É por isso que amamos a vida overlander, acompanhe uma série de vídeos sobre liberdade extrema e uma viagem incrível por uma das mais emblemáticas estradas do norte do Canadá.

Hello welcome today we are going to take you to a place that is on the wish list of most travelers and this story starts there in 2016 when we are in canada for the first time and we meet david urbanke or cuba our friendship went beyond the days we spent in his cabin and a few years after we received an invitation from him to go together to use an area at the tip of the map

At the end of canada and the answer of course was a yes and a few days later we left where we were in the united states or we a little over 2,000 km we found david and his sensational friend peter in the parking lot on the famous alaska highway in canada our objective was to arrive in a few days in the legendary within a radius that the gateway to the arctic and almost 3

Thousand km separated us from the our final destination tutu and actor the kimono cities in the far north of the country an incredible adventure i was just getting started alaska lightning is one of the most beautiful roads in the world and in itself it is a experience hi good morning people we slept in the very beautiful place final alaska but it’s very cold getting to

Sleep well and we have a sleeping bag without a good blanket but look at this and get your clothes that are first side there for us to show to a little bit the car happened and andthen and yesterday we are the three of us no i don’t want to go and look at the time changes it left to stay it’s hard that it makes noise we car is on right and look at andthen good thank you

Very much well ah no it doesn’t now branca is tough oh so in our old state house alexa from champions the wipe off grid off tank lg l1 so andthen it’s straight away we saw that we were an excellent team even with the damn cold enjoying the every night exchange peter not your new friend this one knew a lot about the region and with them we got to know several places that

We left behind in 2016 one of them was this book of hot springs which are natural pools of hot water and incredibly spectacular some s emanations after we were there all this was covered with snow you can imagine the look ours the next stop was robson leite the city of signs most travelers bring only a sign and those who don’t have improvisa be a plate of shoes anything

That registers their passage we are very curious because in 2016 we put some stickers in the trash can we wanted to know if they were still there and we had a very nice surprise several brazilian travelers put their stickers around it and the trash can turned into a little corner of brazil the size of an old bug no and what draws a lot of attention the wildlife of this

Region is fascinating everywhere you run the risk of coming across elk sightings and many people are curious to know how dangerous such close contact is and yes you have to be careful with respect and especially with them because they can attack for real, see andthere good morning at last we arrived at charmosa dawson if the small town j it was the capital of the yukon

But after the second war it became a ghost town later it was the scene of the gold rush and today it is driven by tourism because dawson is the point of support for those who go to the arctic for the dentist or for those who go to alaska e we chose to sleep there at the highest point of the most beautiful city also the plan was to wake up early, buy food, take the last good

Shower of a few days and hit the road again e and then and then help child, time already showed that it wasn’t it was going to be the best it threatened to rain it was quite cold but that was what we were looking for it is in this region in autumn and later on you will find out why it is and let’s go inside andthen hi mom and there was the famous sign o marco that a good

Adventure was about to begin so what’s cool so john i was the same here tom aa is the plan was to drive to a certain one. 60 km away but less than 10 km and the rain got worse then we decided it was better to control anxiety and stop to camp the cold is raining but tomorrow i promise g1 and unlock the card and every day these two have to remove and put everything it’s

Inside the car if you’re worth the fun right it ‘s pretty curve beautiful weather yeah but the vinegar love hi hi the name of the eye life life life shinobi life is fukin some fantastic info good food chatting with friends having a hot drink around the campfire maybe this is one of the best ways to end a night don’t you think and in the next video we will start our journey

Through fabulous it must be lightning thank you for accompanying us here and see you soon

Transcribed from video
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