of the Tesla Cybertruck In A HUGE Update

Elon Musk REVEALED A Production Update & NEW Features Of the Tesla Cybertruck In A HUGE Update!

Welcome to tesla tech central in today’s video i will be discussing and sharing the update elon musk has provided us with where he provides us with a production update and new changes which the cyber truck will undergo but first i would just like to welcome you to tesla tech central this is a channel where we share the latest news rumors and insights into all things

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Looking for sponsorships if you would like to sponsor our videos please contact our email address which is in the description below now let’s carry on with the video tesla’s ceo elon musk has given some bad news about the much anticipated cyber truck speaking of the company’s annual meeting of stockholders late last week he warned the production version of the

2019 concept would be a bit different cyber truck pricing was unveiled in 2019 and the reservation was 99 so you know a lot has changed since then said mr musk the specs and the pricing will be different i hate to sort of give a little bit of bad news but i think there’s no way to sort have anticipated quite the inflation that we’ve seen in the various issues but

What i can say is that the cyber truck will be one hell of a product and it’s going to be like a damn fine machine he said the company will start installing the production equipment and tooling over the next couple of months at tesla’s recently opened plant in austin texas we’ll begin the installation aiming to be in volume production in the middle of next year

He said the path to production for the controversial electric pickup truck has been marked by delays with rivals like ford general motors and rivien beating tesla to market with electric pickups of their own earlier this year the option to place a refundable 150 deposit for the cyber truck in markets like australia was removed we have more orders of the first cyber

Trucks than we could possibly fulfill for three years after the start of production mr musk said in may he had confirmed in january that cyber truck production had been pushed to 2023 due to parts supply constraints at its reveal tesla had said it would enter production in 2021 since its reveal tesla has made some key changes to prototypes including adding a large

Windscreen wiper and exterior mirrors in april tesla previewed a cyber truck with different wheels though there were no door handles mr musk cryptically said the car can just tell that you’re there and knows that it needs to open specifications were removed from tesla’s website late last year and pricing was removed from the u.s site before the page update which

Affected all global tesla sites tesla’s page for the cyber truck listed three variants a single motor rear-wheel drive model and dual and tri-motor all-wheel drive models payload was acclaimed 1 600 kilograms across the range with the tri-motor awd offering acclaimed 800 kilometers of range 6.4 t towing capacity and a rapid 2.9 second sprint to 60 miles per hour

96.6 kilometers per hour in the u.s these were priced at 39 900 united states dollars forty nine thousand nine hundred dollars and sixty nine thousand nine hundred dollars respectively 53 705 australian dollars sixty seven thousand one hundred sixty five dollars and ninety four thousand eighty five dollars that base price was only around three thousand dollars more

Than a base model 3 in the us at the time while musk has indicated pricing will be higher there’s been some subsequent good news for buyers in the u.s as the senate passed the inflation reduction act over the weekend which included a change to the 7500 united states dollars tax credit for electric vehicle purchases while the cyber truck appears on tesla’s australian

Site mr musk has been unclear about whether his company would offer a smaller ute for markets like australia and europe in august 2020 he told automotive news he was fundamentally making the cyber truck as that north american ass kicker but said a more conventional looking pickup was the fallback strategy if it turns out nobody wants to buy a weird looking truck

We’ll build a normal truck no problem he said conceding the cyber truck’s polarizing styling could alienate customers in september 2020 he also said we’ll probably make an international version that smaller it will still be cooler it will just be smaller because you can’t just make a giant truck like that for international markets subsequently he appeared to rule

Out a smaller pickup on twitter posting even three percent smaller is too small elon musk has also recently revealed the cyber truck is sold out until 2027. this has been disappointing for those of us who can’t wait to see the futuristic truck out on the roads however in the past couple of months there has also been some good news regarding cybertruck’s production

Musk has confirmed a new 9000 ton giga press which finished assembly and is expected to be delivered to giga texas any day now will be used to build the cyber truck’s body and last month as we wait to see whether this news means tesla might start cyber truck production earlier than expected we have gotten a new render of a different design of cyber truck the new

Truck renders came in the way of an elon musk all hands presentation he gave to employees in his other venture spacex however among those details we also saw a new cyber truck render this cyber truck has some notable changes including six wheels with four wheels on the back a much wider rear body additional lighting on the top and a new rack designed to supplement

The vault and before we were done digesting the new information we also got our first look at the refreshed interior of the cyber truck in the new interior the most notable change is the white rectangular marble looking dashboard of the cyber truck prototype is now replaced with a more traditional triangular shape and black material resembling the dashboard of

Tesla’s current vehicle lineup other changes include the cyber truck now has a screen behind the steering wheel resembling the interior of the model s and x the seats are also less angular and now look more production ready and in line with tesla’s other vehicles other minor changes we can see are a small rectangle piece over the a-pillar which is likely to be an

Attachment for screens that will serve as side view mirrors other confirmed changes we have about the refreshed cyber truck include rear wheel steering handless doors an opening from the bed to the rear seats and many smaller changes musk has also confirmed there will be a new quad motor cyber truck variant even though elon hasn’t shared details of the new truck

Insider leaks have suggested it will have 0 to 60 miles per hour time of under two seconds thanks so much for watching till the end please like comment and subscribe and turn the notification bell on so you never miss a video i would really appreciate it if you do this as it really helps support the channel on this channel we share the latest news rumors and

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Elon Musk REVEALED A Production Update & NEW Features Of the Tesla Cybertruck In A HUGE Update! By Tesla Tech Central