For the very first time, 2024 Lexus TX design is predicted and rendered by an Automotive Engineer David Chao, who has been creating accurate rendering ever since the beginning of this channel. This video is all about the predicted image and design of the upcoming 2024 Lexus TX – other details like powertrain, drivetrain, technology etc will be covered in another video in the near future. David is still working on this image so please provide comments and feedback. David will take all feedback into account and will continue to evolve the images to come up with even better rendering.

Hello everyone this is david from automotive press as you know i love talking about the future product especially from toyota and lexus and today i’m going to show you what i have done with the upcoming three-row luxury suv from lexus likely to be called the lexus tx we are almost certain that this car will show up sometime in 2023 but no one has come up with

A proper rendering for this lexus tx so let me show you what i came up with how i came up with this image explain to you a little bit more about what’s going on with this amazing new tx so here is my all-new rendering i just finished for the lexus tx it’s a bit of a big deal for me as i have been working on this for a little while and i’m quite confident the

New tx will look something very similar to this now because no one has actually seen undisguised version of the lexus tx on the street it’s a bit difficult to figure out exactly what it’s going to look like but i am putting together all my insights my knowledge and my wisdom about the future lexus product and came up with this one there has been a little bit of

Sighting in japan from model x magazine on what appears to be lexus tx but i’m not quite confident that is tx just because it’s so heavily uh disguised and camouflaged it’s a little bit difficult to say regardless i think the tx will be a mixture of a lexus rx which is all new this year along with the lexus nx and also of course it will have some body profile

Similar to the highlander by stretched out because they will also be toyota version of the lexus tx likely to be called the grand highlander and once again no one has seen the grand highlander on the street even as a prototype yet so it’s a very interesting thing to go through this and what i want to do on this video is really focus on the rendering and the image

And the sketch i came up with and i will create another video to talk about powertrain drivetrain and so forth we do know that’s going to be very similar to lexus rx lineup in terms of the powertrain the engine and so forth so we can’t expect a 2.4 liter turbo with and without hybrid uh and of course available with all-wheel drive and there should be also a fully

Electric version down the road with a different name it probably won’t be called the lexus tx at that point so there will be many different variations along this tx lineup which is going to be very important for lexus because three-row suv is a key to success so let’s dive into how i came up with the rendering because there’s a lot of thoughts went into it and i

Want to explain to you exactly why i chose to come up with this kind of design as we go along here so how did i exactly come up with this new rendering of the upcoming 2024 lexus tx well it wasn’t as easy as i thought but there has been a lot of thinking that went into it first of all the profile of the body or the shape of the body was actually easy to figure

Out because akio toyota last year in december of 2021 showcased a whole series of electric cars for both lexus and toyota and way in the back of one of the image they show a lexus tx or lexus tx type three row suv and i was able to extract that image and look at the actual profile of the body and come up with the shape so the exterior profile was actually easy to

Figure out so even things like the shape of the side window the front window these are things that i’m quite confident will be accurate because the entire profile of the car was extracted from the lexus image i just showed you except for maybe the c pillar i’m not quite sure about that because in the lexus image it’s darkened or blacked out but i decided that it

Should be a body color so i have changed that could there be a kind of floating roof design in like what we see in the lexus rx yes that is still very possible for now i kept it body color and i also made the b pillar black so those are some design choices i made of course the most important part is the front design which is something that’s difficult to figure

Out just because no one has seen an actual tx on the road but what i decided to do is to really replicate and steal shamelessly from the lexus rx design with some modification such as the headlight and also this kind of embedded grille design which has part of the grille like a normal grille but the front or the top part of the grille is kind of like integrated

With uh with the body that’s something unique to lexus rx i’m assuming this simply because lexus rx is such a popular car and it’s a very important model for lexus that i think lexus if anything will steal the design from the rx to convert it into a tx that is something that i’m still thinking about there could be uh maybe something a little bit different in the

Front part here uh perhaps maybe even the kind of bar that goes across from the left headlight to the right headlight because we saw some of that image in another electric vehicle that lexus showed before this is still my first draft of the rendering for lexus tx so i’m going to continue to work on this uh such as this kind of lower opening i’m not quite sure what

That might look like for now i kept this a little bit smaller than say something like in lexus nx or rx and of course i have placed a little nameplate in the front here what about things like wheels well right now i have again uh stolen the design theme from the lexus rx because if the best car managing preview or the prototype preview is of any uh consideration

Then the wheels might look something like that the rear taillight is again something a little bit tricky to figure out i’m going to assume that it’s going to go across the board on the rear and it’s going to be kind of like a slit design because that’s something that lexus has been showing for many of his models and once again it’s something that i might continue

To evolve door handles will be electric door handles may be completely flush with the body uh for now i’ve shown the normal door handles right there but that could also very much uh change based on what i might see down the road from other car magazines now let me erase all the lines and go back to the rendering again this time i’m showing you the bronze color

Version of lexus 3x which is very possible because these days lexus seems to like to show the bronze color for everything but something that i want to show is that what i might be working on in the next several weeks is first of all the grail because i’m not quite sure that it will look identical to lexus rx or very similar to lexus rx maybe you have more of a

Traditional griot like the lexus nx or maybe the lexus lx so that’s something that i’m thinking about and would love to get some feedback feedback from you guys and also working on the headlight because maybe you’ll be a little bit slimmer than what i’m showing you right here because a slimmer headlight design is definitely the current trend what else am i thinking

About or what should i would i change down the road well there’s a lot to consider for example the uh the actual d pillar which is the last pillar maybe indeed we’ll have the floating design as i’m showing you here which is going to be a very much uh resembling the lexus rx or perhaps the entire d pillar will be blacked out and also the rear tail lights could be

A little bit fatter or thicker than what i’m showing so those are all the different possible options i’m thinking about and once again let me know in the comments below what you think might look like in terms of lexus tx design and i’m going to continue to refine and evolve and change the design in fact i was thinking as i’m looking at my image that these wheels

Looks a little bit too recessed which is often the case with lexus and toyota models but maybe i want to pop them out a little bit more to give it a slightly more aggressive stance and because they look a lot better that way so because this is my first draft there’s still a lot of things to work it out and hopefully maybe best car magazine or some other magazine

Will showcase more preview photos from somewhere in japan and maybe i can continue to refine my drawing and image and come up with a more accurate image i think the lexus tx won’t be out until summer of next year in terms of preview and likely not arriving at the dealership until early 2024 so still a long way to go and so we have lots of time to sort this out

And organize it and i will continue to do that with feedback from you and also feedback from other media so for this video i just really wanted to focus on the design and the shape and the profile of the lexus tx and show you my latest lexus tx image in the next video in the coming weeks i will talk about the powertrain the engine choices what kind of overdrive

They might have and also some of the engineering things behind the scenes well in terms of my own predictions so those are things that are coming up still but for now i want to thank you so much for your patience and once again looking forward to hearing some feedback from you whether you like my image for lexus tx and what you think i should change so very much

Looking forward to hearing from you thank you so much for your time we’ll talk to you soon bye you

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