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Elon Musk Reveals The Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Able To Turn Into A Boat & Confirms New Features

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Elon Musk Reveals The Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Able To Turn Into A Boat & Confirms New Features!

Welcome to tesla tech central in today’s video we will be sharing every feature in the release date of the tesla model y which has been announced by elon musk in a 2023 update this is a channel where we share the latest news rumors and insights into all things tesla spacex elon musk related in whatever else we think is interesting you’ll be able to find news

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Our email address which is in the description below now let’s carry on with the video elon musk says that tesla cyber truck is going to be waterproof enough to cross rivers and serve as a boat for short periods of time it looks like musk red electric this morning when we reported on the world’s first fully electric amphibious 8x8x tv vehicle because he quickly

Announced that the tesla cyber truck will pretty much be amphibious the tesla ceo announced on twitter today cybertruck will be waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat so it can cross rivers lakes and even seas that aren’t too choppy musk added that the goal is for a cyber truck to be able to cross the water between spacex’s star base and south padre island

In texas needs to be able to get from star base to south padre island which requires crossing the channel this would mean that the cyber truck would need to be able to travel in the water for about 360 meters 1100 feet which is the shortest distance in the brazos santiago pass that separates the island and where star base is located it’s not the first time that

Musk has talked about tesla vehicles being able to be used as a boat a few years ago the ceo said that the model s could almost be used as a boat after a tesla model s was spotted driving or swimming through a flooded tunnel although the ceo made it clear it isn’t recommended in 2020 he did say that people would be able to turn the cyber truck into a boat and

Some plan to take that to a whole new level we previously reported on a company developing a conversion kit that can quickly turn a cyber truck into a catamaran but now it sounds like the cyber truck is going to come stuck with an undercarriage waterproof enough to be able to float and with the propulsion from the wheels you should be able to get around slowly

In calm water people looking forward to the cyber truck as an off-road vehicle will be happy that some waters shouldn’t make them too nervous in other news tesla is ramping up production at its factories in texas and shanghai to head off an upcoming ambush of new evs from legacy automakers on monday the world’s largest ev maker completed a long-delayed project

To expand capacity at gigafactory shanghai where it builds model y suvs and model 3 sedans for customers in asia and europe on saturday the automaker announced in the tweet that its gigafactory in texas built its 10 000 model-wise since opening in april an important milestone as it hikes up production of the compact electric crossover there tesla which has long

Dominated this segment has been seeding market share to newcomers and legacy car companies alike evs took center stage of the detroit auto shows media preview last week with several brands jockeying for the top position ford began delivering its f-150 lightning pickup truck to customers in june while hyundai jeep and others plan to launch several new ev models

Over the next couple of years tesla models comprise four of the five top selling evs in the u.s and roughly two-thirds of new ev registrations according to data from experian but the army of brands hoping to gain ground against tesla could threaten the company’s dominance if it doesn’t boost capacity worldwide in shanghai the company will test the new production

Lines through november the 170 million dollars investment is intended to help tesla ramp up to produce around 2 200 units of model 3 and model y cars per week operations there have been stymied by several government-mandated lockdowns during a covid resurgence in the spring production at its gigafactory in austin texas has been constrained by the availability

Of the more efficient 4680 cells that comprise its new battery architecture panasonic plans to resolve the bottleneck in early 2024 when it starts producing the advanced cells at the 4 billion battery factory its building in kansas once it achieves volume production in texas tesla can focus on its long-anticipated cyber truck which ceo elon musk said will begin

Production next summer in other news tesla’s cyber truck is going to surprise you with its low cost the truck will possibly be priced at 39 900 on the lowest end making it one of the most affordable trucks on the market with its low price tag the cyber truck is sure to be a hit with budget conscious buyers time will tell if elon musk will honor the lowest priced

Cyber truck and specifications when it was first released the highly anticipated tesla cyber truck will be loaded with surprises for starters the all-electric pickup truck can seat up to six people and has a range of over 500 miles with its tri-motor on a single charge it’s also pretty quick off the line with a 0 to 60 miles per hour time of just 2.9 seconds but

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the cyber truck is its unique design the angular exterior may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s certainly different from anything else on the road and inside the vehicle is just as unconventional with a minimalist interior that wouldn’t look out of place in a science fiction movie if you’re looking for an electric pickup

Truck that breaks the mold the tesla cyber truck is definitely worth checking out elon musk has even stated that it will have post-apocalyptic features tesla’s cyber truck is set to start production in mid-2023 and millions of orders are already rolling in with a starting price of 39 900 the all-electric pickup truck is poised to shake up the truck market despite

Its unconventional design the cyber truck has generated a lot of interest from potential buyers tesla has already received over 1 million orders for the truck which is more than five times the number of pre-orders for the model 3 when it first launched the high demand for the cyber truck is a good sign for tesla as the company looks to make inroads into the pickup

Truck market the cyber truck will be a major test for tesla’s manufacturing capabilities as it will be one of the most complex vehicles the company has ever produced with production set to begin in less than a year tesla has its work cut out for it but if the cyber truck is a success it could be a game changer for tesla in the auto industry thanks so much for

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Elon Musk Reveals The Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Able To Turn Into A Boat & Confirms New Features! By Tesla Tech Central