Elon Musk revealed Tesla Cybertruck 2.1 Update can cross the River, Lake or even Seas

Elon Musk revealed Tesla Cybertruck 2.1 Update can cross the River, Lake or even Seas!#teslafans #teslanews #teslamotorfans #gigaberlin

Foreign cyber truck will be waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat so it can cross rivers lakes and even seas that aren’t too choppy the tesla cyber truck was introduced in 2019 is an electric vehicle that would have the functionality of a pickup truck with the performance of a sports car however on thursday elon musk suggested the vehicle would offer even

More than that and could briefly function as a boat the word briefly is doing some heavy lifting here many automobiles and other objects can briefly serve as boats but briefly might mean a second or two before they sink there’s also a question of how large a body of water this electric vehicle would be able to cross what’s the limit there’s also concern about what

Happens if a cyber truck malfunctions in the water musk reasoning behind the waterproof functionality is that the cyber truck will need to be able to travel from star base a spacex facility in boca chica texas to south padre island when driving from star base in boca chica to south padre it covers more than 60 kilometers by road crossing the channel in an amphibious

Tesla cyber truck would reduce that distance to about 10 kilometers needs to be able to get from star base to south padre island which requires crossing the channel the response to the cyber truck being waterproof has included support from tesla owners and videos showing them driving their teslas through several feet of water along with some memes including an

Image from a twitter user showing the cyber truck undersea dubbed the tesla sieber truck despite sounding like a completely outlandish idea creating a car that also functions as a boat has been done before so we can have complete confidence that elon musk claims can come true there’s examples of other evs including tesla vehicles being able to drive through several

Feet of water for instance rivian recently posted a video on twitter showing the r1t truck driving through a deep lap pool as part of a test he believes the cyber truck will be the company’s best product ever it’s not the first time musk has talked about tesla vehicles being able to be used as a boat a few years ago the ceo said the model s could almost be used as

A boat after a tesla s was spotted driving or swimming through a flooded tunnel although the ceo made it very clear it wasn’t recommended 2020 he said that people would be able to turn the cyber truck into a boat and some plan to take that to a new level musk is hinting at tesla cyber truck being virtually amphibious and it’s not clear if he’s actually kidding

Sometimes musk comments about future tesla products and features that can be hard to judge for example it was hard to tell if he was kidding when he said the next tesla roadster would be equipped with a cold air thruster but that’s apparently happening musk also confused people when he said tesla would release a fart app and that the boring company would sell a

Flamethrower but both happened now tesla’s ceo has people confused about the comment made regarding the render of a cyber truck being used as a boat by 3d artists slab papowski to a repost of the render on twitter must comment it i think we could make that work while the video doesn’t seem like something the cyber truck would do it’s not too far-fetched based on

Previous comments made by musk there is a previously reported on a company developing a conversion kit that could quickly turn a cyber truck into a catamaran but now it sounds like the cyber truck is going to come with an undercarriage waterproof enough to be able to float and with the propulsion from the wheels drivers should be able to get around slowly in calm

Water people looking forward to the cyber truck is an off-road vehicle will be happy that some water shouldn’t make them nervous the tesla cyber trucks expected to enter production in mid-2023 at gigafactory texas some specifics about the cyber truck have changed in the three years since its unveiling the truck will cost more than the roughly 40 000 tesla recently

Advertised musk has told shareholders in august late last year he said the first models out would have four motors and rear wheel steering allowing them to spin in place like a tank or drive diagonally musk tweeted that the first cyber trucks built will come with four motors when tesla first unveiled it in late 2019 it said the controversially styled pickup would

Come with one two or three motors initial production will be a four motor variant with independent ultra fast response torque control of each wheel musket said thanks to its four motor setup the cyber truck would be able to turn like a tank that’s accomplished by running the wheels on one side of the vehicle faster than those on the other flank or in the opposite

Direction the cyber truck will also have rear wheel steering and be able to drive diagonally like a crab by turning all four wheels in the same direction price missing for the new quad motor truck is unknown tesla was the first automaker to unveil plans for an electric pickup but production delays means they’re playing catch-up as other companies release or prepare

To release their models into the wild the electric pickup has a unique geometric design unlike any truck currently on the road the tesla website claims that the truck offers better utility than a truck with more performance than a sports car tesla first unveiled the cyber truck in november 2019 and consumers had mixed reaction to the cyber truck some hailing it

As a triumph and others highly critical of the size and design even the harshest criticism didn’t prevent thousands of people from plopping down the hundred dollar reservation fee for the truck all in all it’s certainly not a bad idea to seek to improve vehicle durability through things like improved waterproofing and we look forward to seeing what the cyber truck

Will be able to do as we get closer to the vehicle’s tentative 2023 release while we wait to hear more on how waterproof the cyber truck will be we’re curious to hear your thoughts do you think the cyber truck would be able to cross rivers lakes and channels share your thoughts in the comments section below and if you enjoyed today’s content as much as we did give

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Elon Musk revealed Tesla Cybertruck 2.1 Update can cross the River, Lake or even Seas! By Tesla Fans