End of Nissan NV200 and the NV lineup

Good morning guys this is mel today we’re going to talk about a lot and there’s a few people asking me about the nissan nv or the nissan’s nv lineup ending in 2021 uh they’re uh discontinuing production so nissan i guess announces uh it’s on the website too i mean i’m looking at it on here uh the full size nv and compact and v200 will be just a memory after the

Summer of 2021. nissan is ending production of its commercial vans on heels of an announcement of its full-size titan pickup won’t be sold in canada after 2021 model year so i don’t know about the titan i didn’t care for the titan but they are ending it so what’s going to happen with that nissan nv community i mean i don’t know i mean it means if they’re ending

Production they’re also ending i’d also parts and uh sales because i was i am planning to buy the nv 2500 high top by 2022. but looks like that’s not gonna happen now um there’s a lot of people asking on the website or on google uh then he said uh all the questions so question number one is the nissan discontinuing 20 nv-200 nissan and we will be discontinued

We will be discontinued to make way for a new strategy and nissan analysis a stop production nissan nv cargo van passenger and nv 200 commercial vans will take effect in summer and we did not so i guess the nv200 sales did not reach the market to continue so it’s really horrible um so there’s a few also people asking about the nissan nv like how long will the

Nissan envy last um offers a great warranty and corn this is just warranty talking about 100 000 mile warranty so they’re just saying that so oh this is interesting where is nissan nv200 manufactured uh european models were produced in japan so they are made in japan and nissan’s plant barcelona 2009. in china nv200 is built by nissan partnership with dong fang

Motor i didn’t know some of uh the nissan nvs built in china by nissan and that’s interesting to me nissan how reliable is the nissan nv200 nissan inventory reliability is 4.4 out of 5. okay so the average repair cost is 600 which means it has an average ownership cost of repairs so out of 5.0 there it’s a 4.0 uh ranking when it comes to uh oh actually this is

Good which nissan nv ranks number one out of its 21 for commercial vans that’s good now this is fun that’s that’s interesting there’s uh saying uh what’s nv stands for so it’s it says here nv stands for non-variable i don’t know what that means but but that to me that’s interesting so that’s it i mean i guess by 2021’s uh summer of 2021 which is this year there

Will be no more nissan and v200s on or gonna be sold so that’s gonna suck so which what does this mean for me should i buy should i buy the uh should i buy the nissan should i buy the nv 2500 uh high top now i don’t know it’s this really makes me wonder sometimes you know so um we’ll see what happens um there’s uh a lot of speculation about you know um this

And a lot of people are just like lost not use the word speculation but a lot of people are lost why i guess because they’re not meeting sales or uh for the nv200 that’s why they’re discontinuing it so what sad day but uh i hope that answers some of your question don’t forget to subscribe this is mill and stay awesome and uh don’t forget to uh enjoy your nissan

Nv you know and nissan mp200s are amazing they’re good gas mileage they’re very spacious and dependable number one ranked number one out of 21 commercial events you can’t beat that stay awesome bye

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End of Nissan NV200 and the NV lineup By A day with Mil