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We’re here with Alex Taylor, host of HOT ROD Garage along with Ford Mustang Vehicle Engineering Manager Eddie Khan at the 2022 North American International Auto Show for the global debut of the 7th-generation Ford Mustang. We discuss the new technology and features on the new Mustang and engineering components consumers will be excited about. Learn more at

I am alex taylor and we are at the unveiling of this seventh generation mustang brand new i am here with eddie khan the ford mustang vehicle engineering manager eddie are you excited oh i cannot be more excited alex i tell you this much i have the best job in a ford motor company oh oh it can’t be anything better than that yes we’ve been engineering this car seven

Generation mustang my whole role was about delivering the performance and you know the performance is the key element of the mustang dna and we think of because performance as a fun to drive right and breadth of performance fun to drive for us it’s like you’re going down a road you see a mountain you got to speed up accelerate right you want to feel connected

With the road and that exhilarating sound that captivates you right and breadth of performance for us we want to make sure we deliver our customers you know when they want to take it the track the best time or they want to take it to the drag strip or even just pull their numbers off of the chassis dyno right right that’s what it’s all about with the mustang story

Oh i love it and uh how do we engineer right right yeah so we started with the engine we have two engines all new v8 you know will be the most powerful coyote four gen motor right with the first in a segment dual throttle body if you look at that motor that will be no mistakeable that is a four gen coyote that’s so awesome and going into having two new platforms

Two new engines the ecoboost and the five liter how do you go about keeping that fun driving experience that mustang’s all about across both yes and that was the beauty about the mustang that it captured such a big large audience of people i mean you can go i mean we talked about the dark horse we unveiled it right from from the super enthusiast you can go down

To the gt right another enthusiast car and then within the gt we have so many different variable and then we offer ecoboost for the people who want to have a balance between the efficiency and the power so yes mustang is all about you know meeting the enthusiast demand and their undying crave for the cars different power different performance but the mustang fun

That’s there and what makes the most of mustangs there across all platforms exactly with the new 7th generation it is the most or it’s the most advanced in aerodynamics and just as a vehicle overall how did you guys go about redesigning when you went into the seventh generation well we started with the customer right and we looked at our customer and then look at

What we’ve delivered uh with the sixth generation car and we had to make it better right so we started with the engine we get and got the new all steering system the car just handles that like no other car mustang before when you’re in that car and drive it and you come out of it if you don’t have a smile on your face i have not done my job right now yes i know

I do i know so i cannot wait for you guys to get in the car and drive it because every every time i have people drive the car they come out with a smile it’s awesome brakes got bigger because you know when you go fast you got to stop it so you got a bigger brakes all all across the lineup new tires and yes for the aero we work with the design team to make it not

Only better for drag but also better for downforce and that not always possible to do but we made it happen in this car so so many new features so much new content is perfect i think our customers just gonna love it so i got one more question for you so you have so many new features everything from the electronic drift break to the out of the car rev what do you

Think the performance enthusiasts are going to like most about this new generated seventh generation mustang we will continue to offer a naturally aspirated v8 with a manual transmission right yes that’s what it’s all about about four-hour enthusiasts that’s awesome that makes me happy that’s so exciting but eddie thank you so much congratulations on thank you

For being an awesome vehicle thank you very much it was really great thanks nice talking to you thank you if you want to see more about the ford mustang head over to you

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